Rosward of One Piece

Rosward is one of the World Nobles and the father of Saint Charlos as well as Shalria.


Rosward is an overweight, elderly man. Like all known World Nobles so far, he wears a spacesuit-like jumpsuit with a yalkiman bladder, also a red cape. Furthermore, he has highly gelled blond hair coiled up at the top, a ruffled beard and a walking stick with a concealed pistol.


He, like all World Nobles, is extremely megalomaniacal due to his power and influence, and cruel to boot. Thus, when Devil Dias was shot by Shalria in an already pathetic state, his only concern is that he lose more pirate captains, as his “hobby” is to collect pirate captains. Furthermore, he is very stingy. When Shalria demands a new captain, he told her to start with a normal person. Also, according to Shalria, he never beats his son. However, despite his worries over the news that his son had been badly beaten, he rode his slave at walking pace to see what had been going on.
Towards Donquixote Homing, who left the Holy Land to live among the “inferiors,” he feels only contempt. He also cannot understand why anyone would not keep slaves.

Skills and strength

Rosward, by all accounts, has no extraordinary strength. However, as mentioned before, he is very influential and can summon a warship and admiral if he or another world aristocrat is attacked.

So you’re actually…
…actually mess with us?!!
Call a navy admiral with a warship!!!
Show them who’s boss!
– Rosward, after the Straw Hat Pirates attacks the guards at the Human Shop.

Even Admiral Kizaru bows to him, thinking that there would be trouble with the World Nobles if he didn’t catch Luffy. In addition, Rosward has a pistol hidden in his walking stick, but so far he has only used it against Luffy.


Sabaody Archipelago – The Human Shop

On the day Camie was to be exhibited, Rosward went to the Human Shop with Shalria, before which Devil Dias snapped, his collar exploded, and Shalria killed him outright. Rosward then said his daughter would still ruin his entire “Captain’s Collection”. When they arrived at the Human Shop, he was first asked to be lenient, as they didn’t take bowing so seriously at the auction house. Rosward, however, remained calm, arguing that they couldn’t auction otherwise. Afterwards he had his slave Jean Bart chained up outside and waited for Charlos in the slave market first, his father getting upset that he would be riding on a human and not on a fish-man ten times as strong. Eventually his son arrived, also complaining about the slow human.

When Camie was exhibited, Charlos was so taken with her that he bought her outright for 500 million berries, as no one dared to outbid him. Rosward was visibly annoyed that he was spending so much money on “decoration” and that a mermaid in a piranha tank would make little sense. Suddenly, Luffy and Zoro crashed through the wall right next to Kid in the Human Shop. At this, Rosward merely commented that that was some noise back there. Luffy’s tantrum followed, knocking Charlos down, and a fight in which the World Nobles were clearly outmatched.

Rosward shot at Luffy in vain, shouting that he would show him what would happen if one of the descendants of the world’s founders were tampered with. In response, his gun was kicked out of his hand by Sanji, who then finished off the guards as well. Shortly after Rosward summoned Admiral Kizaru, he said that he would stuff the women of the Straw Hat Pirates and that the men would not get food and would have to slave. He was unable to carry out this plan, for he was knocked unconscious by the falling Usopp. He was later transported out of the Human Shop by the Navy, as they believed him to be a hostage of the Straw Hat Pirates. Jean, meanwhile, was freed by Law and joined his crew.

Two Years Later – The Levely in Mary Geoise

Saint Rosward was staying at Mary Geoise when the Levely was in session. Completely excited, his son told him about a giant mermaid he had spotted. However, Rosward later learned that Charlos was unable to take her as a slave and was instead struck down by another world aristocrat, Saint Mjosgard. He rode Bartholomew Kuma, whom he had borrowed, to the Sky Dragon Gate, where he caught sight of his thrashed son. He mentioned that he was just on his way and that he was worried. He then stamped Saint Mjosgard as crazy for not keeping a slave despite his status and compared him to Donquixote Homing. He then expressed his excitement about the new slave.


  • His favorite food is monkey brains.

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