Portgas D. Ace of One Piece

Port gas D. Ace still known as Gol D. Ace two years before Monkey D. Luffy’s adventuring, was commander of the second division of the Whitebeard Gang and also went to sea three years before Luffy. Since he and Luffy referred to each other as brothers, he was long believed to be part of the Monkey D. family, but was actually the son of Portgas D. Rouge and former pirate king Gol D. Roger, and grew up side by side with Luffy solely due to the early death of his parents.

Ace’s career, particularly the founding and journey of the Spade Pirates, is told in more detail in One Piece novel A as well as the manga adaptation One Piece episode A.


On Drum (sketches)

Ace had a muscular build and also had freckles on his face. Probably one of his most obvious features was his large tattoo on his back, which was the symbol of the Whitebeard gang. The original flag of the Whitebeard pirate gang included a swastika behind the skull. This was later replaced with a simple cross made of bone, as the swastika is known as a (map) symbol for temples (note: needs link) in Japan, causing confusion. Therefore, Oda also changed Ace’s back tattoo. When Ace stood protectively in front of Luffy during the Summit Battle in Marine Ford, this very symbol was pierced by Akainu’s hand. He had also gotten a tattoo on his left arm. There it read “ASCE” with the “S” crossed out. As it became known later, this crossed out S should remind of Sabo, whose pirate flag had been an S with two crossed bones.

Furthermore, Ace wore an orange cowboy hat with two smiley faces connected by a red beaded necklace as a hat string – a grinning smiley face and a sad smiley face. Just before Ace finally died, he let the corners of his mouth look down, but smiled the next moment. Whether this was intentional on Oda’s part is up to debate. In any case, the arrangement of the panels bears a resemblance to that of the smileys. To prevent the hat from flying away or falling off, there was still an extended hat string with a skull of a cow as a pendant. Around his neck hung another red beaded necklace. On his left wrist he had strapped a log-port. Firefist did not wear a top, but he did wear knee-length shorts in black. A blue ribbon was visible on the left leg of the pants, threaded through the loops there. Holding the pants was a belt, also orange, with a dagger still attached to it. On the belt buckle could be seen the letter “A”, which apparently stood for his name.


Ace saw Gol D. Roger as merely a man whose blood ran through his veins. In his opinion, he owed nothing to his good-for-nothing father, unlike his mother. It was for this reason that he had taken Rouge’s maiden name – Portgas. Why he still defended the Rogers name in his childhood is unclear. As his only father he regarded his captain Whitebeard. The latter took Ace in as one of his sons after a difficult battle, and when Ace finally accepted him, he was a very loyal crew member of the Whitebeard gang from that moment on. For this reason, he also couldn’t forgive Teach for killing a crew member and tarnishing Whitebeard’s name at the same time. Furthermore, he had made it his goal to make Newgate the king of the pirates. Thus, he also rejected Blackbeard’s recruitment attempt. When Firefist was asked by his captain if the latter had been a good father, he replied in the affirmative. In a confrontation with Admiral Akainu, Ace let it be known that it had been the mighty Whitebeard who had shaped this era, and that the name of this era would be “Whitebeard”. Ace defended his captain’s name so much that he even stood up to an admiral when he insulted Newgate.

Although it appeared that he was probably more polite and also more intelligent than his “younger brother”, Ace is also a stubborn man. Because of his stubbornness, he pursued Blackbeard even though his comrades and even Whitebeard advised him not to. However, he regretted his decision after he lost to his former comrade-in-arms and was handed over to the Navy. To prevent the battle between his comrades, especially Newgate and the navy, he asked his foster grandfather Garp in Impel Down to kill him. Because Ace knew that he had brought this situation on himself by ignoring all warnings, he asked his captain, even before the first attack was launched on Marine Ford by Whitebeard, why they had not abandoned him. The mighty Emperor, as well as his crew, tried to lift his burden from Ace’s shoulders, telling him that they alone had sent Ace off to pursue Blackbeard back then, and that it was their fault that Ace was in trouble now.

Ace protects Luffy with his life.

Although Luffy and he were not biological brothers, the two still considered themselves to be just that because they had grown up together. Being a typical big brother, Ace was concerned about Luffy’s well-being. Thus, he asked the Straw Hat Pirates to keep an eye on Luffy. This trait of concern was evident in Ace throughout the story. Even then, when Garp was once again maltreating Luffy, the big brother took his little one’s side and defended him from Garp. Even when Blackbeard revealed his plan to turn Luffy over to the Navy, Ace warned him he would never let it happen. The Fire Fist also mentioned that Luffy did crazy things when they were kids, so he had to constantly worry about his little brother. In their childhood days, the big brother promised his little one that he would not die and leave Luffy alone. To save Luffy’s life, Ace threw himself protectively in front of his little brother. He even paid for that with his own life.

The two brothers respected each other and their decisions. They knew that the other was strong enough to stand his own adventure. Furthermore, Ace was a very proud pirate and would never have forgiven Luffy for meddling in his affairs. Nevertheless, when Luffy came to save Ace from execution on Marine Ford, he yelled at his little brother that as a pirate, he should know that they each had their own adventures to go on and their own comrades. Ace would never have asked Luffy to help him and he would never forgive Luffy. In fact, Ace didn’t want to bring his little brother to his doom as well, which again showed how much Ace wanted to protect his brother. But Luffy did not care about this. He wanted to free Ace at any cost. After the Fire Fist was actually freed by his brother, he first lectured him, saying that Luffy was still the same as before and that he would never listen to him and would only do nonsense. Nevertheless, Ace thanked him for saving him.

Ace shows Whitebeard Luffy’s wanted poster.

Also, Ace was very proud of his younger brother, as by all accounts he talks a lot about him in his gang. For example, the commander of the first division Marco as well as the leader of the infamous Fishmen gang Jinbe and even Whitebeard knew stories about Luffy. Several people who knew Roger remarked that Luffy was very similar to the pirate king, while Whitebeard himself claimed that Ace’s personality was quite different with his father’s.

Ace didn’t seem to be afraid of drowning, as he traveled the high seas in a small ship, his Striker. He also seemed to have been a chronic carouser.

Ace’s mental state was worse than anyone thought, right up to the end. He could never really accept his own existence, as it was made clear to him from his childhood that he was the child of a “monster” and that all around him was hatred for his father because of it. Therefore he could not answer the question if it would have been good to have ever been born. Had he not had a little brother to protect, he would have seen no point in living. But he came to the realization during his impending execution that he would accept any fate, no matter what it would be. Eventually, he realized that he finally wanted to live, and deserved to, because he had so many comrades by his side to fight for him, especially Newgate and Luffy. He realized that despite everything, even though he had the blood of a “demon” in him, his life was fulfilling after all, and he had no regrets because of that, because he had just as many people around him who gave him love. He was immensely grateful to them for this reason. He was never looking for prestige, fame, or the like, but for an answer to his question of whether it had been alright for him to be born into this world after all.

…What I really wanted….
…Doesn’t seem to have been “fame” or anything!!!!
…I wanted to know if it was a good thing…
…that I was born…
-Marine Ford, Ace shortly before his death.

Abilities and Strength

Ace’s powerful Fire Logia.

As Luffy mentioned, when his older brother set sail three years earlier, he had always been stronger than him, even without devil powers. Ace was the commander of the second division in the strongest crew in the world at that time, the Whitebeard Gang, at the beginning of the plot, which indicated great physical strength.

Ace had once eaten of a devil fruit of the type Logia, the fire fruit. Through it, he could create fire, control it, and was also able to transform into it. This is how he got his nickname “Fire Fist”. As a fire man, he was able to use fire-based attacks and let his opponent’s attacks pass through him by transforming into his element. For example, he demonstrated his power by setting fire to a high number of Baroque ships off Nanohana on Sandy Island.
Also dormant within him was the ability to use the King Shaki.

Early in his pirate career, he was rated by the Navy as a promising rookie. He built his reputation as the captain of his pirate gang, the Spade Pirates, to the point that he was even offered the title of Samurai of the Seas very early on, though he declined the offer.

Ace and Luffy area perfect team.

Also, Ace and his little brother worked perfectly together as a team, making them nearly insurmountable opponents for the elite soldiers on Marine Ford.

Ace was apparently so full of himself in the past that he challenged Whitebeard, but lost the fight against the very same powerful pirate. Previously, he faced the Samurai of the Seas and captain of the infamous Fishmen gang, Jinbe, and was able to break a draw against him after a battle that lasted three days. In a brief confrontation with Admiral Aokiji, Ace was able to block Pheasant Beak’s attack with his Kyōkaen. Against Admiral Akainu, however, the Fire Fist did not stand such a good chance. Because even during the first attack where Ace’s Fire Fist and Akainu’s Dai Funka clashed, the Fire Man was burned by the Magma Man. Akainu’s Magma was further able to pierce the Fire Man and burn his organs entirely.

A bounty of 550 million berries was placed on Ace’s head during his lifetime.


The Heir of the Pirate King

Ace’s mother left the world when he himself first saw the light.

His mother’s name was Portgas D. Rouge, and his father’s was Gol D. Roger. Within the one year between the separation of the Pirate King’s crew and Gol D. Roger’s execution, Portgas D. Rouge became pregnant by Roger. Based on a meager tip the Navy received from the Cipher Pol, the Navy set out to find a possible child of the Pirate King. She was after Roger’s heir to wipe out the cursed bloodline for good. Despite their efforts to investigate all the children born and mothers in the last ten months since Roger’s imprisonment, however, they never found a clue. Even the search on Baterilla, where Roger had been rumored to act more like a father than a pirate, was unsuccessful. In the process, suspicious mothers and children were to be killed on the spot.

To escape the navy, Rouge risked her life to hide her son, who was not yet born at the time. She managed to fool the entire world on Baterilla with the “willpower of a mother”. For she succeeded in a feat that no one would have even begun to expect. She delayed the birth from nine to a fabulous twenty months with a pure desire of her heart. But her reserves of strength were exhausted at the time of the birth, from which she ultimately died. Roger’s wish was that if his child had been a girl, it should be named Anne. If it was a boy, it was to be named Ace. Gol D. Ace. Ace never had the opportunity to meet his father because he was executed a year and three months before he was born. So Ace grew up without parents.

Life as an outsider

Ace asks Garp a question.

While in prison, Roger asked Garp to watch over Ace, which the Vice Admiral then did because an unborn child is not to blame for the actions of its parents. During the birth, Garp was present and brought Ace to Dadan after his mother passed away. When Ace was of a certain age, he tried to learn more about his father and asked several villagers about him, but they spoke condescendingly about him. They were having a lot of trouble with pirates at the moment, which was all Gold Roger’s fault. They referred to him as the biggest scum ever, and everyone would be better off if this one had never been born. Ace reacted very angrily to this, and beat half to death the rowdies known in the village to talk like this, with the intention of killing them. In a subsequent conversation with Garp, he asked his “grandfather” about his real grandson and if he was happy. He also asked Garp a far more serious question that stayed in his mind until a certain point in his future.

It was good that I was born, wasn’t it…?

You can only find out if you live…
-Ace Talks to Garp

The first time with Luffy

First Meeting with Luffy.

Ten years ago, after Dadan took in Luffy and also Ace before that, Ace met up with Sabo in Gray Terminal, where they both had their hideout. Luffy also showed up, however he was unwanted and had been steadily following Ace for the past few weeks, which visibly bothered the latter. Sabo and Ace, who were not thrilled with Luffy’s appearance, decided to execute the boy, which proved difficult as they had never killed anyone before. A short time later, Luffy was taken hostage by Porchemy as he was looking for Ace and Sabo. He tortured him for several hours, but the latter revealed nothing about Ace and Sabo. Finally, the two revealed themselves and attacked Porchemy.

When he tried to go after Ace, Sabo knocked him right out. They grabbed Luffy and fled to Dadan’s hut. The latter had already learned quite a bit about young Sabo, so she was not impressed by his appearance. Nevertheless, she let the boy squat in her hut. Ace, Sabo, and Luffy kept the little family constantly supplied with food. Meanwhile, Luffy trained his devil power under the supervision of Ace and Sabo. Even though Luffy could never win, he was constantly improving. As the three boys roamed the capital of the Goa Kingdom, bouncing tipples in several pubs, they encountered a man who approached Sabo about coming back home with him. After they fled, Sabo told Luffy and Ace his story.


Ace, Luffy & Sabo exchange sac shells.

He confessed to them that he was the son of a nobleman. He was not an orphan, nor was he born in Gray Terminal. The man who had called him was his father. As they planned their future, they toasted it and their new brotherhood together and drank the sake Dadan had pilfered. Much time passed and the three boys grew bigger and stronger. One day Ace was captured by Bluejam and delivered to his father. The latter ordered the pirates to take care of the two children. Sabo, however, saved his brothers by swearing allegiance to his father. Weeping, he followed his father. Back in his mansion, he was introduced to his adopted brother Sterry, whom the young rebel refused to love, so he beat him and made off again. On the way he heard that Gray Terminal was to be destroyed, as in a short time a world aristocrat was to come and survey the kingdom.

Ace and Luffy vs. Bluejam.

The next morning, Sabo ran in shock towards the gigantic mountain of garbage to warn the people living there, as they knew nothing about it. Desperately he tried to save some of the inhabitants, but he couldn’t do it. Luffy and Ace, who had been tied to a stake in the sea of flames by Bluejam, were able to free themselves, but they were surrounded by the endless flames. Sabo was recaptured and taken home. Ace and Luffy confronted Bluejam, however Luffy was quickly defeated and badly injured. This left only Ace, who however defeated Bluejam’s gang, leaving the captain to face the boy alone. As he was about to shoot him, Bluejam was surprisingly attacked by Dadan.

While Luffy was brought to safety, Ace and Dadan now fought together against the pirate captain. The latter died in the flames, Dadan suffered burns, so Ace had to carry her home, where both were already waiting. Sabo again fled from home, he was seen sailing outside the city on the day the World Nobles arrived. In front of him appeared the huge ship of the World Aristocrat Jalmack. The latter took his bazooka in hand and took Sabo’s boat, which was in his way, under fire. The boat exploded, Sabo was surprised by the fire and was shipwrecked, killing him. When Ace and Luffy held Sabo’s suicide note in their hands, they both began to mourn.

The road to becoming a pirate

Ace sets out.

In 1519, Ace set sail on a small boat to become a pirate. Finally, in 1520, he took his mother’s name and was now known as Portgas D. Ace. With tremendous strength and speed, he conquered the sea with his own band of pirates – the Spade Pirates – and was considered a promising rookie. By this time he possessed his devil powers. The Navy offered him the post of Samurai of the Seas, but Ace declined. Edward Newgate learned of the aspiring pirate captain and his rejection of the samurai post through the newspaper, while wondering why today’s youth were in such a “hurry”. Firefist also met the pirate emperor Shanks to express his gratitude for Luffy’s rescue.

Stay on Wano Country

Ace with Tama.

Likewise at this time, he visited the island of Wano Country and learned how to weave a hat out of straw from Tama. However, he also learned of the tyranny by Kaidou, so he went to Onigashima with his gang to end it. However, Kaidou was on an expedition and Ace instead met Kaidou’s daughter Yamato, whom he befriended after a brief exchange of blows and told her about Luffy. She also enlightened him about Vivre Cards and made him one of herself. At some point, he met the incredibly large giant Little Oars Jr. and befriended the captain. Since his new friend was so close to the sun due to his size, Ace applied his newly acquired skills of weaving to make him a straw hat to protect him from the sun.

Encounter with Whitebeard

Ace tries to kill Whitebeard in his sleep.

One day, when Ace wanted to challenge the mighty Whitebeard, Jinbe stood in his way. This fight went on for a full five days until he finally got the chance to face the ruler of the seas himself. However, he was severely weakened by his last fight. To protect his crew from the mighty emperor, he faced him alone and ordered his crew to flee. After another attack by Newgate, Ace was standing still, which visibly impressed Whitebeard. The latter would have thought it a pity if Ace died and made him an offer. He offered the Firefist to sail on freely and do anything he pleased, on condition that he become one of his sons and bear his name on his back. Ace refused.

When he finally went down unconscious, he and his crew were taken aboard the Moby Dick. To his amazement, he was not shackled. His first caregiver was Thatch, who tried to befriend Ace. On the enemy’s ship, he was treated as if he and his crew were already fellow Whitebeards, which did not please Ace at all. On the contrary, the proud rookie tried to backstab Whitebeard from day to day, but was always put in his place by the Emperor. It was only some time later, after the young pirate had tried to assassinate the Emperor more than a hundred times, that he finally acknowledged Whitebeard as his father after a conversation with Marco. He had his back tattooed when he joined. It was announced in the newspapers that another scary guy was now following Whitebeard and that his strength would not be of this world.

Son of Whitebeard

Ace is not supposed to go after Blackbeard.

According to Sengoku, by the time Ace hit the waters, there was no doubt in the Navy’s mind that Roger’s bloodline still lived on. To the Navy from that point on, Ace was untouchable because he was now under Whitebeard’s protection. During his time on the Moby Dick, he thus got several enemy pirate gangs to surrender and become Whitebeard’s allies, including the Doma pirate gang. Further, he and Squard became friends. At some point he was appointed commander of the second division, making him Blackbeard’s superior.

To all appearances, Ace became friends with him as well. At some point he told his “father” about his bloodline, whereupon Whitebeard merely laughed. According to his real father’s old rival, the personalities between father and son would be fundamentally different. Ace wasn’t kicked off the crew because it didn’t matter where anyone came from, because everyone would be a child of the sea. One day, Ace confronted Whitebeard and wanted to liberate the home of his predecessor as commander of the second division, Kozuki Oden, thus keeping his promise to Tama, but Whitebeard firmly refused.

When his little brother Luffy finally received his first bounty, Ace proudly showed the wanted poster to his comrades. One day, Blackbeard murdered Thatch, the commander of the 4th Division, in order to acquire the dark fruit he had long sought, and then fled. Since Ace was Blackbeard’s superior, the code of the Whitebeard gang had been broken by the murderer, and had brought disgrace to Whitebeard, the Firefist set out to find the traitor and retaliate. Whitebeard, however, tried to dissuade Ace from his plans because he felt a funny feeling about the matter. But the stubborn Ace would not be dissuaded and set off.

Short stay on Drum

Before Ace could catch Blackbeard, who had ravaged the winter island of Drum and chased off King Wapol, however, the wanted man had disappeared. Not idly, he learned of Luffy and left a message there for his little brother. He wanted to meet Luffy in ten days in Nanohana, a port city of Arabasta. However, Luffy never received this message.

Reunion with little brother

Ace hands Luffy a blank piece of paper.

When the Straw Hat Pirates arrived on Arabasta, Ace was already present. At the Spice Bean inn, he fell asleep during dinner and everyone initially thought he was dead. After he finished eating, Luffy’s big brother was discovered by Smoker, who after a little conversation wanted to put him under arrest on the spot. But before they could start a fight, the two were catapulted through the wall of the inn by the rubber boy due to an accident. Both quickly regained consciousness, but Smoker was now showing more interest in Luffy and big brother stepped in to give Luffy and his crew a chance to escape.This circumstance only occurs in the anime.

Ace and Captain Smoker, whom even Luffy could not defeat, engaged in a brief battle, the outcome of which was uncertain. While the Straw Hats fled on their ship, their captain got lost in the city. When both brothers met in an alley, the Billions of the Baroque Company tried to grab them, but the Straw Hat and the Fire Fist easily dealt with them. For a very short time, however, they split up again.

Ace accompanies the band of straw hats. (Filler)

Later, the two brothers met again, without interference, and Ace offered Luffy and his crew to join Whitebeard’s gang. However, Luffy declined. When he and the Straw Hat Pirates finally parted ways again, he gave Luffy a blank piece of paper to keep and carry with him at all times. Ace mentioned that it would make them meet again.This circumstance only occurs in the anime.

Since Ace picked up a rumor that Blackbeard was supposedly seen there and had been defeated by a bounty hunter named Scorpion, he wanted to find out if the rumor was true and seek out Blackbeard’s supposed defeater to talk to him. So Ace did not take his leave immediately, but accompanied the Straw Hat Pirates to Arabasta for a while. During the voyage Ace got lost in the desert, but met the gang again at Ido, until at last he met Scorpion, and the two had a short fight, which Ace won without effort. The rumor about Blackbeard turned out to be a lie, as the bounty hunter only wanted to lure Ace.

Meeting buggy

Ace and Buggy.

After Buggy the Clown searched for Captain John’s treasure on an island somewhere on the Grand Line without success, the Buggy gang met Ace, who simply sneaked onto their ship and ate his fill and took a little nap first. Fearing Whitebeard, they left Ace alone. Together, they continued to party.

The hunt for Blackbeard continues

Continuing the search for Blackbeard, Ace ended up with a man who looked a lot like the murderer in name. Due to this confusion and a misunderstanding, he kicked Doctor Black Beard down. The villagers and friends of the doctor were not very pleased about this and chased the evil “hoodlum” to a river, where they threw him into the river. Fortunately for him, a milkmaid found him and rescued him. To pay his debt to the girl, he helped her see her parents again. To do this, he had to infiltrate the naval base G2.

Concern for Ace

While the Straw Hat Pirates was celebrating their victory over the World Government in Water 7, Shanks and Whitebeard met up on the Moby Dick. The reason Shanks wanted to talk to Whitebeard was because of Ace. He asked Whitebeard to call off his protégé and not pursue Blackbeard any further because, according to Shanks’ own experiences, he was very, very dangerous. He said that he knew Ace was strong, but that he stood no chance against Blackbeard. Whitebeard got very angry at this and they exchanged blows with their blades.

Fight on Banaro

Ace fights Blackbeard with all his might.

Three days earlier, after a long search, Ace finally found the wanted murderer on Banaro Island. Blackbeard initially wanted him to join his self-made gang, but Ace refused. Because of Blackbeard’s plan to finish off Luffy, there was no way Ace could let him escape now. Blackbeard’s men attacked the commander of the second division, but had no chance, so their captain had to intervene himself. A fierce battle to the death ensued, with Blackbeard’s darkness power giving his former superiors a run for their money. Ace’s last bastion was his strongest attack, the Fire Emperor. However, the commander of the second division lost the battle.

The end of this duel between these two pirates was to be the trigger of an approaching great event. Ace was not killed by his former subordinate, however, but was turned over to the Navy and imprisoned at Impel Down. Blackbeard, thanks to Ace’s imprisonment, managed to achieve his goal and be named Samurai of the Seas by the World Government.

Luffy himself did not learn of this. Even when, after the adventure on the Thriller Bark, he was told by Lola what the paper he got from Ace at the time was all about. In truth, it was a Vivre Card, which showed the location and condition of the owner. And while Luffy was looking at the card, he noticed that it was burning and thus Ace was not in the best condition.

Stay in Impel Down

Garp visits the chained Ace.

While the Straw Hat Pirates was on the Sabaody Archipelago, it was announced that Ace was to be executed. By the time Luffy learned of his brother’s capture and execution, there were only six days left. Also, his Vivre Card had burned down to 1/10th. The Straw Hat decided to sail to Impel Down and rescue his big brother.

Whitebeard had also long since set out to rescue his commander. In Impel Down, while Luffy was setting out that same evening, Ace was visited by Garp, who inquired if he was still alive. He asked his grandfather to kill him. Garp, however, refused. Firefist was imprisoned in Level 6, the last level of the prison, sharing a cell with Jinbe.

Crocodile was also imprisoned on the same level. While Luffy was causing trouble on the other levels, to his amazement, he was visited by Boa Hancock, who told him about Luffy. Ace was to be taken to Marine Ford, accompanied by five warships and as many vice admirals, to be publicly executed at three in the afternoon. When he had only eight hours to live, passage to Marine Ford was initiated.

The Execution

Three hours before his execution.

Three hours before his execution, he was escorted up a long and steep flight of stairs by two men. The two men wore the same uniform as those who executed the pirate king at that time. As they did so, the doomed man remembered his childhood with Luffy, when they made a promise to each other never to regret their lives. Reaching the bottom of the stairs, they stepped into a cone of light. There, Ace was displayed on the scaffold as the Navy awaited the consequences of his capture – the arrival of the mighty Whitebeard Gang. Those in attendance included 100,000 elite troops, the three admirals, five samurai of the seas, the vice admirals, which included Garp, and Grand Admiral Sengoku. In addition, the event was broadcast live on the Sabaody Archipelago.

While passing the three-hour mark, Sengoku gave a speech and revealed to the public the name of his mother and that of his real father – Gol D. Roger. The pirate king’s bloodline still lives on today. It was big news that shocked the entire world. Reporters in the archipelago immediately jumped on this news to present it to the whole world in the form of a headline. While Sengoku’s speech was still going on, suddenly the gate of justice opened and a fleet of 43 pirate ships could be seen on the waters. All the pirate captains were allied with the great Whitebeard and had come to rescue Ace. The Emperor himself appeared with his remaining 14 commanders right out of the water in front of the Grand Admiral. He asked Ace to hold out for a little while longer.

Fighting on Marine Ford

While all his comrades tried to hold their own against the combined might of the Navy, Ace could do nothing but watch it all. Including watching his friend Little Oars Jr. being brutally slaughtered by the Samurai of the Seas.

After Luffy appeared on the battlefield as well, the Fire Fist struggled with himself and came to a decision. He would accept whatever the future held for him. If someone offered him a hand, he would take it. But also he would accept if he was executed by the government. Later, while Luffy came over the huge wall and faced all three admirals at once, the Grand Admiral ordered the execution. As blades were already crossing over Ace’s head, the two executioners were suddenly incapacitated. Crocodile, an enemy of Whitebeard, saved Ace’s life to the amazement of all. The battle continued to rage. Also, Marco, the commander of Whitebeard’s first division, came very close to Ace, but still could not free him because Garp himself stood in his way. Again and again the pirates shouted words of encouragement to the prisoner, while he himself had to watch his comrades try everything and go down in the process. Remembering his question to Garp about whether it would be good if he were born, he came to a decision.

Ace wants to live!
Shit… I’m going to…
have to take a bow!!! At this very moment.
my pops, my little brother, and my comrades-in-arms….
are shedding their blood and are defeated…!!!
I am so happy!!!!
My tears don’t want to stop!
Even now
I still deserve to live!!!
-Ace speaks to himself

The Liberation

Ace is rescued by Luffy.

The time had now come to make a final attempt to execute the son of Roger once again. Things did not look good for the pirates, however, as both Marco, Jozu, and Whitebeard were apprehended or defeated. Newgate himself had to admit, to his sorrow, that even he could not prevent it. The executioners’ blades crossed over Ace’s head again, and this time came perilously close to him.

But with a mighty burst of Luffy’s haoushoku, the execution was stopped one more time, surprising everyone. Ace’s life was extended indefinitely by his little brother. The mighty emperor now placed all his hope in Ace’s little brother and ordered all his allies to back him up. With the strength of the Whitebeard pirates, Luffy made it all the way to the scaffold, where Ace was finally freed at the last second, despite Sengoku’s intervention.

The end

“Thanks for everything.”

Together with Luffy, he ended up in the middle of the Navy, where it was necessary to get out. After thanking his little brother, Ace urged him to keep his defenses up and asked him if he could still fight. Fire Fist never thought that one day his little brother would come to save him. As a team, the two brothers fought side by side against the elite soldiers of the navy and posed insurmountable opponents to those very same soldiers, due to their perfect teamwork. Aokiji also stepped in, with the Fire Fist able to block the enemy ice with his fire.

With a smile to his death.

When Whitebeard finally gave his “children” his final captain’s orders to flee Marine Ford without him, Ace simply had to go to his “father” one more time. But Whitebeard needed no words. He just wanted to know from Ace if he had been a good father, to which Ace replied in the affirmative. While the Firefist finally obeyed his captain’s order and wanted to leave with the other pirates, he stopped, however, when he heard Akainu insulting Whitebeard. The proud pirate allowed himself to be provoked and defended Whitebeard’s name, both verbally and with his fists. When the admiral finally went after Luffy, Ace threw himself in between to save his beloved brother. The fire man stood no chance against the magma force. He was critically injured by the fist of magma.

Ace had no regrets about his life.

The Whitebeard pirates were horrified. Before the severely injured man fell into Luffy’s arms, Akainu lunged for the coup de grace one more time, but was stopped first by the enraged Jinbe and then by Marco and Vista. It was now a matter of stopping the Admiral at all costs. Garp was also beside himself with rage, held down by Sengoku himself before Ace’s grandfather would make good on his statement to kill Akainu. Lying in Luffy’s arms, Ace begged his forgiveness for not being able to save him as planned. At the same time, he refused medical help, knowing full well that his life would now come to an end. His organs were completely burned by Sakazuki’s magma. With his last breaths, he said goodbye to Luffy and all his comrades. After thanking everyone for the love they gave him, he slumped down with a smile and fell into infinite sleep. His Vivre Card burned completely and was blown away by the wind.

…If it wasn’t for Sabo…
…and a little brother like you to take care of…
…I wouldn’t have wanted to live…

Exactly! If you ever meet Dadan, please give her my best…
…I kind of… I miss her, now that I know I’m going to die….

…I… regret only one thing… …Namely, that I won’t see the “result of your dream”….
…However…I know you will make it!!!!
…You are my little brother…!!!

…We had that vow from before…
…I don’t regret… in my life!!…

…I can’t talk that loud anymore… Luffy, later on, please tell everyone…
…what I have to say to you from now on…

…Pop… guys… and you Luffy…
…Even though I haven’t gotten anything done yet…
…Hah… Hah…
…Even though I have the blood of a demon in me!!!!
…Thank you for loving me!!!”
-Ace shortly before his death.

The Funeral

Ace and Whitebeard were buried.

After the war, Shanks had taken the bodies of Ace and Whitebeard to give them an honorable burial. With the Whitebeard pirate gang present, the 2nd Division commander and the captain were buried on an island in the New World. Two years later, Sabo visited the grave and placed a bottle of sake and three saki bowls in front of it. He also pinned a newspaper to the gravestone that reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates.


  • Information about Ace’s naming
  • In the US version of the anime, Ace was renamed Trace. Due to the name change, his tattoo on his left arm was removed.
  • The crossed-out S on Ace’s upper arm is meant to commemorate Sabo. The S represents Sabo’s pirate flag, which is crossed by two bones.
  • His bounty was first announced at an event celebrating the 15th anniversary of One Piece, the One Piece-ten.
  • In SBS volume 89, Oda drew Ace at 40 and 60 years old.( hideimage )
  • In One Piece Green, it is revealed that Ace was originally supposed to be named Portgas D. Rang (ポートガス・D・ラング).

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