Roddy of One Piece

Rody is a bull mink and lives in the kingdom of Mokomo on Zou. He is one of the Guardians in the Whale Forest.


Rody in his Su Long form

Rody is a large bull mink with two large horns and light brown fur. He wears a green, unbuttoned, long-sleeved shirt and dark, tight-fitting pants. His back is wrapped by a green cloak that reaches about to his knees. On his knees he wears small schooners.


Rody takes his duties as guardian of the Forest Wood very seriously, attacking Monkey D. Luffy when he tried to enter the forest without authorization, even if he was accompanied by Bepo. However, like real bulls, he also instinctively reacts to objects moving in the wind, such as the cloth Wanda used as a distraction. In addition, he often uses the expression “moo” (or similar, only more drawn out) while speaking or in response to something.

Skills and strength

All minks are born fighters and can recover quickly from injuries. Rody is no exception as the guardian of the forest. He is very strong and has great physical strength, so he could literally stand up to Luffy with his attack Moo Golova.

Like all Minks, he has the ability to use Electro and carries a large sword under his cloak on his back, but how skilled he is in using it is not yet known. He is also able to control his Su Long form during the full moon.


Jacks riot

When the members of the Beasts Pirates, led by Jack, invaded Zou in search of the samurai Raizo, Rody faced them in battle along with several members of the Heart Pirates as well as other Minks. The battle lasted a full five days and just as the Minks were gaining the upper hand, Jack used Caesar’s poison gas Koro. This poisoned and drastically weakened the Minks, but Jack suddenly pulled out, alarmed by the news that Doflamingo had been defeated and captured by the Navy. Only the appearance of Sanji’s group saved them, so with Caesar’s help, they neutralized the poison gas. However, after Sanji walked away from Zou due to Bege’s actions, the Minks freed the Straw Hats who remained behind from their bonds, with Rody taking care of Chopper’s bonds.

Luffy reaches Zou

Rody vs Luffy

Later, when Luffy also reached Zou, he unknowingly entered the sacred forest of the Minks, calling out the Guardians of the Forest of the Forest, which included Rody. Rody then attacked him, while Blackback took care of Jean Bart, who tried to interfere in the fight. The fight was interrupted by Wanda, who was able to briefly distract the two guards and then explain the situation to them. When Luffy and the Straw Hats visited Nekomamushi that night, however, Rody and Blackback apologized to him for suddenly attacking. The next day, however, the Minks, alerted by Bariete, rushed to the capital as the arrival of samurai was announced. Kinemon and Kanjuro made themselves known, and so the Minks greeted them warmly, revealing that they knew of Raizo’s presence and yet risked their lives by remaining silent. When Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, the samurai, and the pirates returned from the sacred whale tree, Zou began to tremble as Zunesha was thrown into turmoil. Jack returned and wanted to exterminate the Minks by forcing the giant elephant to fall, but Momonosuke was able to prevent this by ordering Zunesha to attack Jack. However, a single blow from Zunesha was enough to sink Jack as well as his crew and ship to the bottom of the sea.

After all the commotion, Rody asked to be allowed to join Sanji’s rescue party towards Whole Cake Island, but Nekomamushi ordered him to stay on Zou for the time being.

Meeting with Marco the Phoenix

As it later turned out, he instead joined Blackback Nekomamushi in his search for Marco the Phoenix, and they eventually found him in Whitebeard’s home village on Sphinx Island. While their leader conversed with the pirate, they waited by the ship.

Raid on Onigashima

On the day of the Fire Festival, the Guardians arrived at Wano Country at the same time as Izou and Marco and made their way to Onigashima. Once there, they infiltrated the enemy terrain and were waiting on the Skull Dome when Kaidou appeared there with the Akazaya. Blackback and Rody told Nekomamushi that they would take care of Jack, who was also on the scene, and he should focus on Kaidou. They were also assisted by the Musketeers as well as the Full Moon in their fight against Jack. Nevertheless, they were defeated by the main representative of the Beasts Pirates in their Su Long form, after which Nekomamushi and Inuarashi finished Jack off. Later, Rody joined Blackback inside the building to fight the Beasts Pirates again, with the two hearing the news that Straw Hat Luffy had been defeated by Kaidou.

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