Raki of One Piece

Laki is one of the few female Shandia warriors and is also one of their leaders.


Sketches from Laki

Laki is a grown woman. She wears her black long hair tied up in a kind of bun with a long bush of hair hanging out of it. Laki is wearing a purple belly top. It has ruffles on the sleeves just hanging from some strips of fabric. There is a pattern on the top that runs down both sides of her body. She isn’t really wearing any pants, just two strips of fabric with fringes that are laced around her legs and blend into a pair of shorts. These are covered by an apron of some sort.

On her left arm she wears a small shield, which is decorated. Tufts of fur stick out at the sides.

Like all sky dwellers, Laki has wings.


Laki is a brave warrior, though she is not as aggressive and dismissive as Wyper. Within her tribe she is very caring, especially towards Aisa.

Skills and strength

Since Laki is the only female Shandia leader, she is arguably the strongest Shandia warrior. But she also proved this during the fights in the Upper Yard. During an action against Ohm, she used her Skate-Waver so cleverly that she would have outwitted a normal opponent. The only fight she fought alone so far, however, she clearly lost against Enel. But even this fact leaves no doubt about her strength.

She seems to gather information about what’s going on in heaven and is always up to date.

Laki is good enough at her skate-wavers to use them in combat as well.



Laki and Wyper listen to the Shandia chief

As a child, Laki, like all other young Shandia, listened to the chief’s stories. She heard a lot about Shandora and their ancestors. Wyper was very impressed by this, so he often talked to Laki in the evenings about these stories and how much his ancestors inspired him. When Laki grew up, she also started to fight to reclaim the old homeland of the Shandia. But the Shandia attacked the Upper Yard several times without success.

Negotiations with Gan Fall

Laki watches the “negotiation

Gan Fall, since he was God in Skypiea, wanted to end the war between the Shandia and the Celestials. Because of that, he came to the Shandia village and offered to return parts of the Upper Yard for peace and wanted to make amends. However, Wyper refused as he wanted the entire Upper Yard, during the conversation he became more and more irritated. Finally, after Gan Fall mentioned that he liked drinking pumpkin juice, Wyper finally lost his temper and started a brawl. Even Mantis and Braham together couldn’t stop him. Laki watched the scene from a teepee. In the tent was little Aisa, who started to cry because she saw everything through her mantora. Gan Fall didn’t give up and tried a few more times. But one day Enel took over the rule of Skypiea. Since then, peace was no longer to be thought of and the fights began again.


The meeting

The review of the Shandia

In the Shandia village, Laki attended a meeting. She told Wyper about the incident on Angel Island. She also had information about Gan Fall’s attack on the Upper Yard. However, when she expressed her own opinion that Gan Fall might support her, she only received sharp criticism from Wyper. The latter dubbed Gan Fall as an enemy of Shandia and if Laki wanted to support him, she would also be an enemy. Laki immediately retracted her statement so as not to risk anything. When Wyper ended the meeting a little later, Aisa burst into the tent, plagued by her mantora. When Aisa caught sight of Wyper, she hid protectively behind Laki. Together, along with Genbo, Braham, and Mantis, who were also at the meeting, they learned from Aisa that a priest had been defeated. Wyper saw this as an opportunity for the Shandia, whereupon the entire tribe set out to attack the Upper Yard.

The first attack on the Upper Yard

The Shandia are leaving

The Shandia rode skate-wavers across the Snow White Sea. Their destination was the God’s House, which they planned to raze to the ground under Kalgara’s protection. Wyper gave orders to Mantis, Laki, Genbo, and Braham to complete their missions. He fired his bazooka at the Upper Yard, whereupon the Shandia split up. The priests quickly noticed their charging attack and prepared to defend themselves.

In the Upper Yard, Laki fought with other Shandia against the priests. The fight between the two parties was fierce and many Shandia went down injured. However, despite these losses, the Shandia continued to fight and did not retreat one bit. However, when Mantis was also wounded, Wyper made the Shandia retreat. Mantis had saved Laki from Ohm and was hit by him.

A bag full of Vearth

After they left the Upper Yard and regrouped on a deserted island, Wyper spoke to Laki. Because she had gotten distracted, Mantis had been injured. The argument was suddenly ended by Mantis grabbing Wyper’s arm. He assured Wyper that he could still fight. They shouldn’t be fighting over a bag full of Vearth when they should be focusing on Enel. After that, they decided to attack again the next day.

The next day, Aisa’s bag was on the floor and all the Vearth was scattered. Laki wanted to confront Wyper, but was held back by Braham. Meanwhile, Wyper swore his warriors in for the upcoming battle. He would only take those who were also willing to leave their wounded comrades behind. His goal that day was to cut off Enel’s head with his own hands. While the Shandia left to storm the Upper Yard, Laki stayed behind and tried to stuff the Vearth back into his pocket.

Later, Laki set out and found the injured mantis. She knelt over her wounded comrade, full of concern for his condition. He asked her to find Wyper and stop him, as he would not be able to defeat Enel. She gave him Aisa’s bag and set off in search of Wyper.

On the Giant Jack

Laki’s attack has no consequences

Laki scaled Giant Jack and called out to Wyper. She tried to warn him, but Wyper, caught in the test of iron, yelled at her not to come near. Enel suddenly stood behind her. Wyper clutched the barbed wire with bleeding hands and yelled at Enel to leave her alone, since Laki didn’t want to fight. Desperate, he shouted to Laki to run. However, she fired her rifle at Enel, but the bullets passed through him due to his logia power. A Divine Soldiers took advantage of Wyper’s open cover and attacked him from behind with an Axe Dial. Wyper showed no movement and only looked to Laki. Enel touched her and discharged a massive lightning bolt inside her. Laki went down motionless, Enel didn’t differentiate between warriors and warrior women. With a laugh, Enel disappeared again.

Life after the war

Laki in the cover story

After Enel and his priests were defeated, the warriors of Shandia gathered. They decided to leave the injured Wyper with the Straw Hats and Aisa. Instead, they were going to abandon the priests on the clouds. They wanted to use that punishment known as cloud drifting in Enel’s reign.

In the evening she celebrated together with everyone else at the huge party. She laughed together with her former enemy McKinley.

Later, Laki walked on the ground with Aisa, Conis and Nora for a picnic. Laki was wearing a dress and had a scarf tied around her hips.

Two years later, Laki and Conis had opened a pumpkin café, pumpkin pasta being their most popular specialty. When the newspaper reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates, Pagaya and McKinley were guests.


  • Her favorite dish is pumpkin noodles.

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