Popo of One Piece

Popo is an ostrich and the mount of Scorpion, the bounty hunter from Arabasta.

This article contains information taken only from the anime, not the manga.
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Popo is an ostrich with dark blue and white feathers. On his head he wears an aviator helmet with goggles and on his back a saddle on which at least two adults can sit.


Popo can be very clumsy, so he defused the fuse of Scorpion’s bazooka and ate it afterwards, not thinking about the consequences. However, he is loyal to his master and obeys him to the letter. For example, he brought him his weapons, but also ran towards a duel with Ace. However, when Scorpion is angry with him, he tries to escape him and accordingly fears the consequences.


Drowsily, Popo noticed smoke nearby, whereupon he woke his master Scorpion and alerted him. Scorpion then used his telescope to spot a group of people sitting around a campfire and tensely heard that Firefist Portgas D. Ace was among them. He tried to attack him with his bazooka, but Popo inadvertently foiled his plan by defusing the fuse with a sneeze. When he subsequently ate the fuse as well, his master became enraged and threatened to harm him.

In doing so, the ostrich touched the bazooka, causing a projectile to fall down the mountain, towards Luffy, to make matters worse. Noticing the two, the Straw Hat joined them and together he and Scorpion rode Popo. As he did so he also heard the bounty hunter’s next target, his brother Ace, but this amused him rather than alarmed him. Arriving at his destination, Scorpion rode Popo at a fast pace towards Ace, who was not averse to a duel. The attack, however, in the form of a net, was returned upon him by Ace, and the flames were thereupon smothered with sand by Popo.

The ostrich then brought a compressed air rifle to his master and ran out of the line of fire. However, this attack was also unsuccessful, whereupon the Ostrich brought his master the Bazooka. However, this attempt also ended in debacle and finally Scorpion and his two sons even had to be rescued by Ace. After the fight then ended peacefully by mutual consent, Scorpion and his sons rode off on Popo after saying goodbye to everyone.

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