Riku Doldo III of One Piece

Riku Doldo Ⅲ is the father-in-law of Kyros and the grandfather of Rebecca. After Doflamingo’s defeat, he resumes his previous position as King Dress Rosa. His nickname is Miracle King (jap. 奇跡の王, Kiseki no Ō). Under the gladiator deck name Rickyhe participated in Doflamingo’s tournament for Ace’s Fire Fruit.


As gladiator Ricky

Riku Doldo III is a very muscular man. As Gladiator Ricky, he wore a thick, silver helmet that covered his entire face except for a narrow slit for his eyes and also had a long, pointed nose guard. Furthermore, he wore silver shoulder pieces, a long blue cloak with a skull on the back, brown straps around his chest and a brown tunic. He also wore black boots on his legs.

After revealing his identity and removing his helmet, it could be seen that he was an older man with white, thick eyebrows, a white chin and mustache. He has white hair, but due to his age he no longer has all of it. He has formed the remaining ones into a spiky hairstyle. He wears another shock of hair, which he has formed into a horn, on his forehead. You can also see a small scar on his forehead.

Before Doflamingo’s coup he still had all his hair, which was even darker on the sides. His beard and eyebrows were also of a darker color at that time. His clothes then still consisted of a light colored dotted shirt, dark pants, and a dark cloak with a fur collar.


The king seems to be a very caring man. For example, the fighting King Elizabello II respected him very much for often coming to the aid of his kingdom and also greeted him with a warm embrace when he took off his helmet and revealed his true identity. Moreover, he also knows how to appreciate the loyalty of his soldiers, like Tank Lepanto. He also hates senseless fighting and bloodshed, which is why he accepted Doflamingo’s deal to buy Dress Rosa from him, thus securing the lives of his people. He also has a boundless hatred for Doflamingo, who took his kingdom from him, and can’t stand the cheering in the arena when someone is down in defeat. He further believes that since he failed to protect the kingdom from Doflamingo, he is not worthy to be called king.

Skills & Strengths

Riku is a very good swordsman and managed to defeat several opponents within seconds. His fighting style is said to be reminiscent of the samurai from Wano Country. The important thing here is that he doesn’t use a shield as a defense and his sword has a blunt blade. He also has tremendous speed, which allowed him to easily dodge several attacks from the gladiators of the Corrida Colosseum. Another indication of his strength, however, is that he was the one who inflicted his only hit on Kyros, although he eventually lost the fight to him. According to his own statement he had already lost a lot of strength due to his old age.

As king over a kingdom, he also has a high level of authority. Thus, at the World Conference of Kings, he was able to ensure that the Samurai of the Seas, one of whom caused his kingdom so much suffering, were abolished. Furthermore, as regent, he is in charge of a large army.


Meeting with Kyros

Ricky’s defeat of Kyros

Twenty-six years ago, King Riku and a few men went to confront an assassin, who turned out to be a fifteen-year-old boy named Kyros. The boy didn’t hesitate long and attacked, giving Riku the scar on his face. Still, the king was not angry with the boy and asked him to come with him. He took Kyros to the coliseum where he could engage in fights as long as he didn’t kill anyone.

He visited him several times and learned that he had only killed a group of men before, as they had killed his friends before. Kyros asked the king after some time when he could finally get out of the Colosseum, to which the king offered him freedom after 100 victories, as well as amnesty over his crimes.

Within four months Kyros managed to do this, but refused the freedom because people continued to see him as a murderer and a beast and no one wanted him around. After his thousandth victory, King Riku asked Kyros if it was time to leave the Coliseum, but Kyros still refused, as he would probably forever be remembered as a murderer.
King Riku then trained together with Kyros and learned some fighting techniques from him. At a tournament, King Riku entered under the pseudonym Ricky and faced Kyros in the final fight.

Nevertheless, he was defeated by the latter. Kyros had long since figured out who his opponent was, and as the king felt, Kyros held back because of this. This proved to the king that Kyros was not a monster, so he again offered to escort him to another place.

Kyros, at the age of 25, then became the commander of the guards of Dress Rosa, who was also responsible for the personal protection of the king’s daughters. However, after he once rescued Scarlet, the two became a couple. While King Riku did not object to the relationship, he knew that his people would disagree. Scarlet then asked to fake her death so she could secretly live with Kyros outside the palace. The king allowed this and faked a false funeral, spreading the rumor that his daughter had died of an illness. Secretly, however, he visited them again and again and was with them even after Rebecca’s birth.

Doflamingos Takeover

Visit from Doflamingo

Ten years ago, or eight years before Luffy set out on his adventure, King Riku was the beloved ruler of Dress Rosa. Not only his people, but also the people of the dwarves and neighboring kingdoms respected and liked him very much. But one night, Donquixote Doflamingo showed up in the regent’s bedchamber. The king had already heard many bad things about the new Samurai of the Seas, but what disturbed him most was that Doflamingo was a descendant of the original cruel royal family of Dress Rosa. The samurai demanded the kingdom back. If the king refused or requested help from neighboring kingdoms, Doflamingo would attack immediately. The only way to avoid this fate was for the king to pay Doflamingo ten billion berry and not reveal to anyone what the money was or would be spent on. Reluctantly, the king accepted the last option and the next morning had his soldiers collect all the money from all the inhabitants of the island, as this was the only way to raise the required amount. In a video broadcast, the king fell to his knees before his people and apologized for this sacrifice and that he could not tell them why. He was even willing to do something to himself in return, but all the people willingly gave up all the money they had. In the evening the money seemed almost together, when suddenly the king came riding up to a village and attacked and set fire to it out of the blue. Anyone who came too close was struck down by the king himself, until the king set off for the next village.

The King is controlled by Doflamingo controlled

No one knew that King Riku was actually under the control of Doflamingo’s devil powers, and thus no longer in control of his body. Doflamingo’s true intention from the beginning had been for the people to hate their king, which would have meant that his takeover would also have been sanctioned by the people. Only Riku’s soldiers knew what was going on, as they too were controlled by Doflamingo a short time later. Some time later, Riku was then publicly stopped by Doflamingo, whereupon he was hailed as a hero and took over the kingdom. However, King Riku’s execution was prevented by his daughter Violet offering to work in Doflamingo’s pirate gang. King Riku in turn assumed the identity of Ricky the Gladiator. He ordered his men, including Tank Lepanto, who were also under Doflamingo’s control, to serve their new king so that they would not be executed.

Cyrus appears,to save the king

However, as it turned out, Doflamingo had King Riku in his power for some time until Kyros came along to free him. However, Kyros was put in chains and was to watch Doflamingo decapitate the king. To prevent this, Kyros cut off his leg and attacked Doflamingo. However, Sugar interfered and turned Kyros into a toy soldier, whereupon everyone lost their memories of Kyros. Kyros, on the other hand, didn’t think twice and fled along with King Riku. He thanked the toy soldier. He explained who he was, but King Riku didn’t recognize him and thought he had never heard the name Kyros before. Still, he would not forget that courage today. Wrapped in a cloak, the king fled.


Corrida Colosseum

Ricky drops out

He fought Elizabello the Second, Tank Lepanto, Abdullah, Bartolomeo, Blue Gilly, Bellamy, Dagama, Hack, Jeet as well as 128 other fighters in the B Block. During the Battle Royals, some other gladiators wondered who Ricky could be as they had never seen him before. Since he only fought with a sword and no shield, they thought it was possibly a samurai in disguise from Wano Country. Before they could verify this, Ricky defeated them. An older spectator commented that Ricky’s fighting style looked very familiar to him, even though he couldn’t place Ricky anywhere himself. He later fought Blue Gilly, but was defeated by him. Ricky cursed his age afterwards, blaming it for this defeat. Hearing the cheers of the crowd, Ricky said that he hated this one now, as well as Doflamingo.

After the tournament he didn’t want to have his wounds treated, even when his head wound wouldn’t stop bleeding. When Rebecca joined in, the gladiator only wanted to flee the coliseum faster. A memory revealed that Ricky apparently had a history with her and had known her as a child.

Captured participants

Later, Ricky was seen being held in a room below the arena with the other defeated fighters of the tournament. With Tank Lepanto already speculating about his true identity, Riku removed his helmet and it was revealed that the gladiator Ricky was in fact the overthrown king of Dress Rosa. After the captain from the army pledged his allegiance, more gladiators confessed to be his former soldiers, and he was hugged by Elizabello, Sai said that there had been big trouble in the neighboring countries since he was no longer king. The discarded toys also rose to show their allegiance to the overthrown king. Shortly after, Sai was kidnapped from the underground room, after which the talks surrounding Riku Doldo III also ended. More and more people were kidnapped and turned into toys shortly after, after which all the people forgot about those people’s existence as humans. In the end, only King Riku and Don Chinjao remained, with the former king being overcome with the feeling that his memories were suddenly just as sketchy as they were ten years ago.

In the palace

Kyros frees Riku

When all the prisoners were turned into toys and only Riku remained, he was taken to the palace. Riku was not allowed to be turned into a toy, otherwise the people would forget their hatred towards him. Doflamingo had put him in chains and asked why he had entered the tournament in the first place. King Riku then explained that after hearing that Doflamingo’s resignation was just a sham, he couldn’t just give up on the kingdom. When Sugar fell unconscious, King Riku’s memories returned and he now knew that he had forgotten about his son-in-law Kyros. The latter showed up at that moment to free the king. After Kyros took care of Buffalo as well as apparently Doflamingo, he freed Riku from his captivity. However, Doflamingo was not defeated, merely a thread clone of him. He threw all the intruders out of his palace with the help of Pica and took the palace to Flower Hill.

Support from a distance

Rebecca meets members of her family again after a long time

Shortly after, Doflamingo wanted to repeat the tragedy of ten years ago in revenge for the toys being human again, only now he imprisoned all the inhabitants of Dress Rosa in a large thread cage. To end it all, Doflamingo demanded the population kill the Straw Hat Pirates as well as their allies. As Luffy, Law, Zoro, and Kyros went off to defeat Doflamingo, King Riku and Violet continued to hang around the former King’s Square, later joined by Usopp, Robin, Hack, Bartolomeo, Rebecca, and Tank Lepanto. Violet, meanwhile, had found the key to Law’s handcuffs, which Rebecca was going to take to Luffy & Co. along with Bartolomeo and Robin. King Riku, however, couldn’t really trust the Straw Hat after his experiences with pirates, but Viola, Rebecca and Leo managed to convince him that the Straw Hats were the only chance of rescue at the moment.

After the three of them left, King Riku asked Violet to search for the captured dwarf princess Mansherry with her powers, as she would be important to clean up the mess of Doflamingo according to the king. Later, when Usopp tried to attack Sugar again from afar before she could turn Luffy and Law into toys, King Riku, Hack, Tank Lepanto, Kinemon, and Kanjuro made sure that Usopp would have enough preparation time for his shot, as some civilians had already reached them to capture them. In addition to the civilians, Admiral Fujitora was also there along with his marines.

Riku announced that despite his initial skepticism, he now fully trusted Luffy and trusted him to free Dress Rosa from Doflamingo. To this, Fujitora agreed, recognizing himself that the Marine could not become a hero in Dress Rosa, and knowing the potential in Luffy and his allies.

After Flamingo’s defeat, Riku Doldo III appeared before the people as king. He was then informed of the upcoming reverie. He and Elizabello decided via Den-den Mushi that they would leave there together. Furthermore, he had summoned Leo to him and appointed him and other dwarves as his bodyguards for the Levely.


Thus, the Kingdom of Dress Rosa also participated in the 1524 Levely. In addition to King Riku Doldo III, the kingdom’s delegation included Rebecca, Viola, Kyros, and Leo. On the sea route to the Levely, which they took together with Elizabello, news of Luffy’s deeds in Big Mom’s territory reached them through the newspapers. They rejoiced, but the King again made it clear that they were not to show their joy at this on the Levely. A little later their ship was attacked by pirates who had it in for Viola, but they were rescued by Koby and Helmeppo, who were part of their escort.

Finally arriving in Mary Geoise, they met many old friends of the Straw Hat Pirates, including Shirahoshi and Vivi, with whom Rebecca quickly became friends. The later confrontation between the World Aristocrat and the Royal Family of Fish-Man Island involved some of the delegation from Dress Rosa, but not King Riku. He met for a Levely with Admiral Fujitora and Nefertari Kobra, the King of Arabasta, which was also being bullied by a Samurai of the Seas. He then arrived at the conference hall at the beginning of the Levely. During the Levely, he and Kobra presented the theme to abolish the Samurai of the Seas. This was approved by the Levely.


  • His favorite food is gazpacho.

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