Portgas D. Rouge of One Piece

Port gas D. Rouge is the mother of Portgas D. Ace, the son of Gol D. Roger. She lived for a time on the island of Baterilla in the Southblue to hide the secret that Ace is the son of the pirate king from the world government.


Rouge was a young woman of slender stature during her lifetime, with curly, long blonde hair adorned with a red hibiscus flower. At the time of her death she wore a white dress, long to her ankles.


Not much can be said about her personality, but she seemed to have been a fun-loving and self-sacrificing woman. Furthermore, she shows extreme stamina and unconditional affection for her unborn child, as she carried Ace for 20 months, which must have been a heavy burden for her. In kind tears, but with a smile, she dies with Ace in her arms.


Rouge with Ace in her arms

After Roger’s capture, Rouge’s home island was raided and all pregnant women and suspected mothers were killed along with newborns born within 10 months of Roger’s capture. However, Roger entrusted Garp with his son given the innocence of a child. Since the duration of pregnancy is usually 9 months, Rouge had delayed Ace’s birth for another 11 months to hide Roger’s paternity. How she managed to do this is not known. Her reserves of strength were depleted by the time of the birth, from which she eventually died. Garp had kept his promise, was present at the birth and eventually took Ace in with him, or rather Dadan.


  • Unlike the anime, in the manga you only got to see her face in profile.


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