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Roule is a character from One Piece: World Seeker. The little boy accompanies Trafalgar Law in the 3rd DLC “The Unfinished Map”. His dream is to become the world’s greatest adventurer, but first he must complete the map of Jewel Island that belonged to his late father.

This article contains information that only appears in one of the One Piece video games.


Roule is a little boy with fuzzy blond hair. He has a band-aid on the left side of his forehead. He has large, dark eyes and very thin eyebrows. He is wearing a light green jacket with yellow sleeves and a yellow zipper. He also wears a matching cap with goggles and an orange bandana. He has loose black balloon pants that reach his knees and are fastened with a red sash. In addition, the pants have been patched several times. In the sash there is also his dagger. Furthermore, he wears a brown shoe on his right foot, while on his left foot it is a brown sandal. In addition he wears white socks. His huge backpack, which he carries on his back, is conspicuous. In it is usually also the map of his father. The inhabitants of Jewel Island say that he looks very much like his father in general.


Roule is a very compassionate person and takes great risks for his friends, however he is very suspicious of strangers. He also dislikes being in debt to others, especially pirates. This changes over the course of the story, however, and he builds great trust in Law, even allowing himself to be captured by Kizaru because he is sure Law will save him. This also changes his view of pirates, who he initially thought were just selfish murderers and lumped them all together. So he puts his initial pride of not being helped behind him later on when it comes to saving a loved one.

Skills and strength

Roule is not much of a fighter and his clumsiness always gets him into messes. So Law had to pull him out of the sky clouds more than once when he was upside down in them again. Basically, he stumbles a lot. Nonetheless, his kick is powerful enough to push a naval officer back and thus surprise him. He also showed tactical skill when he helped Law in the final fight against Kizaru, positioning himself next to him so Law could switch places and surprise the admiral.

However, his strength also lies more in his cartography skills and his good knowledge of the Jewel Isle. Even Nami was amazed at how good his map was. With his knowledge of the island, he often acts as a guide and reaches destinations before others because he knows shortcuts. He can also maintain tools, but technically he showed himself rather clumsy again and blew up an airship he wanted to steal.

His dagger didn’t come into play, as he usually stumbles before he could attack anyone.


Roule grew up in Jeanne’s neighborhood in Sapphire City and refers to her as his sister, though they are not related. He had to cope without his father early on, as he had stumbled upon Dyna Stones while creating the Jewel Isle map and did not want to share his information with the Navy. It is assumed that this is why he was killed. Thus, Roule developed the dream of completing his father’s map. Upon the arrival of the Straw Hat Pirates as well as Law on the island, only a part of the Floating Island was missing. Therefore, he made his way to the Omni Cannon to use it to get to the Sky Island.


The first visit to the Floating Island

There Roule observed Law and was about to attack him, but fell and told him about his plan. The pirate then grabbed the boy and went with him to the Sky Islands (Law’s Sky Island). While attempting to steal a pirate airship, it exploded and Law had to protect Roule from enemy pirates. Afterwards, Roule showed Law the way via airship to the Floating Island, their real destination, where they parted ways again for the time being. However, the separation didn’t last long, as Roule’s clumsiness kept getting him into trouble, and Law had to rescue him several times from sky clouds he was stuck upside down in. Then, when Law was fighting the pirate captain Craven and the latter was trying to escape, Roule fell from a crane right in front of the fleeing pirates, whereupon Law exchanged positions with the boy and got the information he wanted.

Their next destination was now the sky prison and Roule showed Law a shortcut. The prison was right below them, but before they could figure out how to get there, Roule fell and Law jumped after him. With the help of his devil powers, they were able to land safely. Roule met Law again, who was already searching everything but one place, and told him that he found what Law was looking for and showed him a Dyna Stone. However, they were noticed and while Law was taking on the enemies, Roule accidentally pressed a button while escaping, releasing Isaac’s battle robot. Still, they managed to escape together, with Law grabbing him and jumping off Sky Island with him, landing on Jewel Island.

The knowledge of his father

There Roule met Law again as he was looking at the Thousand Sunny. Together they went to Sapphire City and had to see that the city was under attack. Immediately Roule was worried about Jeanne, but Crocodile also appeared and while Luffy went to get the doctor Chopper, Jeanne and Roule gathered the injured. Then, after Crocodile was put to flight by Law and Chopper tended to the injured, Roule noticed that his map was gone. It must have been lost in the fall from the sky prison.

Roule then ran to the eastern beach where they landed, but he met Kuzan there who would not hand him the map. Law, however, who followed him, was able to win it after a brief exchange of blows, and was tipped off that he could get more information at the naval base. The pirate captain went there, but he was followed by Roule, who was supposed to be watching Jeanne. The latter appeared shortly after and they left again, but Roule gave Law tips about the naval base and where to look beforehand. On their way back, however, they noticed an admiral entering the base and wanted to warn Law. So the three of them clashed again, but the admiral was Kizaru.

The latter wanted to capture Roule to get information about the Dyna Stones, but Jeanne lied to him that she would come with him if he let the other two go. Law took advantage of that moment, grabbed Roule and ran off with him. Roule was pissed that Law abandoned Jeanne and was beginning to think he was useless. He tore up his card and ran away. Law, meanwhile, asked Nami to restore the map and met Roule running up a hill in front of the Marine base. There, the young adventurer overcame his pride and asked Law to help him rescue Jeanne. This was what Law was going to do anyway and explained his plan to Roule. They gave each other a fist bump and began the mission.

The liberation of Jeanne

The plan was for Roule to be exchanged for Jeanne. To do this, Law put on fake handcuffs and locked Roule in a cage, but it wasn’t locked. Of course, it turned out that the Marine wasn’t going to stick to the plan and capture everyone instead, but Law had already planned for this. Roule then kicked open his door, thus knocking the marine officer to the ground. He then ran off with Law and Jeanne, and Luffy appeared to distract the marine. However, outside the base, Kizaru appeared again and Roule showed his acting talent. He stated that he was scared and promised the admiral that he would take him to the Dyna Stones, which were supposed to be on Floating Island.

Finale on the Floating Island

He first led the Marine to the Northern Base, but he was then led away to the Southern Base before Law even reached it. When Law finally found him, he freed him from the naval officer’s hands, but once again Kizaru appeared. Victory seemed hopeless as he could not reach Kizaru, which only a surprise attack could help him with. Roule then came up with an idea: he remembered the fight against Craven when he fell off the crane and Law switched places with him. So he wanted to repeat the plan and initiated Law and before Law could agree, Roule was already on his way. The plan worked and Law was thus able to surprise Kizaru and get him off the island.

Law then handed the young adventurer the map that had been restored by Nami and Roule then finished it. Roule now didn’t know what his next move should be and Law took the map back from him to his amazement. He told him he could get it back when he was ready for it. Roule was now more determined than ever to become the greatest adventurer and they promised each other that they would meet again. They finally said goodbye with a final fist bump.

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