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Pekoms is a combatant. (戦闘員, Sentō-in) of Big Mom’s pirate gang. He showed up on Fish Man Island with his colleague Baron Tamago to pick up the monthly candy for Big Mom. He is a Lion Mink, was once a member of the Nox Pirates, and hails from Zou Island.


Pekoms’ eyes

Pekoms is a mink whose appearance is more reminiscent of a male Lion. Also noticeable are the narrow shoulders compared to the rest of the body. As with all male Minks, Pekoms’ animal phenotypic traits are more developed than human ones. These include his fur, pointed fangs, claws, a muzzle with Whiskers, and a curly, upturned Mane (horse).

Pekom’s overall style of dress is very elegant: he wears a pink double-breasted suit, a red shirt and bow tie underneath, and elegant black heeled shoes with Ruffles. On the right side of his top, a pearl necklace runs along his hip and his Wakizashi. He also wears an earring and tinted glasses. His eyes are shown as small black dots.


In general, Pekoms seems very keen on appearing as scary and theatrical as possible. He thus intimidated the inhabitants of Fishmen Island with the consequences of Big Mom, after which he was reprimanded by Baron Tamago. To the sea people, his behavior seemed unimpressive anyway, as they called him “cute” due to his appearance. That being said, he is always respectfully addressed by everyone as “Mister Pekoms”. Pekoms also always carries a folder with him that contains information about other pirates. He was able to identify both Luffy and Caribou from this.

Overall, however, he seems to be an affable pirate just like Baron Tamago and unlike their captain, as he didn’t punish a single person on his own accord and accepted the treasures as an excuse even after Luffy’s declaration of war against Big Mom. In return, however, he didn’t hesitate to overwhelm Caribou with a well-aimed haki hit when he attacked him and Tamago because of the treasures. Even though Pekoms is afraid of Big Mom, his loyalty is first and foremost to his tribal brothers, especially his former captain Pedro. Because of this, he was even willing to betray his captain for the Straw Hats because they supplied the Minks after Jack’s poison gas attack.

Like all Minks, Pekoms cannot suppress some animalistic behaviors. He ends many of his sentences with a slight growl, reminiscent of a lion.

Skills and strength

“Logia” who think they are invulnerable have a short lifespan.
– Pekoms via Caribou
Pekoms’ turtle shell

As a member of a Yonkou’s crew as well as a New World pirate with a bounty of over 300,000,000 berries, Pekoms must have exceptionally high combat skills. In addition, he and Baron Tamago commute monthly from Whole Cake Island to Fish Man Island to pick up the ten tons of confectionery for Big Mom, which speaks to great nautical skill.

Pekoms also has the abilities of the Turtle Fruit, which allows him to transform into a turtle. His shell is said to be as hard as a diamond. Moreover, he is proficient in Busoushoku, Kenbunshoku, and displays tremendous reaction speed. When Caribou ambushed him with a Gatling, he retreated into his turtle shell in a flash, surviving the hail of bullets without a scratch. Caribou then attempted to decapitate him with a scythe, whereupon Pekoms knocked him out with a haki enhanced fist strike despite the logia. He seemed less than impressed with the new rookie.


Pekoms grew up on Zou. In his youth, he was known on the island as a delinquent. Fifteen years ago, he joined the Nox pirate gang led by Pedro, which, however, saw itself more as an expedition team in search of the Poneglyphs. The World Government, fearful of the secrets of these historic plaques, put the gang on their wanted list.

Then, ten years ago, Pekoms took over the leadership of those who could not continue due to injuries or lack of fighting spirit, and said goodbye to Pedro and Zepo. Pekoms and his men eventually reached Big Mom’s territory. They were rescued and taken in by her. Pedro and Zepo, however, who were traveling around in search of Poreglyphs, had by chance caught an eye of Big Mom’s Poreglyphs after five years, and so Pedro and Pekoms met again. However, Pedro and Zepo were defeated by Big Mom’s crew, so Pekoms asked that his captain be spared and allowed to return to his home.


Events on Fish-Man Island

Pekoms defeats Caribou.

In the immediate aftermath of the civil war-like conditions on Fish Man Island, Pekoms and Baron Tamago showed up to pick up the candy delivery that Big Mom had been eagerly awaiting. However, when they arrived on the scene, they found that the candy factory had been destroyed and production was at a standstill. The minister to the left then described the situation to the two and explained that they would not be able to deliver again for at least two weeks. Pekoms made it clear that internal conflicts had nothing to do with their agreement and began to intimidate the minister, whereupon Tamago rebuked him.

As a result, Pekoms informed Bobbin of the situation on Fish Man Island, who immediately relayed this to Big Mom. At the Den-den Mushi, Baron Tamago finally tried unsuccessfully to appeal to his leader and convince her to accept Luffy’s treasures as compensation. Big Mom reacted very angrily and declared Luffy her future enemy. In response, Luffy declared war on her and announced that he would take Fish Man Island from her. Pekoms and Baron Tamago reacted very stunned, but continued to remain peaceful. With Luffy’s treasures, they made their way home. Caribou, who was after the treasures, tried to kill them both afterwards, but was easily defeated by Pekoms.

Caesar Clown’s video broadcast

To show off his latest weapon, Caesar Clown set up a video broadcast for various pirate gangs and underground organizations. Tamago and Pekoms were also among his viewers. After Luffy defeated Caesar, Tamago suggested that he inform Big Mom. On her orders, he, Pekoms, and other gang members sailed to Dress Rosa with the goal of kidnapping Caesar Clown.

Fight off Dress Rosa’s coast

Just as Sanji, Nami, Chopper and Brook were about to sail towards Zou with Caesar and Momonosuke, the Big Mom pirate gang appeared in front of the Thousand Sunny. They had come to take Caesar into their custody, as he had swindled research funds from Big Mom. Sanji and his comrades managed to escape. Unfortunately, however, the Big Mom gang heard which island the Straw Hats were heading for.


Pekoms gets sneakily gunned down.

The Big Mom pirate gang sailed after the Kringelhut gang and reached Zou eight days after them. Pekoms told his captain that Zou was his homeland and asked to leave the matter to him. Together with Capone Bege, he entered the island. He was shocked at the destruction and suspected that the Straw Hat Pirates was behind it. He was relieved when he saw his friends and family again, who told him of the Straw Hats’ deeds.

Pekoms and Capone then confronted Sanji and Brook. Pekoms thanked them and was willing to report their original mission of taking Sanji to Big Mom as a failure if they only turned Caesar over to them. Capone, on the other hand, didn’t see fit to jeopardize their mission because of personal interests. In cold blood, he gunned down the Lion Mink. The injured Pekoms was taken to Nekomamushi’s house after Capone’s retreat, where he was treated by Chopper.

When Luffy and his comrades-in-arms showed up there, Pekoms revealed that behind Sanji’s impending marriage was Sanji’s own father, the leader of the secret organization Germa 66. Pekoms enlightened the Straw Hats about Big Mom’s power and influence. He decided to return to Big Mom after his recovery because he didn’t want things to end like this with Capone. Luffy decided to accompany him to get Sanji back, ignoring Pekoms’ concerns about infiltrating an enemy into the tea party. He left Zou a short time later, along with Luffy, Nami, Chopper, Brook, Pedro, and Carrot. Their destination was Whole Cake Island.

Trip to Whole Cake Island

Capone is executing another sentence on Pekoms.

On their journey to Whole Cake Island, the troupe hit a hunger crisis after Luffy cooked all their supplies into a failed dish. On top of that, the Straw Hat ate a poisoned fish out of sheer impatience, which nearly killed him. To make matters worse, they encountered a Germa 66 ship with Yonji and Reiju, two of Sanji’s four siblings, on board. The latter, however, actually saved Luffy’s life before allowing the Sunny to pass without an interim report to Big Mom.

They then dropped anchor on the coast of Cacao, where Pekoms told the local representatives of the Big Mom pirate gang that he had procured the Sunny and the Straw Hats as prisoners and special wedding gifts, so no report needed to be made to Big Mom. While the rest of the Straw Hats got new provisions, Pekoms stayed aboard to avoid detection. Before they could return, however, Pekoms was kidnapped, though he was still able to leave a message warning the Straw Hats.

It turned out that Capone had captured him and even offered him to become part of his conspiracy against Big Mom, which Pekoms refused. Pekoms went on to warn Capone of the disastrous consequences of his betrayal before he was shot while tied to a cliff and plunged into the raging depths.

Totto Land in chaos

The Sun Pirates are doctoring Pekoms.

However, he was rescued by Jinbe and the Sun Pirates, who cared for him on the east coast of the island. There, Praline and Aladine kept an eye on him, even though Pekoms noticed their strange behavior and became suspicious. On the day of the wedding, the Sun Pirates tied Pekoms to a rock before preparing to leave.

They left the Lion Mink behind, but he managed to break his bonds and make his way inland. There he caught sight of the collapsed chateau and informed Tamago and the other Charlottes present of the Sun Pirates’ treachery and their departure from Totto Land. He himself was informed of the disastrous developments during the wedding, before he was shocked to hear the news of Pedro’s self-sacrifice, whose death depressed him deeply.

In memory of a fallen friend

Pekoms stands up to his own gang.

To honor the death of his fallen friend and make his wish come true, Pekoms decided to go against his own band of pirates and help the Straw Hats escape. He made his way to the Mirror World, where he found the bound Charlotte Brûlée. He captured her to help Luffy escape from the Mirror World after his victory against Katakuri. In addition, he disguised himself as ‘Nazoms’.

Together, they made their way to the mirror that would lead to Cacao, where not only the Sunny, but also the assembled forces of the Charlottes awaited Luffy’s return. He used Brûlée as a shield while wedging Luffy between himself and the hostage. He immediately tried to transform into his Su Long form, but was attacked by Oven and numerous other members who tried to peck out his eyes to stop his transformation. However, the massacre of their own comrade was interrupted by the arriving Germa 66.


  • Luffy couldn’t remember Pekoms’ name, so he called him Pekomamushi and Kamemamushi (Kame = turtle) among other names.
  • Pekoms’ favorite foods are sweets from Fish-Man Island and chocolates from Chocolat Town.

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