Rosy Life Riders

The Rosy-Life Riders, formerly the Tobiuo Riders, are a group of former human traffickers led by Handsome.


Like many factions in the Sabaody Archipelago, the Rosy-Life Riders were involved in human trafficking. They also cooperated with the Makro Gang and helped them kidnap Hatchan. In doing so, they hoped to lure the big catch, namely the mermaid Camie. The number of members is widely unknown, but it is believed to be at least 23. Due to the resemblance at the time between leader Duval and the failed drawing of Sanji on his wanted poster, Duval had been forced to wear an iron mask to avoid a major confrontation with the Navy. He wanted revenge on the man who ruined his life and decided to wait for it, since every pirate gang will end up on the Sabaody Archipelago sooner or later. While waiting, he built his human trafficking group.


Other view: under water

The group is on the road with flying fish. So that the riders sit comfortably, a saddle was strapped to the fish, on which also motorcycle-like, higher handlebars are. Each Rider is assigned a fish, as the saddles are numbered. Furthermore, the animals wear purple masks. However, they can only stay in the glider for five minutes until they have to get back into the water and gain momentum. That’s why their riders also wear diving helmets to be able to be under water with them for a longer time. There they are superior in speed even to the fish people and other aquatic creatures. The only one who does not travel with a flying fish is the boss himself. He uses a bison, namely Motobaro, as his means of transportation. Paradoxically, Duval, as the leader, travels the slowest. Like the fish, the bison has handlebars, but logically cannot move in the air, only on land or water. In terms of speed, this makes no difference to him, he is always equally slow.

Support point

The Tobiuo Riders’ Hideout

Five kilometers east of the Sabaody Archipelago is the headquarters of the Rosy-Life Riders. It is crescent-shaped and stands on wooden pillars anchored in the seabed. Viewed from the ship’s entrance, a tall lookout tower lies in the center. Numerous thatch-roofed wooden huts provide shelter for Duval’s men. However, half of the base was destroyed when Franky fired on it with the Thousand Sunny’s Gaon cannon.


The wait is over

The Straw Hat Pirates Is Spotted

Three of the Tobiuo Riders discovered not only the mermaid Camie, but also the Straw Hat Pirates with their ship floating on the sea. Knowing that “Blackfoot” Sanji should also be on it, they reported to their boss. The only one who was more pleased by this news than Makro and his crew who were after Camie was Duval, who had been waiting a long time for the arrival of the man who ruined his life. Wanting to kill this one single-handedly, he ordered his men to call off their attack and return to base. Since the Straw Hats and Camie wanted to free the captive Hatchan, they inevitably had to go to the Tobiuo Riders’ base. Finally, the lookout reported the sighting of the Thousand Sunny, and he could also spot Sanji without a doubt. Shortly after, the Straw Hats sailed their ship into the traffickers’ base.

Fight with the Straw Hats – Duval becomes Handsome

The Gaon Cannon in action

As soon as they arrived, a fight broke out. Hatchan, who was freed by Zoro, finished off the Macro Gang, protecting Camie and Pappag. Meanwhile, some of the Tobiuo Riders were defeated by the Straw Hats until Duval finally got in Luffy’s way. However, he then came back on Motobaro and with some poison harpoons, and the Straw Hats learned from him of his intention to kill Sanji. As Duval attacked the Thousand Sunny with his harpoon, Luffy punched him in the face, unmasking him. Now everyone could see where his hatred for Sanji was coming from, his face looked quite similar to the one on Sanji’s drawn profile. Sanji then got tired of his whining and kicked him in the face with full force. Shortly after, he was pulled underwater with an iron net by two flying fish and their men sitting on top of them. Camie swam after them and rescued him. Meanwhile, much of the base had already been destroyed by the Gaon cannon. Enraged, Sanji gave Duval a facial with Parage Shot. Duval then became Handsome, and he renamed his crew the Rosy-Life Riders.

Adventure on the Sabaody Archipelago

Usopp and a Rosy-Life Rider inquire about Camie

After Camie was kidnapped by strangers, Sanji decided to call the Rosy-Life Riders, as they were well versed in human trafficking. They then arrived a short time later at Grove 41, where the Thousand Sunny was anchored. After a brief conversation with Sanji, they split up and each took one of the Straw Hats with them. The Rosy-Life Riders headed for some known auction houses and human traffickers, but were unable to find anything. Eventually, they found out that Camie was in the Human Auctioning House.

Word spread among the individual Rosy-Life Riders and they all headed to Grove 1 to drop off the Straw Hats. After Camie’s rescue and the fight against the Navy, Handsome and his men reappeared to pick up the Straw Hat gang. Handsome was threatened by a couple of marines in the process, but they were taken out thanks to Robin’s Nueve Fleurs, Twist. As a result, the Rosy-Life Riders and the Straw Hats made their way back, turning their backs on the Auction House. In the process, they passed Grove 8, the Hound Pets’ base of operations. Handsome beat up Peterman, who was present, and in the process took back Camie’s backpack, which Peterman had stolen from her. The Rosy-Life Riders now wanted to return to their base.

Guarding the Thousand Sunny

Bartholomew Kuma appears before Duval and his men.

Later, Handsome and his men guarded the Thousand Sunny on Grove 41 and waited for the return of the Straw Hat Pirates, who, after talking to Rayleigh, had three days of free time until the vice of the Roger Gang finished coating the Sunny. But even after three days, the Rosy-Life Riders waited in vain, for the Straw Hats encountered a Pacifista on their way, and after Sentomaru and Kizaru’s appearance, Bartholomew Kuma, who made them disappear with his devilish power.

After the great war in Marine Ford, the Tobiuo Riders, who were still guarding the Sunny, were surprised by the Coffee Monkeys. During the war, it became known that Luffy was the son of the most wanted man in the world – Dragon. As a result, the trafficking group wanted to hand over the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship to the Navy to collect a reward. However, this was quickly thwarted by Handsome.

He then made it clear to his men once again that they would guard the ship at all costs, as it belonged to the people to whom he owed a great debt of gratitude. On no account was anyone to lay a hand on the ship, no matter who it was. Shortly afterwards, however, Bartholomew Kuma appeared. As it turned out, he was friendly, for he had himself programmed to guard the Thousand Sunny until the return of a Straw Hat Pirate. Together with him and Hatchan, the Rosy-Life Riders defended the pirate ship for two years until the Straw Hats returned to the archipelago. In the process, many members, including leader Duval, were quite wounded, but later fed at the Bottakuri Bar.

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