Roba of One Piece

Roba is the mother of Ratchet.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Castle Karakuri’s Metal Soldiers (2006).


Roba is a rather small, older woman. She has blond hair, which she has put up. Furthermore, she wears a kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. This one is black with purple ends. The two colors are separated by wavy lines. Her sash is of light pink. Apart from that she is wearing sandals.


Roba has a good heart and she was sorry that she had tolerated Ratchet building such machines. She couldn’t have known he would make it this far and intended to take over the world. She apologized to the Straw Hats for her son’s behavior and for bringing the Straw Hats to the island.


Meet the Straw Hat Pirates

Roba comes out of the chest

After the Straw Hat Pirates had found a treasure chest full of anticipation, it was not the treasure they had hoped for that was inside when they opened the chest, but Roba. She had been captured by pirates, and when that ship was about to sink, she had quickly sought refuge in the chest. Since Roba didn’t want the Straw Hat Pirates to abandon her on the next island, she told them something about a treasure, which of course Nami was immediately excited about. With the help of the old woman’s cameo port, the Straw Hat Pirates set course for Mecha Island.

Back on Mecha-Island

Once there, they wanted to dock the ship on the beach. However, the island’s defense system prevented them from doing so. When Erich realized that Roba was in the hands of pirates, he immediately alerted Ratchet, who brought her ashore with his flying machine. She was then seen again when Ratchet suggested to the Straw Hats that they should look for the treasure together after all. Roba came out of a side room and told him not to involve other people in this. Shortly after, her son flipped a switch and she fell through a trapdoor. After Ratchet activated his machine lock, she reappeared along with the butler. She apologized to the Straw Hats for everything and asked them to stop Ratchet’s machine and bring peace back to the island.

After Luffy’s victory over Ratchet and the destruction of the castle, Roba took care of the downed Ratchet with Gonzo. Afterwards, however, she reprimanded him for his behavior, whereas the Straw Hat Pirates had long since left the island again.


  • Roba (老婆) means “old woman”.

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