While the navy keeps law and order around the world and on the oceans, the police ( けいさつ, Kei Satsu) are only active in local areas to regulate crimes committed by citizens and arrest criminals. All police officers wear brown uniforms and peaked caps. The police seem to be subordinate to the world government and also only active in areas that belong to it. Most of the police are armed with rifles and pistols as well as batons.

Known police officers


Police officer Genzo

Genzo is the village policeman of Kokos, on the island of Conomi. Many years ago, Genzo was already the policeman and kept order. So he witnessed Bell-mère returning from the navy with three-year-old Nojiko and baby Nami. Since little Nami was afraid of the uniformed Genzo, he attached a windmill to his cap to make little Nami laugh.

When the fish-man Arlong and his gang came to the island, he at least wanted to prevent them from taking Nami with them. However, she was very valuable to the gang because of her talent for drawing perfect sea charts. So Hatchan, one of Arlong’s commanders, thwarted this attempt and injured Genzo so badly that his body is still scarred to this day.

Loguetown police officer

Loguetown Police

Loguetown police officers
You there!! Get down from there now!!!
This is a special execution platform and property of the World Government!!!!
So get down there!!!
– Loguetown Police Officer to Monkey D. Luffy

The Loguetown police made their first appearance when Luffy entered the scaffold and a police officer pointed out to him that this was World Government property and he should get down there. In response, Alvida gave him a blow with her mace, after which he went down because she found his yelling annoying. After the police officer was attacked, another group of armed policemen arrived to arrest Luffy and Alvida, but they were so taken by Alvida’s beauty that they failed to attack her and were eventually all defeated by Alvida.

Noticeably, the police officer was wearing a white coat, similar to the officers of the navy. After this incident, Buggy – Alvida’s new partner – also arrived on the scene, intent on executing Luffy. Shortly after, Smoker was also informed of the scaffold incident, and he and his Marine unit went hunting for the pirates.

Former policemen


Laffitte is the navigator of the Blackbeard Gang and is also known as the “Demon Sheriff”. As learned from Vice Admiral Crane during the Seven Samurai meeting, he used to be a sheriff in the Westblue. However, his brutality became his undoing, which is why he was banished from his land and had to disappear from the Westblue. Since then he has been on the Grand Line with Blackbeard. More is not known about Laffitte’s past as sheriff.

Cloud Police

The Cloud Police are only active in Skypiea and have nothing to do with the Grand Line or the world government.

White berets

The White Berets

The White Beretsnamed for the white berets they wear, are the police force of Skypiea, answerable to God Enel and the four priests. Their commander-in-chief is McKinley.

White beret sketches

Most of the time they crawl around instead of walking upright. They also have a very strange way of saluting: They clench a fist, extend their index finger and little finger, and hold their hand behind their head so that their fingers point upwards. At the same time, they say “navel”, as is customary in Skypiea as a greeting.

To apprehend criminals, they shoot arrows that leave a trail of clouds behind them. Then they skate on these clouds with skates equipped with wind dials, attacking at high speed.


More appearances by police officers

  • All police officers in the East Blue and on the Grand Line have worn uniform brown uniforms so far.
  • In the one shot by Eiichiro Oda and Akira ToriyamaCross Epoch” Sanji and Muten-Roshi are dressed as sheriffs, their sheriff stars read “K&S” which stands for Kame and Sanji. 
  • The model for the White United States Army Special Forces are the Green Berets, a special unit of the US Army.
  • The Secret police (intelligence service) of the world government is the Cipher Pol.
  • The police stations in One Piece are very reminiscent of Japanese Kōban (交番), small community police stations like the thousands that exist in Japan. Just like the Kokos police station, they usually have a red light above their entrances.
  • The Mimawarigumi serves on Wano Country in a similar position to police in other countries.

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