Pierre of One Piece

Pierre is the faithful mount of “Sky Knight” and God Gan Fall


Sketch of Pierre

Pierre is a large bird with pink plumage with black spots on it. When he transforms into a Pegasus, he has a horse face instead of a beak.


Although Pierre seems to be very fearful and skittish, his master, the Knight of Heaven Gan Fall, can always rely on him. The latter uses him both as a mount and for fighting in the air, for example in a duel against the priest Shura.

Skills and strength

Pierre as bird-horsePegasus)

Pierre once ate of the horse fruit. This allows him to take the form of a bird and a flying horse(Pegasus). In theory, he should also be able to transform into a pure horse. He must also be very fast, as Gan Fall can be almost anywhere in Skypiea in a very short time after the whistle sounds.


First meeting in the White Sea

When the Straw Hat Pirates had their first unpleasant encounter with Wyper, Gan Fall came to their rescue on Pierre’s back. He then gave them a whistle that the Straw Hats could use to summon him and Pierre at any time.

Conis’ rescue and duel against Shura

Pierre and Gan Fall lose the fight

After Luffy managed to save Conis from God’s punishment at the last second, Gan Fall reappeared and, with Pierre’s help, took the celestial with him to his small house, which was out of range of Enel’s mantra. After a short stay, Pierre finally pointed out that the whistle was being used, whereupon he immediately went on his way.

Together with Pierre, Gan Fall then came to the aid of Chopper, who had been attacked by Priest Shura and had therefore used the whistle in his distress. They managed to parry the attack of Shura’s Fire Lance, but after a failed counterattack with an Impact Dial, the knight and his mount became entangled in the cloud cords that were part of the priestly test of the cords. Immobilized by these, Shura ultimately rammed his lance into the ex-god’s chest, whereupon he, as well as Pierre, plummeted into the White Sea. Only some Southbirds could save them from death.

After this setback Chopper took care of the two injured, whereby Pierre was quite quickly back on his feet.

Fight against Hotori and Kotori

On board the The Going Merry, some time later, Gan Fall told the story of the Upper Yard to the crewmen who had stayed behind. However, they were then visited by Enel, who came to say goodbye to Gan Fall and told him that he was after everything Vearth, as well as gold. Following this, Lance Corporals Kotori and Hotori appeared, seeking revenge for their brother Satori. In the course of the fight, Gan Fall had to be replaced by Nami. Pierre presented her with his Dial Gauntlet, which she used to take out one of the two opponents.

Showdown against priest Aum

All stand ready to fight

Eventually, Gan Fall and Pierre left the group again and ended up in a ruin on the middle level of Giant Jack. There, Priest Ohm lingered with his test of iron.

The adversaries clashed, with Pierre circling around the giant dog Holy. Meanwhile, Wyper, Nora, and Zoro also entered the fray. The former attacked Nami, who was also present, thinking she had kidnapped little Aisa. Gan Fall saved the navigator, but in the heat of the moment they all ended up in the belly of the giant snake Nora.

In the boa belly

In the belly of the giant boa

Landing there unharmed, they met Luffy standing amidst some debris. Not exactly thrilled with the situation, they enlightened the rubber boy about everything that was going on. Outside the boa, meanwhile, Enel decided to set up the grand finale. Thus, he destroyed the cloud that the remaining battle participants were on, thereby transporting them straight to Shandora. This in turn allowed Nami and Gan Fall to escape with the help of the waver, but Pierre had to turn back to free Luffy and Aisa as well.

Back in the middle of the battle, it finally came to a showdown between Enel, Wyper, Zoro, Gan Fall and Robin, which the self-proclaimed god won.
After Luffy caught wind of this as well, he and Aisa used Pierre to track down Enel and engage in combat. Pierre protected Aisa from the effects of the violent clash between the two.

After the war

Pierre and papaya toast

After Luffy’s victory against Enel, the Shandia as well as the sky dwellers held a big celebration. With Gan Fall on his back, Pierre bid farewell to the Straw Hat Pirates.
Long after all these events, Gan Fall and Pierre still seem to be good friends with the Shandia chief as well as Pagaya.

Two years later, when the newspaper reported the return of the Straw Hat Pirates on the Blaumeer, the chief, Gan Fall and Pierre were sitting in front of the Golden Bell drinking pumpkin juice. Everyone was thrilled with this year’s harvest.


  • His favorite food is carrots.

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