Ran of One Piece

Ran is an Amazon and belongs to the Kuja tribe.


Ran is a normal height, slim woman. She has short black hair, wears dark red lipstick and light blue earrings. She, like almost every Amazon on Amazon Lily, has a white cloak on, similar to that of a naval officer. She has an orange top, decorated with yellow circles and black dots in it. She wears black briefs with an embellishment at the top that resembles a belt. The panties are also connected to the black suspenders she wears. On her back she carries a quiver of arrows that she uses in battle. Most of the time, there is also a reddish snake coiled around her body, which she uses as a bow for her fight.

Personality and strength

Ran is actually a nice person when it’s not about men, which she hates with an abyss, like all Amazons actually, because she knows men since she travels around outside Amazon Lily with the Kuja pirates and they are all the same in her opinion. It wasn’t until she met Luffy that she became more trusting of men, after also realizing that Luffy is harmless.

She is also obedient and cannot resist the beauty of the Snake Princess. To that end, Ran is a perfectly capable warrior. Since she is a member of the Kuja pirate gang, it can be concluded that she is very strong, as only the best warriors become members of this pirate gang of women. Ran uses her snake in battle, which stretches as strong as a bow in serious situations. Ran is also a master of armor haki, which she uses to strengthen her arrows, giving them tremendous penetrating power after they are shot from her snake used as a bow.


Arrival at home

Just before the Kuja pirate gang could dock on Amazon Lily, they encountered a naval vessel led by Vice Admiral Momonga. The latter wanted to convince Hancock to join the fight against the Whitebeard gang. Since the pirate empress didn’t want to show herself before, Ran acted as spokeswoman. So she seems to hold a not unimportant position on the deck of the pirate ship. At that, Momonga handed her the current newspaper.

After Hancock’s arrival on Amazon Lily, the pirate empress wanted to take a bath. To the amazement of an eight-year-old girl as to why there was such a fuss about Hancock’s bath, Ran told her the myth of the Gorgon sisters’ fight with a Gorgon and the curse they were supposed to have incurred.

Spectators in the arena

While Luffy was about to be executed in the battle arena, she sat in the stands and watched the spectacle. She was also one of the few who recognized that Luffy was using a special kind of Haki.This fact only occurs in the anime.

Later, when Luffy was accepted and given a feast, Ran, Cosmos, Rindo and Daisy were also present, still not trusting the Straw Hat Boy. So they decided to kill him, thinking Hancock had set a trap for him and expected them to finish the job. But when the four of them went to attack him, Luffy yelled at them why they didn’t sing because that was part of every party. So Luffy picked up a wok and a soup ladle, made some noise with them, and started singing Binks’ Sake. So now the four Amazons also knew that Luffy was harmless and continued to party with him.

After the battle, the Kuja pirates brought Luffy, Rayleigh, and Jinbe back to Marine Ford, where Luffy delivered a message to his friends via newspaper. Back on board, the Kuja pirates examined him, with Ran pulling his wrist long.

Two years later

After Luffy’s two years of training on Rusukaina, the Kuja pirates picked him up and took him to the Sabaody Archipelago. When the Straw Hats then set out for Fishmen Island, the Kuja pirates got in the way of the navy and thus helped the pirates.


  • As with all the residents of Amazon Lily, her name is derived from a plant. In her case it is the Orchid, which in Japanese is called Ran.

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