Pell of One Piece

Pell is one of King Cobra’s bodyguards and is considered Arabasta’s most dangerous warrior.


Pell’s facial expressions

Pell is a medium sized man with brown hair and extremely fair skin. On his face he has purple stripes that go down to his chin. He wears a white headscarf and a white cloak that goes down to his feet. Since the explosion in Arbana, his upper body is adorned with a huge scar. On his forehead, on his torso and at the bottom of his cloak he has black patterns. There are also two orange chains hanging around his neck. Under his cape, Pell wears blue and purple striped pants and black shoes.


Pell is a very loyal person who obeys the king’s orders without complaint. Moreover, he fights to the death for what he loves. Thus, he saved Arbana by taking the bomb and flying it into the sky. While the city was spared, he sustained serious injuries. He wouldn’t care if he died but was able to protect his country.

He doesn’t want anything to happen to loved ones under any circumstances. Vivi once wanted to build him firecrackers for his birthday, whereupon he slapped her because she had gone to the armory. However, he apologized immediately after this act.

Just like the king, Pell is not in favor of unnecessary sacrifice. He also sees a difference in the fight and defense, because the intentions are different.

Skills and strength

Pell finish the Millions quickly.

The mere fact that he is the king’s bodyguard says a lot about his strength. Furthermore, he is called the most dangerous warrior of Arabasta.

Once Pell ate from the bird-fruit, model: falcon (jap. Tori Tori no Mi), which allows him to transform into a human, falcon and falcon-human. This also gave him the speed and sharp claws of this animal. For example, with his attack Tobizumehe was able to finish off Millions faster than they could notice.

To support his strength, he always has his sword with him. Furthermore, he also has two machine guns under his wings, with which he can cause great damage.

There is no question about Pell’s tremendous resilience, as he survived an explosion that was supposed to kill hundreds of thousands of people.


Pell flies with little Vivi.

Pell used to look after the still little princess Vivi. To make Pell happy, she sneaked into the armory to make firecrackers for Pell’s birthday. In the process, there was an accident, but Vivi was not harmed. Despite everything, Pell slapped her for it, not wanting her to do something so dangerous. King Cobra let him have at it. However, he noticed how sad Vivi was shortly after, so he turned into a falcon and took Vivi for a ride. She accepted the apology and was beastly happy about this flight. On a side note, she also asked Pell why he was fighting.

Hey Pell, why do you work out every day?

Because we are guardians. To protect this land, we must be strong.

Who will you fight?

You know, we don’t fight, we protect.

Is there a difference?

They both have a different agenda.
– From Arabasta, Vivi asks Pell.


Help for Vivi

When Vivi was just in Rainbase, she was pursued by the Millions and surrounded. At the last second, however, Pell came to her rescue. He flew her to a building for safety and finished off the Millions in a few seconds. However, now Miss Bloody Sunday appeared to capture Vivi. Vivi and Pell wanted revenge for Igaram and Vivi attacked the Baroque agent but was immediately defeated.

Pell now became very angry, thinking she was dead as a hand pierced her. However, this was just the yet unknown devil powers of Miss Bloody Sunday. Pell now tried to stop her with all his strength, however, he also failed as she was superior to him thanks to her devil powers. At the end of the fight, she seemingly broke his back. Pell remained there defeated for the time being, while Miss Bloody Sunday took Vivi and brought her to the Golden Rain Casino.

Luffy Must Go to the Palace – Arabasta’s Last Hope

Pell delivers Luffy to Arbana.

To challenge Miss Bloody Sunday to a rematch, he tracked her to the section of the desert where Luffy, who had just been defeated by Crocodile, lay. However, the agent simply disappeared and told Pell he’d better take care of the boy. So he turned into a hawk and flew Luffy to Arbana. However, they stopped briefly so Luffy could get some food and a barrel full of water. Luffy’s meal made him feel fit again, and with the barrel of water, he planned to take advantage of Crocodile’s weak spot. When the two reached the capital, Crocodile was about to throw Vivi off the palace. However, they caught her. With Pell now helping the others find the bomb, Luffy faced the Baroque boss again.

The patron god – savior of hundreds of thousands

Pell fly the bomb towards the sky.

The bomb was searched for a long time and in vain, until Pell came fairly close to the great tower. However, he was shot down by the Baroque agent Miss Father’s Day. However, the Straw Hats, through Vivi, were able to find this place as well. They even managed to cut the fuse, but it was a time bomb that would have exploded anyway. However, Pell came once again, clawed the bomb and flew high into the sky.

…Arabasta’s patron god…
…the Hawk,…
…protect the land from its enemies!!!
– Pell in thought during the explosion .

A little later the bomb detonated and the country was saved, as the explosion did not reach anyone. Pell was now believed dead, but this was not the case. Luffy, meanwhile, managed to beat Crocodile and bring peace to the country.

Pell had himself treated by the local doctor Lonely. However, in the process he left his hat behind.

On a thunderstorm in a hot spring

The men’s bathroom.

After Gedatsu and Goro had finished the Ukkari bath, they visited Yuba. A short time later Pell as well as Chaka, Igaram, Terracotta, Vivi, the racing duck corps with Matsuge and also the Kung Fu seals again visited the bath and inaugurated it.

News from the Straw Hats

The king and his confidants look at the wanted posters.

After the events on Enie’s lobby, he also looked at the new wanted posters from the Straw Hat Pirates. They were trying to hide from Vivi that Robin had joined Luffy’s crew. However, she already knew and everyone was amazed at how grown up she has become.

When a new age of pirates began after the Battle of Marine Ford, Pell and Chaka also reported to the king that they had been successful in driving some away and they must remain on guard. As Kobra wondered why all pirates can’t be like Luffy, his bodyguards spoke to him about the latest report of the one who had returned to Marine Ford with a message to his fellow pirates.

Two years later

Pell and Chaka are being measured.

Two years later, Terracotta and Maidy took the measurements of Pell and Chaka as they were to get new clothes for this year’s Levely, the Conference of Kings. Igaram, meanwhile, proudly presented them with the latest newspaper report on the return of the Straw Hat Pirates. Finally, Arabasta’s convoy, under Hina’s supervision, as well as Jango, Fullbody, and other marines, made its way toward Mary Geoise for the Levely.

While Igaram worried about Vivi throughout, Pell reassured him that the princess had plenty of experience as a pirate, though he was promptly interrupted by Igaram again, as the Navy was present after all. Along the way, they eventually learned of Luffy’s deeds in Totto Land as well as his new bounty, and finally reached the Holy Land unharmed. There, Vivi quickly made friends with the Straw Hat gang of like-minded people, but also got into an argument with Wapol. Pell was not present during the riots surrounding Princess Shirahoshi and subsequently apologized for it. However, he informed Vivi that he had to deliver a letter from Fujitora to King Nefertari Kobra, who subsequently met with the king as well as King Dress Rosa’s Riku Doldo III.


  • His figure is based on the Egyptian god Horus, who is depicted with a falcon’s head. Horus was the patron god of the pharaohs, Pell is also called the patron god of Arabasta.
  • Pell’s favorite dish is Cardigan.

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