Pellini of One Piece

Pellini is a dwarf from Tontatta and participated in “Operation SOP”.


Pellini is a dwarf and thus exhibits a very small body that can easily fit on the palm of a human’s hand. He has a very angular head shape and so all parts of his face exhibit angular shapes. His head is very square and his eyes and eyebrows are triangular, with his eyes always showing a fierce look due to this shape. His nose is also very angular and a slight fuzz of beard grows around his mouth. He wears a very tall, dark hat and a pink cloth as a cape around his shoulders. Underneath he wears a light green long-sleeved shirt and blue shorts fastened by a brown belt around his waist. He also wears brown shoes and brown gloves. Like all dwarves, he also possesses a bushy tail. His appearance is completed by a lance, which he carries in his right hand and usually has draped over his shoulder.


Like all known dwarves, Pellini is very gullible and always believes what is said to be true. Thus, he believed Robin at the drop of a hat that she was up to no evil, that Usopp was a hero and descendant of Noland, and even believed Sugar, the declared main enemy, when she said nothing about her friends. In contrast to this is his character as a warrior, so – spurred on by Usopp’s presence – he is very self-confident and goes into battle against the Donquixote pirate band with his head held high.


Meeting with Usopp and Robin

The dwarves tie Robin up

After Robin discovered what she believed to be “gnomes”, she was drugged along with Usopp and taken to the Tontatta Kingdom. It was there that Pellini first made his appearance, scanning Robin, who was sewn to the ground, for items. When Robin told them she was a good person and promised not to harm them, she was freed from her predicament as the dwarves believed her on sight…. However, a rule among the dwarves states that good people must hand over some sort of weapons to them, or else hand over all their clothing. Since Robin had no weapons to show, Leo and others present threatened to strip her until Flapper appeared and enlightened the dwarves that she was a companion of the great “hero” and thus she was spared.

As it turned out, Usopp had told them some tall tales regarding Mont Blanc Noland, but they believed them on sight. Based on this story, the dwarves believed they were invincible with him at their side, and so they planned to attack the Donquixote pirate band directly, with Usopp at the forefront commanding them. The army made their way through a tunnel connecting Dress Rosa to Green Bit to begin the rescue mission for their 500 friends captured by Doflamingo. They arrived at the headquarters of the resistance against Doflamingo, located under the Flower Mound on Dress Rosa, where other fighters, including Franky, were already waiting and their leader, the Toy Soldier, explained their plan. The mission went under the codename “Operation SOP” and had the elimination of Sugar as its main objective.

Operation SOP

They started their mission by gaining access to the trading port, where Sugar was supposed to be, through another tunnel leading from headquarters. While Franky provided a distraction, the army split into two groups. One group, led by the Toy Soldier, had set their sights on the Royal Palace to take out Donquixote Doflamingo, while the other group, which included Usopp, Robin, Leo, and Pellini, continued to work on the plan to take out Sugar.

They reached the room where Sugar was staying and planned to take her out with a tatabasco ball, which resembled a grape and thus would be accidentally eaten by her, as tatabasco is considered the hottest spice in the world. The dwarves, including Pellini, cheered on their leader Leo as he made preparations to plant the orb on Sugar. As Leo was about to move off, Robin noticed that Trébol was also present and he could take down a tiny fly with the utmost precision, so she stopped Leo as she was sure Trébol would have noticed him too. The plan was changed, so Robin distracted Trébol by posing as a subordinate of Doflamingo’s and reporting trouble instigated by Bian, whereupon Sugar was left alone.

The dwarves’ SOP team

The remaining dwarves confronted Sugar, but she said she did not know her friends, at which point the dwarves believed her and were about to leave again until Usopp impressed upon them that she was lying. However, the ensuing attack failed and Sugar turned some of the attackers into toys, which she ordered to destroy the intruders. Forgetting their former companions due to Sugar’s devilish powers, Leo, Pellini and the others fought them. The fight was interrupted when Trébol realized he was tricked and threw a ship in their direction. They all were defeated and Robin even turned into a toy. While they lay defeated on the ground, Usopp first ran away, but later returned, promising to become a hero. However, he couldn’t do much at first either and was captured and only by chance was he able to knock out Sugar because she was so scared of his face while eating the Tatababasco bullet. Nevertheless, Operation SOP succeeded and the toys transformed back.

The Birdcage

Because of the plot, Doflamingo saw no way out and ordered that no one be allowed to leave the island alive to tell the world what had happened. He imprisoned all of Dress Rosa with his devil power in a giant birdcage and began a game of life and death. During the riots, Leo and Pellini’s group reunited with the group of the toy soldier who was back in his human form after Sugar passed out, the former gladiator Kyros. After they all reached the royal palace and met Dress Rosa’s former king, Riku Doldo III, the group split up again. Pellini joined the group to help Franky destroy the Smile factory.

As they fought their way into the Smile factory, Franky used unusual methods in battle, which startedled Pellini. Eventually, Franky was able to destroy the Smile factory with the help of the dwarves. Afterwards, they all tried to run to safety from the shrinking birdcage, but they ran into Zoro, who suggested they help stop the cage. Using a piece of the Smile factory made from sea stone, they tried to stop the birdcage and were actually able to make it slow down. Not only did the dwarves help, but also many gladiators or former prisoners. But finally only Luffy’s victory against Doflamingo could stop the cage and everyone was happy as the announcement of his victory came and the birdcage disappeared.

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