Raoul of One Piece

Raul is the owner of the Gold Roger Bar in Loguetown.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
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As a young man

About his appearance it can be said that he is rather small and frail. His face is marked by age and his few gray hairs are covered by a purple cap. He also wears a white shirt with a red collar and glasses with round lenses.


Raul is very impressed by Gold Roger, and he loves to tell old stories. He is annoyed by the pirates nowadays, because according to him they are just bottles and cowards. He also doesn’t like Smoker very much, as he had driven away his clientele, which consisted mostly of pirates.


Gold Roger at Raul’s Bar

When Raul was young, Gold Roger came into his store and told him he wanted to go to the Grand Line. Raul was shocked by this, as the Grand Line was also known as the Pirate’s Grave back then. But the very next morning Gold Roger sailed for the Grand Line.

Raul was also present at the execution of the pirate king.


Raul and Luffy are talking

Monkey D. Luffy got lost in Raul’s bar while searching for the scaffold where Gold Roger died. Raul told him to leave again, as he was going to close up store today. Luffy, however, stayed and Raul told him stories about Gold Roger. In the end, he explained to the Straw Hat that he would have to close the bar because there were no brave pirates left to take on the “monster” of the city.

Raul learned that Luffy was on his way to the Grand Line, and since that meant there was at least one brave pirate left, he wanted to keep the bar open. Then he invited Luffy in for a drink and they toasted the Pirate King.

Smoker then entered the bar later. He asked Raul for a rum, but Raul replied that he couldn’t get anything here. Smoker retrieved the bottle using his devil powers and recalls Gold Roger’s execution. A Marine showed up and told Raul to put up some new wanted posters in his bar. Smoker picked up a fallen wanted poster and recognized Luffy.

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