Peepley Lulu of One Piece

Peepley Lulu ( Peepley Lulu in the original) is one of the chief craftsmen on Dock 1 and a master blacksmith for Galley-La in Water 7.


Peepley Lulu is a medium-sized, well-built, middle-aged man. He wears straight, black hair, but there is always a single strand of hair sticking out. If he tries to smooth it out, it reappears in a different place. Even on other objects or persons it suddenly grows out. At his first appearance he didn’t have it yet. Furthermore he has a moustache which is also black. He has a chin split in the middle and wears mostly orange shaded glasses, so you never get to see his eyes. For the most part, he is found bare-chested, so you can see his green-colored tattoo running across his chest, and the two red-colored ones just below his shoulders.

Peepley Lulu wears long, dark brown pants with a light brown pattern on them. On Enie’s lobby, he was dressed in an open-necked, short-sleeved vest with an orange color and purple ring patterns. Underneath was a bandage above his stomach, which he apparently needed because of the fight against Kalifa, and one of his revolvers was tucked into his pants. On his back he carried the sheath of his swords. Back in Water 7, he dressed in a similar vest, only in green and with a blue stripe all around.

After the two-year time jump, he’s grown his mustache sharper and longer, and when he sees Franky’s new bounty, there are now four strands of hair sticking out instead of one.


Peepley Lulu, like most of Water 7’s inhabitants, has the utmost respect for Iceburg, who has done so much good for the city. His unquestioning loyalty even goes so far as to fight the Navy and World Government together with Paulie and Tilestone on the justice island of Enies Lobby in revenge for the assassination attempts on his boss. He also took action against the dreaded pirate Monkey D. Luffy together with his colleagues when they suspected him to be behind the attacks. But Peepley Lulu is also good friends with the other Galley-La employees, so he was very shocked when Lucci, Kaku and Kalifa turned out to be secret agents of the government.

Most of the time, he remains very calm. For example, he remained perfectly calm when Luffy dodged his bullets as a Devil Power user and simply switched weapons. However, he also has a very childish personality, so in Rocketman he acted out 300 Pound Cannon along with some other Luffys and Zoro’s Gomu Gomu no.

Skills & Strength

Peepley Lulu and his various weapons

Peepley Lulu is a master of his trade as a master carpenter of Dock No. 1 of the famous Galley-La Company. His main areas of expertise relate to blacksmithing. Furthermore, he helped with Tilestone and Paulie in the construction of the Straw Hat Pirates’s new ship, the Thousand Sunny. This is later to become, if Luffy becomes Pirate King, the greatest pirate ship of all time.

In battle, Peepley Lulu uses a variety of weapons, most of which he uses two at a time. For example, in the fight against Luffy he first used two double-barrelled front-loaders, but they couldn’t harm the rubber people. Therefore he resorted to two saws, with which he narrowly missed the straw hat.

While guarding the Galley-La building as well as on Enie’s lobby, he used swords, with which he managed to take out several Navy and World Government members. He also uses his protruding strand of hair in combat, as he can make it appear on his opponent, distracting them for a brief moment. Furthermore, on Enie’s lobby, he and his allies took down the giant Kashii, pinning his face to the ground with the Trunnel Lock attack.


The assassination of Mr. Iceburg

When the Straw Hat Pirates came to Water 7, the Big Helmet Pirates just wouldn’t pay for the repair of their ship. However, the members of the Galley-La quickly defeated the pirates and were cheered by the townspeople as usual. Later, he reported to Iceburg that officials from the world government had once again come to speak with the Galley-La company leaders. Also, Peepley Lulu met Luffy, Nami, and Usopp, who were told that their ship was beyond repair.

The following day, the carpenters received terrible news: Mr. Iceberg had been shot at. Peepley Lulu, who was already at headquarters, immediately contacted Paulie, who immediately went to the company building. When Iceburg woke up from his coma, he told his employees that the assassins were two people. One of them was supposed to have been Nico Robin. Since this one was currently part of the Straw Hat Pirates, a manhunt was immediately put out for the gang. Since Luffy himself was currently fighting Franky on Dock No. 1, the master carpenters immediately made their way there. They interrupted the fight to get their own revenge on the Straw Hat captain.

While Luffy had no reason to attack, the Galley-La staff attacked him from all sides. Peepley Lulu first fired at the pirate with his pistols, which, however, could not injure the Devil Fruit user. So he then picked up two saws, with which he narrowly missed Luffy. Only Franky interrupted the fight with a coup de vent, as he wanted to eliminate the straw hat himself. Meanwhile, Luffy and Nami managed to escape, whereupon Paulie ordered the Galley-La employees to watch the whole island so that no pirate of the Straw Hat Pirates would escape.

The night attack

Peepley Lulu Doesn’t Stand A Chance Against The Masked Woman

As it was getting late, the Galley-Las ended their search for the day and gathered in the company building to watch over Mr. Iceburg. The employees of Dock No. 1 took a seat directly in front of their boss’s room. After Paulie received a secret assignment from Iceburg, he disappeared into the client’s office. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the ground floor.

Shortly thereafter, the Dock 1 carpenters got a report of a “shadow” that had appeared. Tilestone and Peepley Lulu immediately rushed to stop it. Peepley Lulu eventually confronts the masked man in the building’s courtyard with several other Galley-La employees, but they merely observe the fight. Although both seemed evenly matched at first, the assassin was just playing for time and eventually made short work of the shipbuilder, defeating him with just one punch.

Ride in the Rocketman

The Rocketman on his way to Enies Lobby

In order to rescue their comrade-in-arms Nico Robin from the clutches of the secret organization CP 9, they finally went after the Puffing Tom with Grandma Kokoro as the train driver on the sea train Rocketman, which was never put into operation due to some mistakes. Peepley Lulu, Paulie, and Tilestone had also been hiding in it, seeking revenge on Iceburg’s assassins.

Except for Paulie, however, none of the Galley-Las knew, so he explained the situation to them: the assassins on their boss were secret Cipher Pol 9 members Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa, who Peepley Lulu took out outside the Galley-La building, and Blueno from the bar. So the Galley-Las decided to help Luffy and his gang fight the Navy and World Government on the justice island of Enies Lobby.

However, since the huge wave of Aqua Laguna got in their way, they tried to blow a hole in it. While Tilestone’s and the Franky Family’s attempts failed, Luffy and Zoro were able to punch a hole through the wave using only their fists and swords, allowing them to continue their journey.

Fight on Justice Island

Peepley Lulu Fighting The Justice Guard

On Enie’s Lobby, Peepley Lulu first secured the way to the main island for the Straw Hats together with the Franky Family and his comrades. In the process, they fought the giant gatekeepers Oimo and Kashii alongside marines and government officials.

After successfully bringing them to their knees through some trickery, the Justice Guard confronted them. However, with no more time to waste, they finally escaped with the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates on the Franky Family’s King Bulls, Sodom and Gomorrah, through the city as quickly as possible to the courthouse. However, the Galley-La staff eventually stayed behind to stop the Justice Guard. After finally winning, they also rushed to the courthouse, where Peepley Lulu helped the Franky Family, led by Kiwi, lower one of the drawwheels of the drawbridge so that the Straw Hat Pirates could get to the top of the Justice Tower.

They succeeded too, but the world government agents managed to stop the process. Thus, Granny Kokoro had to jump over the hole in the sea with the Rocketman, allowing the pirates to confront the CP 9 on the other part of Court Island. However, the Galley-Las were later captured along with the rest of the invaders. However, since they were able to be tied up with Paulie’s own ropes, they were again able to escape. By this time, however, the Buster Call was raging, in which the Craftsmen, the Franky Family, and the now-former Gatekeepers were seemingly shot off the island directly into the giant waterfall. The giants were able to cushion the cannonballs, however, and Paulie still saved everyone from death with his unbreakable Galley-La ropes.

They later escaped by sea train from Enie’s lobby, where the navy suffered a total defeat.

Helping to build the Thousand Sunny

The Galley-Las say goodbye to the Straw Hat Piratesbang

After the events on Enies Lobby, Water 7 first had to be repaired again because of the damage to the Aqua Laguna. However, the workers of Dock 1 preferred to help Franky build a new ship for the Straw Hat Pirates, since they had saved their boss Iceberg. So the remaining Galley-La workers volunteered to do the repair work.

First, however, the victory was celebrated vigorously on Justice Island at the Straw Hats’ expense. After three days the ship, which was later to be named Thousand Sunny, was completed. The pirates wanted to leave with it immediately and took Franky with them as the new ship’s carpenter. In his mind, he told the Galley-La employees to take good care of Iceburg. Finally, the Straw Hats, pursued by Luffy’s grandfather, Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, said goodbye to Water 7 and its inhabitants.

Two years later

The Galley-La boys have completedcompleted the second sea train

Two years later, the Galley-La staff completed the second sea train, named “Puffing Ice.” Peepley Lulu, Paulie, Tilestone and the other shipwrights of the company proudly presented it.

After the events on Dress Rosa, Peepley Lulu, along with Iceburg and others, saw the new profile of Franky and the rest of the Straw Hats in the newspaper.


  • His appearance is apparently supposed to be some sort of reference to the singer of the band Queen (band) Freddie Mercury, who died in 1991.
  • His favorite food is tempura udon.

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