Prometheus of One Piece

Prometheus the Sun is a sun brought to life by Charlotte Linlin through her devil powers. It is conjured up by the latter’s right hand.


Prometheus in Pound’s Tale

Prometheus represents compressed flames, but this cannot be seen in its normal form. There, it represents more of a stylized version of a sun. It is only when Prometheus goes on the attack, or when emotions such as rage and fury overtake him, that he actually transforms into a blazing fire.


Prometheus appears very loyal and obedient to Big Mom, although he does have the courage to criticize his mistress or question her decisions, such as when she goes on a rampage in Sweet City and wrecks the city during her feeding frenzies. He especially displays his loyalty to any enemies who have betrayed Big Mom and question her rule. Nevertheless, he also seems to have a special relationship with the thundercloud Zeus, even if he questions his decisions just as often.

Skills and strength

Prometheus’ takes damage

Prometheus is a special homie, as he was created from Big Mom’s own soul, just like Zeus and Napoleon. Because he is made of bundled fire, he is immune to almost all physical attacks, even though his natural weakness is water. Like Zeus, Prometheus is able to serve as Big Mom’s means of transportation, even merging with her hair and body. In addition, he can sense Napoleon’s whereabouts. One of Big Mom’s standard attacks in combination with Prometheus is Heavenly Fire, in which she throws the sun at her target like a ball, causing a flame-filled explosion.


Prometheus has been with Big Mom since she was a kid…

Big Mom created Zeus and Prometheus relatively early in her pirate career, using the two as prominent weapons to demonstrate her power and subjugate other nations and enemies, as well as using her two weapons to ignite a massive storm that assisted Cracker in pursuing Urouge after he took out Snack.


The preparation for the hellish tea party

Prometheus wails because of his wounds

While her mistress was on a rampage in Sweet City, when she went into one of her usual feeding frenzies, Zeus and Prometheus were talking. She took advantage of Prometheus and hurled him into a building, which immediately caught fire. A few days later, Zeus and Prometheus created a massive thundercloud that darkened all of Whole Cake Island as the Army of Wrath moved out to bring Luffy and Nami to justice for Cracker’s defeat.

He and Prometheus accompanied Big Mom to the Treasury, where they confronted Brook, whom they managed to overpower together despite his devilish powers. However, with his sword skills and devil powers, Brook managed to inflict a wound on Prometheus, which still hurt him even the next day during the conversation between Big Mom and Pudding. Big Mom then mentioned that someone else had managed to hurt her special homies.

Big Mom Uses Prometheus In Her Sleep

With Brook trapped, Big Mom went to sleep with Zeus, Prometheus, and Napoleon, where they sleepily fought the Straw Hats before freeing Brook from Big Mom’s clutches more or less unnoticed. They also cheered Big Mom up the next day as she mourned the loss of the skeleton and reminded her of the upcoming wedding. They accompanied their mistress to the tea party together. However, when Luffy literally blew up the wedding with his alliance, Big Mom ordered the homies to her side to get ready for the fight. Big Mom used Prometheus against Jinbe and Reiju, among others, to retaliate.

Pursuit of the Straw Hat Pirates

Prometheus takes vengeance on King Baum

When the Tamatebako exploded shortly thereafter and the castle collapsed in on itself, Zeus rushed to catch the falling Big Mom before Streusen turned the rest of the castle into soft dough, preventing the end of the Big Mom pirate gang. Once on the ground, however, Big Mom lapsed into one of her feeding frenzies, having her sights set on the destroyed wedding cake. Through a ruse of Perospero’s, he directed her unbridled anger at the fleeing Straw Hat Pirates, which Big Mom set off in pursuit of, riding on Zeus, with Prometheus joining the chase.

There Zeus met Nami, who summoned small thunderclouds from her climate clock stick, which Zeus was lured by, causing Big Mom to crash to the ground. Stimulated by the delicious taste of the little clouds and getting a taste for them, he volunteered to serve the navigator as long as she provided him with such delicacies. Prometheus reacted angrily, but focused his anger on BOhm, who had decided to help the Straw Hats as well. Swelling into a massive ball of fire, he burned the homie to ashes. Luffy and Jinbe then attacked Prometheus, who only had to back down momentarily before Nami used Zeus against Big Mom. After shrinking back to normal size, Prometheus reprimanded him, whereas Zeus apologized that he would have had no choice with the delicious taste.

Big Mom Rides A Giant Prometheus

After Big Mom left Whole Cake Island, Prometheus was seen on the island’s shore, where he was exhausted and craving some flames to munch on. Later, however, he and Prometheus found their way back to Big Mom, who had set out in the middle of Totto Land’s waters to attack the Thousand Sunny. They assisted her in this endeavor, with Prometheus even residing on Big Mom’s head as a fiery crown, before Brook cut the thundercloud and Nami used the electricity released to attack Big Mom. This left Zeus powerless, but Prometheus caught the Empress and served as her transport in pursuit of Sunny from then on. During the chase, he grew to larger and larger proportions, threatening to scorch the Sunny and her crew. After Capone showed up with the wedding cake, Prometheus and Big Mom pursued him instead, even though his sheer size meant he could only move forward moderately fast. Prometheus subsequently managed to destroy the Fire Tank Pirates’s ship before they could escape. After the Straw Hat Pirates’s escape, Prometheus was seen during the conversation between Big Mom and Kaidou.


  • The name Prometheus comes from the Titans of the same name in Greek mythology.
  • His favorite food is fire.

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