Rabbitman of One Piece

Rabbitman is a pirate and subordinate of Emperor Kaidou.


Rabbitman is a very tall and sturdily built man whose outward appearance is heavily influenced by eating a Smile fruit. Thus, a rabbit’s head grew around his face, with the rabbit’s face representing Rabbitman’s beard. In addition, he grew two huge rabbit ears and on his head, under white rabbit fur, are two horns, similar to most Smile users. On his butt, he continues to have a small rabbit tail. He wears a light green long-sleeved top with an orange and brown striped vest over it. Furthermore he has dark green pants on and wears brown boots.


Rabbitman is a ruthless member of the Beasts Pirates who thinks the population is inferior and doesn’t care what conditions they have to live in. So he tried to stop them from taking the supplies from the food treasure ship.

Skills and strength

As a gifter, Rabbitman has some authority over lower members of the Beasts Pirates and the impoverished population of Wano Country, but he has yet to show any significant fighting skills.


Rabbitman watched the Sumō battle between Monkey D. Luffy and Urashima alongside Snakeman and other subordinates of Kaidou. After the latter was defeated by the Straw Hat and promoted to Holdem’s house, he watched his men attack Luffy, Zoro, and Kiku.

Finally, after Holdem himself appeared and was also defeated by Luffy, the Wanted stole the food treasure ship and took it to Okobore, where they left the food for the residents. Rabbitman, Snakeman, and Batman ran after the ship, but when they arrived and warned the residents not to take the food, the Straw Hat appeared. He had brought a huge container of clean drinking water and set it down right on top of the three of them, defeating them.


  • His name is first mentioned in the anime credits for episode 908.

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