Rob Lucci of One Piece

Rob Lucci was the strongest agent of Cipher Pol #9 and ate from the cat fruit, model: leopard. After his defeat on Enies Lobby, he was hunted down by the World Government along with his comrades. Surprisingly, he is now an agent of CP0.


Lucci in his youth

Rob Lucci is an average sized man with curly black hair and a distinctively shaped chin beard. He has huge scars on his back that together look like the symbol of the world government. He got these as a child from some cannon shots. A distinctive clothing feature of his is a top hat with a band, which is sometimes shown as silver, sometimes dark, or even completely white. Initially in Water 7, his casual work clothes consisted of a white sleeveless shirt and red and brown pants with yellow suspenders. On his feet, he wore black and white shoes. Also visible on each upper arm was a blue rectangular tattoo. As a CP9 agent his wardrobe refined like his colleagues and was mainly black, since his transfer to CP0 the color white dominates. When on duty he usually presents himself with a suit, shirt, white tie as well as his signature top hat. While riding the Puffing Tom, he wore a lined coat over it. On Dress Rosa, his coat was plainer and the same color as the rest of his clothing. On his right shoulder often sits his pigeon, Hattori. This only leaves him when he is fighting. She always wears a tie and wore the same jacket as her master in Puffing Tom.


Leopard Shape

In Water 7, Lucci doesn’t talk much, letting Hattori speak for him through his ventriloquism skills. Paulie claims that he does this because he is shy. As an agent, he is absolutely cruel and cold-blooded. When Spandam asked him what he wanted in the CP9, Lucci replied that he just wanted to kill. He also just killed 500 pirate hostages because they had given up and were causing problems for the world government. They were just trash in his eyes since they couldn’t win the fight. Lucci also killed Nero for losing the fight to Franky.

The latter was also only proficient in four techniques of Rokushiki, and because of that he was not a superhuman in Lucci’s eyes, and thus not worthy of being in the CP9. Despite all this, he seems to have some love for animals, as he always ties his pigeon’s tie. Lucci is mostly skeptical of opponents and thinks they are weaker. He also thinks Luffy was just bluffing with Gear 3 and didn’t take him seriously.

However, when he is wrong, he then admits it. Rob Lucci thinks all acts of the world government are absolute justice and also tells Luffy that he can’t win because evil will never win. If he must kill someone for this justice, he does so in the name of “dark justice”. Lucci has another thing in common with a leopard besides his devilish power: He does not kill his “prey” immediately, but still plays with it.

Skills & Strength

Lucci has mastered the Kamisori

Rob Lucci mastered all the techniques of the Rokushiki by the age of 13. He even survived several cannonballs hitting him at the same time and received several scars from the event. He also already showed impressive skills in Water 7: There, he and Paulie were able to pry open a stone gate weighing several tons. Lucci was even able to easily intercept an attack from Paulie, where he was flung headfirst onto the ground at great speed.

To accomplish this, he dug his fingers deep into the stone floor during the fall. Through his five years with the Galley-La, Lucci has developed a good understanding of shipbuilding. Lucci is the strongest agent ever in the CP9 with 4000 douriki. Even his other strong colleagues had never heard of such a high value. Moreover, he also ate of the cat fruit, model: leopard, which raises his physical strength by quite a bit. When he transforms into a cat person, he can also use his tail as a weapon and tie up his opponent that way. Furthermore, in his leopard form, he has a very strong set of teeth and could easily bite through Luffy’s shoulder with them. His Rokushiki are a lot better than those of his colleagues. For example, Franky got through Owl’s tekkai without any problems, but couldn’t even give Rob Lucci a scratch with his punches.

The effect of his strongest attack on Luffy

When Lucci applies his Soru, he is much faster than most others because of it. As such, he was able to catch up to Nero quite easily, despite the latter also using Soru. He can even combine Soru and Geppou and move through the air with incredible speed. Normally, Shigans bounce off Luffy since he’s made of rubber, but Rob Lucci, in his cat-man form, can damage Luffy with this attack since he has very sharp claws when doing so. He can also hurl the Shigan at the opponent, allowing him to use it at long range. His Rankyaku easily mills through stone walls several feet thick.

His Seimei Kikan allows him to be permanently in a state of kamie, allowing him to dodge almost any attack. In addition, Lucci is the only one of the CP9 to master the “secret art”, the Rokuogan. In this, he hurls a blast wave from his fists at his opponent. This attack severely bruises Luffy’s organs, despite being made of rubber. His strongest attack is the Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan.

Lucci’s creations are strong

This attack has the same flow as the normal Rokuogan, but is many times stronger. Rob Lucci is also a thinker in battle, however, as he was able to see what exactly was happening with Luffy’s Gear 2 and was able to explain this process. Without the Gears, Luffy couldn’t even damage Rob Lucci in a fight with him, while he could seriously hurt Blueno without either of these conditions.

In addition to his distinct skills of Rokushiki, Lucci is proficient in both Armor and Observation Shaki.


Lucci kills 500 soldiers

Rob Lucci was in the service of the World Government from an early age. At a young age, he had mastered all the techniques of the Rokushiki. A group of pirates had captured an island and taken 500 soldiers on the island hostage because the captain wanted to become the new king of the island. He blackmailed the incumbent king that he would kill all the hostages if he did not get the throne.

The world government, unable to do anything about the hostages, sent young Rob Lucci to the island, who eliminated all 500 hostages, which angered the pirates, so they fired cannons at him. However, these were only able to inflict a few wounds, preserved to this day, instead of killing him.
He also killed the pirates and took the pirate captain’s head. At this point, he was only 13 years old.

He became part of the CP9 and served justice from hiding from now on. Marine soldiers tremble just hearing his name since these events.



Lucci and Paulie in battle

On the Galley-La, Rob Lucci was one of the best foremen. He understood a lot about shipbuilding and also had the respect of the normal workers. He also along with the Galley-La defeated Moon Sickle who wouldn’t pay them any money. When Lucci encountered Luffy & Co, he got them back their 200 million berry that Paulie wanted to take and then fought with him.

After this short and inconclusive fight, the two opened the gate to Dock 1 and let the Straw Hats in. There he also explained to Luffy, Usopp, and Nami that the The Going Merry was damaged beyond repair and why this was so. After the assassination attempt on Iceburg, which was blamed on the Straw Hats, the foremen of Dock 1, including Lucci, fought Luffy. The latter did not want to fight back, as there was no reason for him to fight. This fight was then interrupted by Franky.

CP9, their target is called Iceberg

The CP9 takes off their masks

Shortly after, some masked men suddenly entered Mr. Iceburg’s mansion along with Nico Robin. It was the CP9 and on their way to Iceburg’s place they took out a lot of workers until they finally reached Iceburg’s office. There they encountered Paulie, who was trying to save Pluton’s plans. He did try to fight Lucci, but was without a chance.

Afterwards, they all gathered in Iceburg’s hospital room. To his horror, Kaku and Rob Lucci, two of his best foremen, were also among them. Rob Lucci now also presented Iceburg with the CP9’s plan: they wanted the Pluton’s plans and after interrogation they got the truth out. Just before they could kill Iceburg, Luffy and Zoro suddenly appeared and fought them. However, like Paulie, the two were left without a chance and the CP9 now disappeared to find Franky, who they had just learned through interrogation was carrying the Pluton’s plans. Franky did try to fight back, but the agents were clearly too strong for him as well. Since Usopp was with Franky at the time, they captured him as well and then went to the sea train.

The Puffing Tom

Rob Lucci kills Nero

After this successful mission, the CP9 made their way to the Puffing Tom. There Corgi was already waiting for them and led them into the train. To secure the transport of the prisoners, they had an escort of several 100 agents and soldiers, including Wanze from the CP7 and the CP9’s new agent, Nero. At first it seemed like the trip would go smoothly, but Sanji snuck aboard the sea train, freed Usopp and Franky, and along with the two of them took out the entire escort.

After Nero was also defeated by Franky, he announced that he was going to kill Franky. However, Lucci intervened and asked the new agent if he had forgotten his mission to get Franky alive. He was also furious that a CP9 agent could only master four techniques of the Rokushiki and lose a fight to boot. He gave Nero three seconds to leave. Lucci caught up to him effortlessly as he tried to escape, and attacked him with a Shigan.

You worthless trash call yourself an agent of the CP9? You have to master all six techniques before you can call yourself superhuman! Kalifa, for the report: the new guy was too weak, he was worthless.
-Rob Lucci as he killed Nero.

They then had a brief exchange of blows with the three pirates, who were unable to do anything. Sogeking did manage to free Robin briefly by a trick, but she was recaptured despite Franky’s sacrifice. The ride now continued towards Enie’s lobby, while Sanji and Sogeking remained in a wagon on the sea.

Gathering of the Agents

The CP9 is ready to fightthe Straw Hat Pirates

The four agents now met Spandam’s room, along with the remaining three agents of the CP9. Franky and Robin, however, left them outside the door for the time being. When they walked in, Owl immediately jumped on them and used the Teawase to get their Douriki reading. It turned out that Rob Lucci had a preternaturally high Douriki score of 4000.

It also turned out that Kaku has more Douriki than Jabra, which bothered the latter a lot. After this fight with Kaku, Jabra also started one with Lucci. Both of them turned into their beastmen form and grew at each other. However, this argument settled down after a short while. After Kaku and Kalifa each received a devil fruit, the agents split up again. Now, as Luffy fought Blueno and managed to beat him, the CP9 reassembled and now faced the Straw Hat Pirates. After some words, Robin decided to sail with the Straw Hats again and Franky wanted to help them fight the CP9. However, the bridge to the Justice Tower was destroyed and they couldn’t get across, but Grandma Kokoro flew in with Rocketman and took them. While the keys to the handcuffs were distributed among the agents, Rob Lucci was to play bodyguard to Spandam.

Clash of the Giants: Monkey D. Luffy vs Rob Lucci

Cat Man Rob Lucci vs Luffy in Gear 2 mode.

Lucci and Spandam, along with Robin, now walked further and further towards the Gate of Justice, until Lucci finally stayed behind in the bridge pillar to stop the ever-approaching Luffy. Luffy appeared after a short time and the fight between the two started again. At first it seemed like both were about evenly matched, but it quickly became apparent that Luffy was clearly outmatched. He had to take a lot of punishment. Even when Franky also joined in and fought with Lucci, they couldn’t do anything. Just as Lucci was about to kill Franky, he was suddenly flung away and made to spit blood. Luffy had now changed into Gear 2 and attacked him with a Jet Pistol. Rob Lucci got angry and changed into his cat-man form and attacked Franky again, but was stopped by Luffy. Franky was now able to escape and resume his pursuit of Robin and Spandam.

Now a duel between Lucci and Luffy began again, with Luffy showing superiority through his Gear 2. Lucci had to admit that he had underestimated Luffy, but suddenly Luffy’s condition ended. Now he couldn’t do anything against his opponent until he finally used Gear 3 and attacked his opponent with a Gigantic Pistol. Lucci thought this was just a bluff, used the Tekkai and simply stopped. However, this cost him dearly and he was knocked through the bridge pillar. Luffy then jumped after him, but was unable to hit Lucci as he was too slow. The fight now continued aboard a naval ship until it was sunk and the fight shifted back to the bridge pier. It was there that Lucci first noticed the effects of the Gigantic Pistol, as his legs had taken a great deal of damage.

Lucci was defeated

Luffy switched back to Gear 2 mode and Lucci used Kami-e Bushin to keep up with his speed. The fight was now getting tougher than ever. However, Lucci was able to win the fight with two Rokuogans. Luffy was now lying defeated on the ground when Sogeking finally appeared and took off his mask. He managed to give Luffy courage again, allowing him to get back up. The fight was now entering the decisive phase and Lucci wanted to get it over with quickly. To do so, he made himself grow muscle again by doing the Seimei Kikan. After a Sai Dai Rin: Rokuogan, it seemed like Luffy was defeated, but he held on and went for his final attack, the Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling. With that, Luffy was finally able to win this long battle.

M… Report to all ships!!!
Straw Hat Luffy the pirate has just…
Rob Lucci of CP9 defeated!!!!
What are you saying!!!
…But that’s crazy!!!
The current CP9 is considered the strongest group in Cipher Pol history,
and all of them, including the leader Rob Lucci,
have been crushed by pirates…?!!!
„-Navy soldiers during the buster call on Enie’s lobby.

Pursued by the World Government

Lucci takes out the Candy Pirates

The entire CP9 survived the Buster Call through Blueno’s devil powers. They were now looking for a new place to stay, and came across St. Poplar in the process. However, Lucci had sustained very serious injuries from his fight against Luffy and the former agents now needed money for the hospital bill. They raised this money with demonstrations in the village.

The doctors later managed to save Lucci. Now the former agents had settled down in St. Poplar, so Jabra, Kaku, Blueno and Owl went to a café afterwards. Lucci was now halfway recovered and able to leave the hospital. To celebrate the day they also immediately played a game of bowling. But their merry game was interrupted by a pirate attack. Out of gratitude to the residents, the former CP9 finished off the pirates.

In the process, Lucci took on the captain of the Candy pirate gang, still torturing him as he lay on the ground. However, they couldn’t stay in the village as Spandam had pursued them for their defeat against the Straw Hats. They went to an island with a dojo where they trained some kids as future agents. But the Navy had other plans: as punishment for their defeat, they were to be captured by Very Good and some marines. These were no real threat to them, but the former agents still had to change their location again.

After the time jump

Lucci and Spandamon Dress Pink

After the time jump, it was revealed that Rob Lucci was now a member of CP0. He traveled with Spandam to Dress Rosa to find out what had happened to the contraband from the Doflamingos underground trading port. Since all the weapons stored there had been stolen, he suspected the intervention of the revolutionaries.

A few days later, Lucci and several other members of the CP0 were summoned to Mary Geoise, where the Levely was to take place shortly. After the Neptune family arrived, Saint Charlos tried to forcefully make Princess Shirahoshi his slave. When Sai and Leo tried to save her, Lucci showed up and beat them back. Neptune then wanted to take personal action against Charlos and the CP0 to protect his daughter. Charlos ordered Lucci to kill Neptune, as he wanted to go against a world aristocrat, but Saint Mjosgard struck Charlos down with a club beforehand, ending the unrest.


Rob Lucci’s tattoo
  • Rob Lucci wears a tattoo on both upper arms, a blue rectangle with an inner cross. The exact meaning of this is unknown, but it is very reminiscent of the Field army, as used on maps to mark troop units.
  • Rob Lucci’s name comes from the Italian word “luce”, which translated means “light”. Now, if you translate “Rob” with the English “to rob”, his name can be loosely translated as “(stealing) the light”. This further adds something sinister and devilish to his character.
  • His birthday, June 2, is derived from his name: Thus, the Japanese 6 can be translated as “ro” and the 2 as “bu”. Put together, this gives “Robu”, which is the Japanese Romaji spelling of “Rob”. (As with all characters, the date is read in American spelling 6-2 -> June 2).
  • Lucci bears similarities to Slash, the guitarist for Guns N’ Roses. Especially his hair and the top hat speak for this.
  • Rob Lucci as a child (SBS Volume 44)
  • His “favorite food” is cognac.
  • His hate food is breakfast meat.
  • In the Vivre Card ~ One Piece Picture Encyclopedia ~, his new epithet is “massacre weapon” (殺戮兵器, Satsuriku Heiki).
  • His motto is “necessary evil” (必要悪, Hitsuyō Aku).

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