Post-War Arc

The great decisive battle of Marine Ford’s world powers is over and Luffy has been taken to Amazon Lily to recover from his injuries. There he rages in the jungle because he failed to save Ace. Luffy remembers meeting Ace back home with Dadan, their foster mother, and befriending him and his friend Sabo.

As he thinks of his departure back then, how he wanted to be a pirate king, he now has to admit to himself that he’s not strong enough yet. Immediately afterwards, Rayleigh shows up on Lady Island to make Luffy a proposal.

He accepts it and together with the ex-vice-president of the Roger pirates and the fish-man Jinbe, Luffy sets off again to Marine Ford to cause confusion with his bell-ringing at the Ox-bell.

The still separated Straw Hats immediately understand this message and seem to want to stay on their islands for now, as Luffy informs them via a tattoo that they won’t see each other again for another two years on the Sabaody Archipelago. He himself is being trained in haki by Rayleigh. How much will the Straw Hat Pirates and the world change in that time?

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