Race (Character) of One Piece

Rice belongs to the phoenix pirate gang.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.

He is quite small and actually not a fighter, because he doesn’t seem to be very strong. Furthermore he wears a viking hat. He also doesn’t seem to be very quick on the uptake as he hadn’t noticed Nami and Robin’s beauty until later.

He and Troff are actually sorry that they lied to the Straw Hat Pirates. The two of them also want to get away from the Accino Family, but unlike Stansen, for example, they are happy to accept help, which is why they would ally themselves with the Straw Hat Pirates.He later fights with the rest of the gang against the penguins of the Accino Family to back up the Straw Hat Pirates.

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