Revolutionaries vs Issho & Ryokugyu

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Shortly before the beginning of the Levely of 1524, the royal houses of Ryuuguu and Goa, among others, arrived at the Red Port. From there they were transported by gondola to the Redline plateau, where the entrance to Mary Geoise awaited them. The gondolas were guarded by soldiers, and it turned out that under one of the armors was Sabo, who had entered secretly.

The fight

As it turned out only a little later, he had infiltrated the “Holy Land” together with Morley, Karasu and Lindbergh. Their goal was to free their former Nakama Bartholomew Kuma, who was now held as a slave by the World Nobles, and to declare war on the world government.

As Emperor Marshall D. Teach, alias Blackbeard, learned from the newspaper shortly thereafter, this battle actually occurred when the revolutionaries began a battle against the two admirals Fujitora and Aramaki on the fourth day of the Levely.

An exact course of events or history is not yet known, however, a tragic report about Sabo appeared in the World Economic Newspaper a week after the reverie, shocking the revolutionaries and many others, while the bandaged Fujitora was talking with Grand Admiral Sakazuki about other issues. Moreover, contact with Sabo’s team broke off, making it impossible to confirm the veracity of the report.

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