Piiman of One Piece

Piiman is a resident of Syrop and was a member of Usopp’s band of pirates.


Piiman is a little boy with green hair. He is wearing a light green shirt with the sign of the Usopp Pirates on it. Around his belly he has wrapped a turquoise cloth. He also wears short dark blue pants and black shoes.

Two years later, he has visibly grown and now wears shooter glasses just like Usopp.


About his personality it can be said that he is a very brave boy. He faithfully adheres to Usopp and, like him, likes to tell lies. To save Miss Kaya, he even risks his own life.

His desire is to become an architect.


He joined Usopp’s pirate gang at the age of 4, along with Carrot and Onion. He was a loyal member until the gang was disbanded and spreads tall tales in the village just like the others. Even after the disbandment, he, Carrot and Onion continue to tell tall tales.


The pirates are coming

Jango hypnotizes the children

After Usopp ran all over the village again telling his lie about the pirates coming, he met his crew. Carrot and Peppers were already present and Onion arrived late, shouting that the pirates were coming. At first they didn’t believe him, but then wanted to investigate. In a safe position, the four watched the pirates, but were discovered and the three children ran away, frightened.

In a bar, Usopp told the Straw Hat Pirates the story of Kaya. The children thought that the pirates had kidnapped Usopp and wanted to rescue him. They ran into the building and demanded their captain. However, Usopp had already left. They told the pirates why they thought Usopp was so great and took Luffy to Miss Kaya’s mansion. There, however, they were chased away by Beauregard.

A short time later, the children met the strange hypnotist Jango, who showed the children his abilities, but fell asleep himself.

Last events

The three boys have aged

Later in a cover story, he and his friends discovered Jango on the island and chased him off.

When the new wanted posters of the Straw Hat Pirates went around the world after the events of Enie’s Lobby, he, Tamanegi, Carrot, and Miss Kaya were the only ones who recognized their old friend as Sogeking.

Two years later, Tamanegi, Carrot and Piiman are older, of course. They were pleased to read about the return of the Straw Hat Pirates in the newspaper one day. Only a short time later, after the events on Dress Rosa, Usopp’s bounty was significantly increased and he was dubbed “God” on his wanted poster. Tamanegi, Carrot, and Piiman could barely contain their joy and burst into tears.


  • Its head resembles a piiman, which is probably where the name comes from.
  • His dream is to become an architect one day.
  • His favorite dish is green piimans stuffed with meat.

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