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Puzzle is the captain of the Phoenix Pirates. He had already advanced to the New World with her, but lost his best friend and vice Bigalo there.

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When you first meet Chopper, you see Puzzle lying under a blanket in a hiding place of his ship. He is wounded and a bandage has been tied around his head. After he regains consciousness, he is (still) wearing a bandage on his forehead. As you can see later, underneath the bandage is a phoenix scar that runs across his entire forehead with its tail running past his inner left eye. Puzzle has red hair as well as red pants, which are adorned by a tear on the right side. On his upper body he wears a blue shirt and a black jacket over it. The jacket has a white collar and two orange stripes on each sleeve. The sleeves are also turned up. Around his waist is his combat weapon, an iron chain. His footwear consists of brown winter boots.


Puzzle was greatly disturbed by the defeat in the New World. He had lost his fighting spirit and at first it seemed like it would never return. But just like Luffy, Puzzle cares deeply about his crew. He feels obligated to protect his men, which he shows by protecting Jiro, who wants to bring the flag back. By Jiro not giving up the phoenix pirate flag, and Puzzle seeing how hard he fought for it, he regains his old courage and dream, whereupon he once again began to give his all for him. Puzzle, however, is easily rattled when too much pressure is put on him. He often remembers Bigalo, who always stood behind him and for whom he wants to keep fighting to fulfill his dream.

Ability and strength

Puzzle uses the heavy chains perfectly as a whip

As captain of the Phoenix Pirates, Puzzle is a great leader. There is a price on his head of 100,000,000 berries. His weapon is an iron chain, which he can use skillfully; both as a lifeline and to crush blocks of ice, stones and the like.


Adventures in the New World – Bigalo’s Sacrifice

Bigalo speaks his last words to his friend.

Puzzle was traveling with his pirate crew in the New World. There they were attacked and defeated by an enemy pirate ship. They fought hard and fiercely, but failed to withstand the enemy or escape. Only by sacrificing Bigalo, who distracted the enemy ship, did the rest of the crew escape. His last words to Puzzle would never be forgotten until his death.

Puzzle, I have faith in you.
I’m convinced you’ll be the next king of the pirates.
– Bigalo says goodbye to Puzzle –

During this fight, the captain was injured so badly that he lost consciousness and the crew was left to fight the Accino Family on their own.

Puzzle’s Team vs Accino Family – The Lost Flag

The Accino Family has won

When the Phoenix Pirates fought the Accino Family, a gang of bounty hunters, and lost, Don Accino stole their flag and forced them to work for his family as bounty hunters. The Don did not learn where Puzzle was, as Stansen stated that he had perished in the New World. So he was protected from the Accino Family by his crew.


Meeting with the Straw Hat Pirates

Puzzle’s lying unconsciousin a room of his ship

The first encounter with the Straw Hats took place after they had left the port of Water 7 unharmed. They found the Phoenix Pirate ship wrecked, with no sails, no captain, and no flag. Puzzle did not notice the guests as he lay unconscious below deck of the Phoenix pirate ship. After Chopper had treated all the pirates, Jiro asked him to look at one more injured man.

When Chopper discovered Puzzle, he quickly realized that the sick man was in poor condition. After the successful operation, however, Puzzle was not out of the woods yet. When Chopper’s friends came to the Phoenix Pirate ship to get him, he asked Luffy to wait a little longer before leaving, as he still had a patient he couldn’t leave alone. As he continued to treat Puzzle, he learned from Jiro how they had fared in the New World. Now, as the Straw Hat Pirates was trapped by the Accino Family, Puzzle finally awoke and shortly thereafter had his crew line up on deck, where he announced the end of the Phoenix Pirates, shocking his crew. A short time later, Brindo, the second eldest son of the Accino Family, showed up. He was after the bounty of Luffy and Puzzle. Luffy learned from him that the stolen Straw Hat Flag was in Lovely Land, the Accino Family headquarters. Luffy faced him for battle, but fell into the water in the process when Brindo tried to escape. However, he was pulled back out of the water by Puzzle.

Puzzle couldn’t stop Jironot stop

After a fight between Brindo, Campacino, who had joined, and Luffy, he and Chopper decided to travel to Lovely Land to look for their flag. Jiro wanted to accompany them to bring back his flag as well, which Luffy acknowledged was brave and took him with him. Puzzle tried to stop him – to no avail. He wondered why any of his nakama were willing to lay down their lives for him.

The Return of the Phoenix

Puzzle’s fighting spirit returns

In order not to put Jiro in danger, he gave his men the order to follow him. After Jiro had to fight with Chopper against a member of the Accino Family, the Phoenix Pirates came to his aid. When Puzzle saw how his men fought for their flag and gave everything to be allowed to sail under it again, his old fighting spirit awoke in Puzzle.

While Luffy took on Don Accino, Puzzle successfully fought Campacino. After his crew disposed of the attacking penguins (who were under the control of the Accino Family), they all arrived at Jiro’s house, where Puzzle apologized for the inconvenience he had caused them. As Puzzle went off with Jiro to retrieve their flag, their ship drifted off shore. Stansen and the others took care of it while the two with Chopper entered the Accino Family headquarters. Once in the flag room, they quickly found the items they were looking for.

The promise

The Phoenix Pirates attack

When Luffy had defeated Don Accino after a battle and the Phoenix Pirates had arrived back at their ship, Puzzle allowed Jiro to raise the flag so that they could set off again for the New World.

After the Accino Family’s defeat, Campacino attacked the Straw Hat Pirates again, but Puzzle’s gang intervened. Before Luffy and his crew said goodbye to the Phoenix Pirates, they promised to meet again in the New World.


  • He is called “the phoenix” because he never gives up on a fight and always gets back up no matter how strong the opponent is.
  • He wants to become the future king of the pirates.

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