Poker of One Piece

Poker is a star of the Beasts Pirates.


Poker’s outward appearance is heavily influenced by eating a rattlesnake smile, so a rattlesnake runs through his body. His left foot represents the head of the snake and his left leg represents the top portion. The middle part grows out of his left shoulder and runs over his shoulders into his right. Finally, his right leg represents the back part of the snake and his left foot represents the tail end with the rattle. There are also two horns on Poker’s head and his tongue is long and forked. His chin is also oddly shaped and shaped similar to the tail rattle of a rattlesnake. He has long dark hair, with two strands running along his face down to his stomach. He wears a loincloth, spiked bracelets on both forearms, and a thin vest worn open. There is a patch on his upper right arm and a spiked bracelet on the snake’s neck as well.

Skills & Strength

As the star of the 100-beast pirate gang, Poker has authority over lower-ranking members. In addition, he has eaten from the Rattlesnake Smile. He has not yet been seen fighting, but failed to stop the Eustass Kid.


Three to four years ago, Poker was already a member of the Beasts Pirates. While Kaidou and the high-ranking members were on expedition, Poker was stationed on Onigashima with Babanuki and others. Shocked, he watched as Ace appeared with his gang and eventually damaged the dragon statue. At that time, he had not yet consumed Smile.


On the day of the Fire Festival on Onigashima, when Luffy was on his way to the top on the third floor with Jinbe, Mizerka and Poker were informed. While Mizerka was arguing with her goon Gorishiro, Poker was already rejoicing because despite their failure to stop the Kid, they now had another chance. If they caught Luffy with a bounty of 1,500,000 berries, he was sure they would ascend to the Flying Six. However, the two Straw Hats did not appear, as a ladder was built for them by some samurai, causing them to go a different way.

Shortly after, Daifugo appeared and administered one of Tama’s Kibi Dangos to Poker.


  • His name is probably based on the card game of the same name, in keeping with the card game motif of the stars of The Beasts Pirates, see Poker.
  • In the manga, Poker was shown with dark hair and white horns. In the anime, he was again shown with light hair and black horns.

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