Revolutionary Army

Structure and Hierarchy

What is known about the structure of the revolutionaries so far is that Monkey D. Dragon is the leader of the revolutionaries and they follow him unconditionally. On Dress Rosa, we also learned that Sabo is the #2 Tactical Director of the Revolutionary Army. As such, he reports solely to Dragon and is presumably the second strongest Revolutionary. His strength allows him to duel on par with an admiral and defeat Jesus Burgess without much trouble. Furthermore, there are five commanders, each leading an army in one of the four oceans, as well as Emporio Ivankov, the commander of the Grand Line army. At least two of them still have a deputy in charge. In the headquarters there are also some members who process messages and give orders via Den-den Mushis. This is how the troops in each country get their orders. These men are also pretty well informed about everything else, such as pirate gangs like Luffy’s.

There are also local commanders in each base. When the Kamabakka Kingdom joined them, Emporio Ivankov and Inazuma were given posts as high commanders of the Revolutionary Army due to their leadership positions and strength. Ivankov was very close to Dragon as a result and spent a lot of time with him. However, the two commanders were caught and were in Impel Down with Luffy until their escape.


The Revolutionaries have been spreading more and more since their inception. Some countries joined them, some were conquered. They were able to establish the following bases in the process:


Balcony of the headquarters

It is also called the Island of White Earth and houses the headquarters of the revolutionaries. You can see their quarters in a short scene, which is apparently located in a white mountain. Monkey D. Dragon and his people are also located here. But since this one can’t be caught by the world government, this island must be pretty hard to find or heavily fortified. However, after the events on Dress Rosa, Jesus Burgess unknowingly smuggled himself onto Sabo and company’s ship and made it to Baltigo, from where he contacted his pirate gang. He asked them to locate and pick him up using his Vivre Card. As was later learned from a newspaper article, the Blackbeard pirates followed his request and so Baltigo was ultimately completely destroyed. Subsequently, even the CP0 appeared on Baltigo, but the revolutionaries escaped and moved their headquarters to Momoiro in the Kamabakka Kingdom.


The kingdom of the trannies fights for the revolutionaries

This island is completely populated by trannies. The ruler of this island, Emporio Ivankov, once joined Dragon with his kingdom, the Kamabakka Kingdom. He was given high positions in the revolutionaries with his best people. After the destruction of Baltigo, the revolutionaries escaped and moved their headquarters to Momoiro. The assembly of the revolutionaries, already announced by Dragon in advance, subsequently met there.
It can be assumed that the island already functioned as a base for the revolutionaries beforehand.

Goals and successes

The revolution takes concrete shape

The Revolutionaries are an association of rebels who have made it their goal to overthrow the world government. Unlike normal pirates, who tend to avoid confrontation with the Navy, they specifically attack the World Government. Since the World Government is very powerful, one might think that the Revolutionaries are in a bad position, but this is not the case. They successfully fight back against the world government. Their tactic in doing so is to attack the member states of the world government one by one. Popular coups are also part of this. Thus, the world government is losing more and more strength, while the revolutionaries are gaining fighters and land. Currently, the revolutionary idea is spreading like wildfire. However, the exact motivations for the revolutionaries are not yet known.

So far, the revolutionaries have been able to achieve the following known successes:

  • Vila: Coups
  • Northblue: Some victories
  • Centaurea: Capture
  • Tequila Wolf: Attack and liberation of the forced laborers
  • Dress Rosa: Seizure of the arms shipment and a list of smugglers.
  • Lulusia: Rescue of the people from pirates and promotion of their own cause


Thalassa Lucas warns of Dragon and the Revolutionaries

The Revolutionaries were formed in the time between Gol D. Roger’s execution and Luffy’s birth, 19 to 24 years ago. Dragon realized how rotten the world really is and saw it as his destiny to change that. Furthermore, the revolutionaries have been active in the media for over twelve years now. This is evidenced, for example, by the fact that twelve years ago, during the great fire of the Gray Terminal in Goa, they intervened on Dawn to prevent all the inhabitants there from actually being left for dead.

Eight years ago, at the World Conference in Mary Geoise, the headquarters of the World Government, Tarassa warned Luke about Dragon, saying that he could become a dangerous enemy for the World Government in the near future. At the time, however, some kings did not seem to take the danger seriously, such as Wapol, who would not commit his troops to fight the revolutionaries.

However, this was a huge mistake and the revolutionaries spread their ideas more and more. To the present day, they have been able to achieve some success. They also no longer limit themselves to one place, but are active everywhere. This has made their leader Dragon the most wanted person in the world.


Before the time jump

Dragon protects Luffy

Just before the Straw Hat Pirates reached Loguetown, the revolutionaries caused coups on Vila. When said pirate gang was in Loguetown, Monkey D. Dragon was also there. There, he prevented his son Luffy from being captured by the Navy by stopping Smoker. Luffy didn’t get to see his father in the process, however, nor did he realize who or what was even rescuing him from the predicament.

During the time after Enie’s lobby, the Revolutionaries were able to score a few victories in the Northblue, and Centaurea also fell into their hands. However, Dragon urged the Revolutionaries to rest, as they were at war and should see further first.

Luffy being Dragon’s son, Ivankov and Inazuma joined him in Impel Down and caused an unprecedented panic with their men, ending in a complete defeat of the prison. The Okama under Ivankov also participated in the Battle of Marine Ford.

The revolutionaries attack Tequila Wolf

Just before the big event, the revolutionaries seized the moment: they attacked the Tequila Wolf workers’ state and freed the forced laborers there. Among them was Nico Robin. It turned out that the revolutionaries had been specifically looking for Robin, whom they called the “Light of the Revolution,” since 1512. They have such interest in her, as she is the only survivor of Ohara, which fought the World Government. Dragon himself had given orders to protect Robin if she was found. She was brought to him.

Furthermore, it was revealed earlier that Bartholomew Kuma, one of the 7 Samurai, was also secretly working with the revolutionaries and thus against the world government and had been for many years. In the meantime, however, he had been converted into a pure, unfeeling machine by Dr. Vegapunk, so his future as a revolutionary was uncertain. Dragon, however, contacted Emporio Ivankov specifically to talk to him about Bear.


The revolutionaries infiltrate Dress Pink

Together with Koala and Hack, Sabo arrived at Dress Rosa to investigate and stop the arms shipments that were happening from there and promoting wars worldwide. According to Koala, many revolutionaries already came to Dress Rosa to stop what was happening, but were all turned into toys. Hack participated in the tournament at the Corrida Colosseum, while Koala investigated further and Sabo seemingly went off on his own. Hack, however, was eliminated from the tournament very early in the fight against Bartolomeo and was later turned into a toy as well.

Sabo, on the other hand, after meeting Luffy, took Luffy’s place in the tournament and won it and the Fire Fruit, which he immediately ate. At the same time, Sugar was also defeated and her victims transformed back into their original forms, including Hack. The three then reunited at the underground port, but Sabo noted that the weapons would not be shipped from there, but they would make a nice souvenir for Dragon.

While Doflamingo used his birdcage, Hack helped hold back the angry mob targeting the king, and Koala investigated further in the underground port, while Sabo tangled with Admiral Fujitora, but also helped bring down the tyrant afterwards. After Doflamingo was defeated and the Birdcage disappeared, Koala, Hack, and other revolutionaries met at the underground port and secured a certain list, while Sabo defeated Jesus Burgess and later met with the Straw Hat Pirates and presented them with his Vivre Card for Luffy.

By the time the CP0 appeared on Dress Rosa, the Revolutionaries were long gone, but the agents noted that the smuggler’s list as well as the weapons shipments were gone and safely confiscated from the Revolutionaries.

Attack on Baltigo

The Report of the Destruction of Baltigo

The Revolutionaries, who had been in action on Dress Rosa, reached Baltigo, where Koala reported to Dragon and told him about a special material contained in the weapons seized from Dress Rosa that is only mined in certain places in the world, while Sabo trained his new devil powers. Dragon additionally asked Koala to let all the commanders of the Revolutionary Army know that they would be holding a meeting very soon.
However, Jesus Burgess had also sneaked onto their ship and reached the revolutionaries’ base with them. He reported this to his band of pirates and asked them to find and pick him up using his Vivre Card. As was later learned from a newspaper article, the latter complied with his request and eventually attacked Baltigo. According to the article, the hideout was completely destroyed in the process, and to make matters worse, the CP0 showed up there and engaged in an exchange of blows with the Blackbeard pirate gang, but the revolutionaries were no longer on the scene by then.

The Levely at Mary Geoise

The gathering of the revolutionaries at Momoiro

As it turned out, the revolutionaries escaped and moved their headquarters to Kamabakka Kingdom on Momoiro Island. There, they held their previously called meeting, where the plan to declare war on the World Government at this year’s Levely was fleshed out. Meanwhile, a call from Lindbergh reached Sabo that he needed some more time and couldn’t make it to the meeting on time. As it turned out, he was in Lulusia along with Morley, Karasu, and Belo Betty.

The town was attacked by Peachbeard, a subordinate of Blackbeard’s, but the commanders helped the inhabitants by stealing the pirates’ weapons on the one hand, and Belo Betty motivated them to fight themselves by means of her devil power. Eventually, the pirates were defeated and Belo Betty distributed Revolutionary Army cards to the people. They left the bounty for the pirate to the inhabitants and eventually made their way to the meeting.

The battle in Mary Geoise

A short time later, they began to put their plan into action and Sabo, Karasu, Lindbergh and Morley infiltrated the Levely. Using Morley’s devil powers, they were able to stay undetected in the ground, in a small cave Morley created, and watched as Bartholomew Kuma was treated. Against all odds, they vowed to put an end to it all and free their former companion. It was later learned that a battle broke out in Mary Geoise on the fourth day of the Levely between the revolutionaries and Admirals Fujitora and Aramaki. In the end, the operation of the revolutionaries ended with a negative outcome.

Known members

PositionNameBountyDevil Fruit
Commander in Chief:Monkey D. DragonUnknownUnknown
Chief of Staff/Tactical Director:Sabo602.000.000Fire Fruit
Commander of the Grand Line Army:Emporio IvankovUnknownHormones Fruit
➥ Vice Commander of Ivankov:InazumaUnknownScissor Fruit
Eastern Army Commander:Belo Betty457.000.000Cheer Fruit
➥ Vice Commander of Belo Betty:AhiruUnknownUnknown
Western Army Commander:Morley293.000.000Sliding Fruit
Southern Army Commander:Lindbergh316.000.000Unknown
Northern Army Commander:Karasu400.000.000Unknown by name
Ex-Officer:Bartholomew Kumaex 296,000,000Paw Fruit
Officer & substitute teacher for
Fishmen Karate
ReconnaissanceOfficer:Terry GilteounknownUnknown
Member:Bunny JoeunknownUnknown
Member:Raise Maxunknownunknown


  • It is unknown if the rebellion in Arabasta is related to the worldwide revolution of the revolutionaries.
  • In Enie’s lobby, it is learned that some CP9 agents carried out an attack on the Revolutionaries, killing 23 Revolutionaries. However, it is unknown if the attack was directly against Dragon. However, it can be assumed that the CP9 won the fight.

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