Rabiyan of One Piece

Rabiyan is a living flying carpet and one of Charlotte Pudding’s companions. He lives with her on Cacao in Deadland. The devilish powers of Big Mom made him come to life.


Rabiyan is a pink flying carpet with a white striped check pattern. Its edges are yellow, with a green equilateral triangle pattern strung together. He has human facial features, i.e. eyes, a round purple nose and a large mouth on the front front.


As Big Mom’s homie, Rabiyan shares certain traits with the other homies, so he can often be seen chanting the word “carpet”, but can also converse normally. He is very loyal to Charlotte Pudding and never leaves her side. He carries her everywhere and doesn’t question her motives, so – by helping Pudding – he helps the Straw Hat Pirates despite being a homie Big Mom. However, he can also be very cold-hearted, so he’s amused by Pudding’s attempts to stalk Sanji about how he’ll look when he learns the true intentions behind the wedding. Basically, he always seems to adapt to Pudding’s current state of mind.

Skills and strength

Rabiyan is able to fly and transport several people at the same time. He is also able to fly very fast when necessary. He demonstrates this on Pudding’s command to quickly reach the Thousand Sunny.


Encounter with the Straw Hat Pirates

Rabiyan made his first appearance when the Straw Hats reached Cacao. Pudding flew on him to Café Caramel, which, however, was almost completely eaten by Luffy and Chopper, who thought it was just too delicious not to eat. Because of this statement, Pudding saved them from being arrested by the local police and invited the pirates to her home, which they accepted. Rabiyan sprawled on the floor after Carrot briefly took care of him.

Big Moms Intrigue

Rabiyan was also present as Pudding met privately in a room with Sanji after the two families first met and he told her he really wanted to marry her because of the situation. It was there where Pudding enlightened Reiju a little later about the Big Mom pirate gang’s plan to betray and kill the entire Vinsmoke family. She made fun of the Vinsmokes’ naivety and Nitro as well as Rabiyan got in on the act. When Pudding mimed what she imagined Sanji’s face would be like when he learned the truth, her two companions laughed it off.

On the day of the planned wedding, Rabiyan was in Pudding’s room worrying about the pensive bride. Eventually, the Big Moms tea party took place, but the plan to massacre the Vinsmokes failed, because as it turned out, the Straw Hats and their alliance were also planning an action and made an appearance during the wedding ceremony. The whole thing escalated and ultimately the chateau, along with the huge castle on top of it, collapsed and those present could only be saved by Streusen’s devilish powers.

Big Mom in Rage

Due to the fact that the wedding cake was destroyed and she could not eat him, Big Mom fell into a rage. To calm her down, Pudding made a plan to make a new cake, this she told her brothers, sitting on Rabiyan. But to make the perfect cake she needed the help of her older sister Chiffon, so Rabiyan, Pudding and Nitro flew to Bege, inside of which she was and was able to convince her to help her. Now all that was missing was Sanji to make the perfect cake and so they headed towards the wondrous forest, explained their plan to him and flew with him to Cacao. But Sanji, branded as an enemy, was not to be seen and so he hid in the rolled up Rabiyan. After the wedding cake was completed and loaded onto Bege’s ship, he promised to take the cake to Big Mom so that she would eat it, and Pudding made his way to the Thousand Sunny on Rabiyan, inside of which Sanji was once again hidden. Once there, they discussed the current situation and made a plan to rush to Luffy’s aid. But for that, the destination was once again Cacao, where Luffy was supposed to appear after his fight with Katakuri, and eventually did.

The flight of the straw hats

Eventually, the Straw Hats managed to escape from Big Mom’s territory and Pudding inwardly said goodbye to her former fiancé, Sanji. She mourned and shed bitter tears, Rabiyan meanwhile faithfully standing by her side.


  • Rabiyan could be a reference to the flying carpet from the fairy tale One Thousand and One Nights. This fits the fairy tale theme of the Big Mom pirate gang.

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