Rice Rice of One Piece

Rice Rice is a vendor of the Den-den Mushi TV store.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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As befits a salesman, Rice Rice wears a suit. It is orange, underneath he wears a blue dotted shirt and a yellow tie. Rice Rice has short black hair, big round eyes and red cheeks. Probably his most noticeable feature is his sash with the words“Gekiyasu!!!“(激安).


Rice Rice has a very effervescent personality, although he always seems nice and friendly on the outside. He also skillfully advertises his wares. However, he is afraid of pirates, because when he realized that he landed on a pirate ship, he immediately ran away again.


Rice Rice prices his wares in front of the straw hats

Rice Rice was fished out of the sea by the Straw Hat Pirates in his transport snail, in which he has tons of unnecessary stuff that he wanted to sell to the gang. When Nami asked him if he had any paper, he thought for a moment and smelled big business. He touted a stack of millennial paper, a very special paper, to her.

The Den-den Mushi TV store sold millennial paper that was practically indestructible, which he would sell at a special price just for her sake and only on this day. However, that price was grossly overpriced, whereupon Nami tried to bargain it down, but didn’t really succeed. Suddenly, Sanji said he would pay the paper for Nami. Everyone was taken back and asked if Sanji had any money, to which he replied no. However, he tied up Luffy and said that this one just had to be handed over to the Navy.

When Rice Rice learned that the Going Merry was the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship, he took to his heels on the spot, even leaving all the things he wanted to sell to the pirates on the Going Merry. Nami, of course, was happy because she was able to save the 48,000,000 Berry that Rice Rice originally wanted for the paper.


  • Rice Rice makes a cameo appearance in the opening credits of One Piece – Stampede. He stands in front of the replica of the scaffold and shows Dopp’s profile.

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