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It has been two years of training, and the members of the Straw Hat Pirates are gradually reassembling on the Sabaody Archipelago. In that time, some things have changed: With the naval headquarters moved to the other side of the Grand Line, the archipelago is teeming with petty criminals and pirates. In addition, new rookies have been found, who now set off for the new world. Among them is a copy of the Straw Hats. These recruit members and spread fear and terror on the archipelago. When DeMaro Black, who is harassing Nami, is easily defeated by her and Usopp, he vows a speedy end to the troublemakers. While searching, he encounters the real Luffy, who knocks over his copy.

When the latter gets angry, Luffy gives him a taste of his haki, which he has learned over the two years. Without passing out any more people, he continues on his way to his gang. They slowly but surely find their way back to each other, while Sentomaru, also present on the archipelago, sets out with two Pacifista to capture the Fake Straw Hat gang that came to his attention. On Grove 46, the meeting of the new recruits of the Fake Straw Hat Pirates is then held. There, a battle ensues between the navy and the pirates present there. Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji also get involved in the fight, demonstrating their new power on the two Pacifista. With the help of Rayleigh, the trio manages to escape Sentomaru and the navy. With the Straw Hat Pirates finally reunited on the Thousand Sunny, the coated ship descends into the deep, with the long-awaited goal of reaching paradise 10,000 meters below: Fish Man Island.

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