Real Escape x One Piece

Real Escape x One Piece(jap. リアル脱出ゲーム×ONE PIECE) is an Escape the roomorganized by SCRAP Co., Ltd. in which the participant takes on the role of a character in the One Piece world, solving puzzles and escaping a location. The collaboration between One Piece and SCRAP Co, Ltd. began with the release of the One Piece Mystery Box (jap. ONE PIECE謎箱) escape board game in 2013, after which the gameplay was expanded to live events. Employed actors often take on the role of pirates or navy soldiers to intensify the gaming experience for the participant. In addition, special booths related to One Piece are or were set up at the corresponding venues during the events, such as snack or merchandise booths with exclusive items. Sometimes exclusive goodies were also distributed.

2014: Escape from the underwater prison Impel Down

Escape from the Underwater Prison Impel Down (jap. 海底監獄インペルダウンからの脱出) was the first organized live escape game for One Piece and was first made available to the public for two months in the summer of 2014. The project took place in several Zepp concert halls in Japan. A year later, during Golden Week (Japan)the project made a comeback and was offered throughout the week at Tsutaya O-East in Tokyo.

The participant slips into the role of a prisoner in the high-security prison Impel Down at the time when Monkey D. Luffy infiltrates it. Alongside him and five other participants, the task is to free his brother Portgas D. Ace within one hour and escape from the great prison of the deep sea. Solve tricky puzzles and decipher a code to open the last door to freedom.

2015: Escape from the summit battle

Escape from the Summit Battle (jap. 頂上戦争からの脱出) was the second organized live escape game for One Piece and took place over several months in 2015 at a total of 11 locations in Japan. It mainly used stadiums and their outdoor areas, for example the Tokyo Dome or the Meiji Jingu Stadium. The first tour took place at the aforementioned Meiji Shrine Baseball Stadium on June 19, 2015, while the last was organized at the Sapporo Dome on September 26, 2015.

During this event, the participant once again takes on the role of a pirate who participates in the Summit Battle on Marine Ford and must now escape with Monkey D. Luffy. This time, the number of participants was not mandated and you could sign up with over ten people, but a number of 3 to 6 pirates was recommended. Additionally, “kits” were distributed to the group, which contained hints for the puzzles. Different levels of difficulty could be selected, whereby easier ones contained correspondingly more important tips, so that the game could also be made interesting for families with small children, for example. 2016: Escape from the Golden Amusement Park

Escape from the Golden Amusement Park (jap. 黄金遊園地からの脱出) was the third organized live escape game for One Piece and took place in the summer of 2016 at the two venues Hirakata Park and Tokyo Dome City Attractions. The event was based on the plot of the 12th film One Piece – Gold, released the same year. In each case, the entire theme park serves as the stage for the Escape Game, and the attractions themselves must also be entered for certain puzzles. Once again, there was also an easier difficulty level, especially since some attractions can only be entered from a certain age or a certain size and this would have made solving on the normal difficulty impossible.

Participants take on the role of pirates working with the Straw Hats. The goal is to crack the safe, steal 1 billion berries and then escape with the loot.

2019: Pirate King Treasure Amusement Park Escape

Escape from the Pirate King Treasure Amusement Park (translated more as Escape from the Amusement Park that houses the hidden treasure of the Pirate King (Gol D. Roger); jap. 海賊王(ロジャー)の秘宝眠る遊園地からの脱出) was the fourth organized live escape game for One Piece, and was once again held at the Tokyo Dome City Attractions theme park from July 13 to September 23, 2019. The event was based on the plot of the 13th film One Piece – Stampede, released the same year. This time, the entire theme park, including some attractions, also served as the stage. For the first time, an English-language version was also offered on selected dates.

Once again, the participant slips into the role of a pirate, but this time Monkey D. Luffy is a rival. Other well-known pirates, such as Buggy, also compete against the player in the race for the treasure of the pirate king Gol D. Roger. The goal is to get your hands on the treasure by solving puzzles. A special feature is that you get points or a bounty through your successes, which allows you to compete with other participants. Accordingly, it is clear that better achievements mean a higher bounty. The event has no time limit, but is only bound to the opening hours of the theme park.


  • During Anime Expo 2018 in Los Angeles, a One Piece Live Escape Game was also offered by SCRAP Co, Ltd, but in a much shorter version. By activating an augmented reality app, one could participate in the game titled “One Piece Puzzle Hunt” and escape from there together with the Straw Hat Pirates. This principle was later expanded and offered as a live escape game under the same name between December 2018 and February 2019 on Singapore’s Sentosa Iceland. Around the same time, the One Piece exhibition “Eiichiro Oda presents Hello, ONE PIECE Luffy is here!” also took place on Sentona.

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