Revolutionaries vs Blackbeard pirate gang

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After winning the Corrida Colosseum tournament and receiving Ace’s Fire Fruit, Sabo met up with Jesus Burgess of the Blackbeard Pirates, whom he had previously defeated, on Dress Rosa. The pirate was very angry about his defeat, so he immediately attacked the revolutionary, but was again easily put in his place by him. Heavily wounded, Burgess therefore secretly dragged himself onto the revolutionaries’ ship, which in turn enabled him to infiltrate their headquarters, the secret island of Baltigo.

The fight

By means of a Vivre Card, the rest of the Blackbeard pirates found their way there shortly thereafter, whereupon a fierce battle of the revolutionaries against the Blackbeard gang broke out, about the exact course of which, however, nothing is known at the moment.

However, as the newspaper reported, Baltigo was completely destroyed in the process. The Blackbeard pirate gang also had to flee in the end, however, as they were pursued by the Cipher Pol, which appeared on Baltigo shortly after the battle and took control of the island.

Some time later, it was revealed that all high-ranking members of the revolutionaries had survived the battle, but the headquarters still had to be moved to Momoiro.

Video of the fight

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