Rampo of One Piece

Rampo is a dwarf from the Tontatta Kingdom. Furthermore, he and Bomba are vice chiefs of the troops of the Tontatta Kingdom and thus Leo’s deputies.


Like all dwarves, Rampo is about the size of a human hand. He also has the bushy tail typical for his species, but not a long, pointed nose like most of his fellow dwarves, but a somewhat broader one. On his head he wears a large light balloon cap with a dark pattern, ear flaps as well as a blue visor. He also wears a yellow jacket with six brownish buttons and a red bandana. On his hands and feet he wears grey gloves and grey shoes. In his left hand he can usually be seen with a lance.


Rampo seems to be quite serious most of the time, so you rarely see him smiling. Furthermore, he has great trust in the toy soldier and is even willing to sacrifice his life for him.

Skills and strength

Rampo is a member of the dwarven species, so like his fellow dwarves he possesses extraordinary physical strength for his tiny body, allowing him to literally run a full-grown man into the ground. Furthermore, he can move at lightning speed, so that he cannot be seen with the naked human eye, as he showed when he and Leo stripped two of Doflamingo’s subordinates in a matter of seconds.

In addition, he is able to use Tontatta Combat, so he used the attack “Shippo Hammer” to literally ram an opponent into the ground.


Operation SOP/ Infiltration of the Palace

Shippo Hammer

When the dwarves successfully sneaked into Dress Rosa’s underground port with Usopp, Robin and the toy soldier, Rampo and Leo together took out two of Doflamingo’s henchmen so that Usopp and Robin could take their clothes and thus disguise themselves. He later accompanied the toy soldier along with Kabu, Daikon, Nubon and Baxcon to sneak into Doflamingo’s palace during the SOP operation so that if the operation succeeded, the toy soldier could defeat Doflamingo as Kyros.

However, they were already surprised in the elevator by one of the officers, Lao G. Since their commander as a toy didn’t stand a chance against him, Daikon, Baxcon and Nubon threw Lao G to the ground to stop him so the others could escape or continue running to their target Doflamingo. The toy soldier wanted to help them, but Kabu and Rampo explained that they were all ready to sacrifice their lives from the start, so he shouldn’t look back.

Shortly after, however, they were stopped by an officer again. This time, it was Gladius. Kabu and Rampo decided to take care of this one. While Kabu attacked from the air, Rampo tried to attack from the ground. The toy soldier wanted to help them the most, but the dwarves wanted him to take the chance to run on. However, both dwarves were grabbed and subjected to an explosion by Gladius’ devil powers. Both of them lay unconscious on the ground afterwards. They were later found by Kinemon and Wicca.

The birdcage

Dressrosa in bird cage

When Doflamingo started his birdcage game and offered a reward to anyone who ruined his plans today, the dwarves, who had all reunited by now, brought Usopp and Robin with their allies from the underground port to the surface. Later, Rampo went off with some dwarves to help Franky capture the Smile factory, which they succeeded in doing.

Afterwards, they all tried to run away from the shrinking birdcage, but they ran into Zoro, who suggested they help stop the cage. Using a piece of the Smile factory made from sea stone, they tried to stop the birdcage and were actually able to make it slow down. Not only did the dwarves help, but also many gladiators or former prisoners. But in the end, only Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo could stop the cage and everyone was happy as the announcement of his victory came and the birdcage disappeared.

The end of tyranny

aiding and abetting

After Doflamingo was defeated and the admiral of the navy Fujitora kneeling before the king Riku Doldo III to apologize, Kyros gave a speech to his soldiers, who received it emotionally and saluted him. Their heroes, the Straw Hats, were now about to depart, but the marines were ordered to seize them. The dwarves helped the Straw Hats escape by sabotaging the marines. While some of the dwarves stole the navy soldiers’ weapons, Rampo, along with Leo, could be seen tying the navy ships together using his devil power.

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