Rivers of One Piece

Rivers was a gunner in Bellamy’s pirate gang.


Rivers wears a white cap with pom-poms, a dark red v-neck shirt, gray pants, and brown shoes. He has no eyebrows and a fairly muscular build.


The members of the Bellamy pirate gang are very similar in character, including Rivers. He also believes in “the new era”, is very arrogant, mocks pirates who chase some unrealistic dreams and puts all his trust in the strength of Bellamy. Should he be defeated in battle, he too becomes afraid and loses his arrogance.

Skills and strengths

As a marksman, Rivers should be able to handle firearms. However, he has never been seen fighting until now.


Rivers was present at the time Donquixote Doflamingo allowed the gang to use his mark.


mock town

Rivers was first seen at the Tropical Hotel in Mocktown while his crewmates were talking about the Straw Hat Pirates after he presented Sarquiss with Luffy’s now outdated profile. He sat right next to Mani. Later, the entire gang went with Bellamy to the bar where Luffy, Zoro, and Nami were also. He sat down next to Luffy and ordered the best drink for himself and for Luffy. However, just as Luffy finished drinking it all, Bellamy grabbed Luffy’s head and slammed it on the counter, causing it to shatter. During the commotion, Nami asked the bar owner Terry for directions to Sky Island, to which she only received laughter. Afterwards, Luffy and Zoro were given a nasty beating without putting up a fight. In the end, Rivers kicked the already badly injured Zoro against a table, causing it to break.

That evening in Mocktown, the new wanted posters came in. Shocked, Jobo discovered that Luffy and Zoro had a much higher bounty on their heads than Bellamy. Bellamy’s gang was celebrating their successful raid against Mont Blanc Cricket’s men in the bar when Jobo announced that their lives were in danger. Shortly after, Luffy challenged Bellamy to a fight from outside, which he won after only one punch. The gang was shocked. When Luffy left town, Sarquiss wanted to go after him, but Rivers stopped him.

He was last seen helplessly watching Donquixote Doflamingo pit Sarquiss and Bellamy against each other. In the end, Sarquiss wounded his captain with his kukri sword.

After Bellamy was also defeated by Donquixote Doflamingo, he had a change of heart and decided to travel to Sky Island as well. He succeeded in doing so, but according to his own statement he lost his entire crew. But what exactly became of Rivers now or if he is still alive at all remains unexplained.


  • His name and position within the Bellamy Pirates were not revealed until One Piece Blue.

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