Rindo of One Piece

Rindo is an Amazon and belongs to the Kuja tribe. She is also a member of the Kuja pirate gang.


Rindo is a beautiful, slender woman. She has short, black hair, which she has put into a bun. The Kuja pirate wears a white coat, similar to that of a naval officer. To go with it, Rindo wears a short black jacket with an orange inner collar. The jacket is also decorated with purple snake patterns. Around her waist she has fastened a black and yellowish piece of cloth with an orange belt that houses a flower inside, as well as black tights. Noticeably, she smokes and carries a bazooka.

Personality and strength

Not much is known about Rindo’s personality, except that she’s probably a dutiful Amazon. But she’s actually a nice person when it doesn’t involve men, who she, like all Amazons really, hates with an abyss. She’s had bad experiences with men, traveling around outside Amazon Lily with the Kuja pirates, and according to her, they’re all the same. It wasn’t until she met Luffy that she became more trusting of men, after also realizing that they can be harmless too (judging by Luffy). She is also obedient and cannot resist the beauty of the Snake Princess.This fact only occurs in the anime.

Nevertheless, they, Ran, Daisy and Cosmos distrusted Luffy at first and therefore wanted to kill him when he gleefully devoured his feast.

Nothing is known about her strength either, except that she fights with a bazooka and is a member of the Kuja pirate gang, where it is known that only the strongest members of the island are allowed to travel.This fact only occurs in the anime.

However, in the anime, you can also see that she can fight with knives and has some hidden all over her body to be ready to attack in case of emergency.


Arrival at home

Just before the Kuja pirate gang could dock on Amazon Lily, they had encountered a naval ship led by Vice Admiral Momonga. The latter wanted to convince Boa Hancock, Empress of Amazon Lily, to assist in the fight against the Whitebeard gang. Rindo was also on the deck of the ship and observed the conversation between the Vice Admiral and Boa Hancock.
Later, she was also present in the battle arena when Luffy was to be executed.

Mistrust of women

This fact only occurs in the anime.

When Luffy was accepted and given a feast, Rindo, Ran, Cosmos and Daisy were also present, still not trusting the Straw Hat Boy. So they decided to kill him, thinking Hancock had set a trap for him and expected them to finish the job. But when the four of them went to attack him, Luffy yelled at them why they didn’t sing, because that’s part of every party. So Luffy picked up a wok and a soup ladle, made some noise with them, and started singing Binks’ Sake. So even the four Amazons knew that Luffy was harmless and continued to party with him.

After the battle, the Kuja pirates brought Luffy, Rayleigh, and Jinbe back to Marine Ford, where Luffy delivered a message to his friends via newspaper. Back on board, the Kuja pirates examined him, with Rindo pulling his shin long.

Two years later

After Luffy’s two years of training on Rusukaina, the Kuja pirates picked him up and took him to the Sabaody Archipelago. When the Straw Hats then set out for Fishmen Island, the Kuja pirates got in the way of the navy and thus helped the pirates.


  • As with all the residents of Amazon Lily Island, her name is derived from a plant. In her case, it is Gentiana scabra, which is called Rindo (竜胆) in Japanese.
  • Oda didn’t reveal her name until the SBS for volume 54.

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