Raise Max of One Piece

Raise Max is a member of the Revolutionary Army. He is known as a legendary player who never loses. At the beginning of One Piece Gold, he was a prisoner of Gild Tesoro.

This article contains information unique to One Piece – Gold (2016).


Raise Max is a very small built man with tousled green hair. He wears a crumpled white hat and glasses with orange tinted lenses, but one of them broke during the fight with Tesoro’s henchmen. He has a red “7” tattooed on his left cheek. He also has a lot of stubble on his face. To go with this, he wears a tattered white suit with a purple shirt with a light dot pattern underneath, which is also tattered. He also wears dark jeans fastened by a white belt and white shoes.

Overall, his appearance seems very run down and messy, which probably came from his time in Golden Prison.


Raise Max makes it a point to always appear cool and manly. He usually talks calm and collected, which probably comes from his days as a professional gamer. At the beginning of Movie 12, his fighting spirit was broken. At the time, he couldn’t understand why Luffy never gave up no matter what happened to him and tried to make him understand several times that there was no point in rebelling against Gild Tesoro. But Luffy managed to give him courage again through his tireless fighting spirit, which is why he supported him and Franky in the end.


Raise Max was known as a legendary player for a long time and was adored by Franky, among others, and was even one of his idols. However, he decided to join the Revolutionaries one day and became friends with Sabo and Koala, among others. At an unknown time, Raise Max was also married twice, with each of the two marriages resulting in divorce.
When he went to Gran Tesoro, Gild Tesoro managed to beat him in a match and threw him into Golden Prison.


When Luffy and Franky were thrown into Golden Prison, Raise Max explained to them where they were and what to expect. However, Luffy was rather indifferent to this. He tried to find an escape route despite the circumstances, and then defeat Gildo. At first Max tried to talk him out of it, but Luffy’s tireless attempts inspired him, whereupon he joined Luffy and Franky with other prisoners. Along with the other prisoners, Raise Max jumped into a massive fan to stop the blades, thereby getting to the other side to the pump station. He later joined the rest of the former prisoners in fighting Gildo’s henchmen, while the Straw Hats took care of the stronger members of Gildo’s force.

After Luffy’s victory over Tesoro, he was able to escape on a ship together with Koala and Sabo.


  • Its name means “to raise to the maximum” and raise is a common term in many games of chance, such as Poker.

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