Rasa of One Piece

Lasa is a fellow member of Barbarossa’s band of pirates.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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Lasa has dark, short-cropped hair, in which a small umbrella is visible, as with everyone in the gang. Lasa wears a red scarf and a white top with long sleeves. Around her waist she has tied a scarf and she still wears red pants. Furthermore, there is a black band on each of her arms.


Lasa has a lot of willpower, as evidenced by the fact that she stayed behind in the village alone, waiting for the king. She also firmly believed in Kobra’s promise that he would help. The anger she had towards Vivi because of this went so far as to almost kill her by Lasa ramming her into the quicksand.

Skills and strengths

Lasa’s throwing spear

Not much is known about Lasa’s fighting skills, but it is known that she is good with projectiles. She attacked Vivi in such a way that the projectile just missed her, but she was not harmed. Lasa also has impressive skills with sand sleds, she can handle them better than Vivi, who once attended a school for this art.


Lasa waits in vain for cobra

One day, King Kobra and Vivi, who was still small at the time, visited the village where Lasa lived as a child. Shortly after the visit, the village was abandoned because of drought, but Lasa recalled Kobra’s words. He said that if at any time there was trouble, he would come and help. Lasa was the only one who stayed behind, waiting for the king who would never come. She was later found by Barbarossa, who took her into his gang.


Lasa rammed Vivi and Luffy

When the Straw Hat Pirates encountered Barbarossa and his gang in the desert, the ship’s main mast was accidentally broken by Luffy. They befriended Barbarossa and Luffy agreed to fetch wood to repair it. Lasa showed up and suggested to Vivi that they take Luffy to the oasis with the sand sleds. Lasa and Saba followed them, also on a sand sled. On the way, Lasa bumped her sled into Luffy and Vivi’s, causing them to land in a pit of quicksand. Luffy was able to save himself and Vivi with his gum-gum rocket. Arriving at the oasis, Lasa told Vivi about her past, the reason why she disliked Vivi. Together they headed back to Barbarossa’s ship. Some time later, they arrived in Ido and said goodbye to the Straw Hats.

After Luffy’s victory over Crocodile and the departure of the Straw Hats from Arabasta, Lasa was seen one more time when Vertigo Herons stole from Barbarossa. The latter threw a barrel at them, whereupon the Vertigo Herons dropped a bag that had previously been stolen from a girl from Ido. The bag fell right at Lasa’s feet, whereupon she picked it up.

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