Peachbeard of One Piece

Peachbeard is the captain of the Peachbeard Pirates. This sails under the flag of the Emperor Blackbeard.


Peachbeard is a tall man by real-world standards, with long, voluminous hair. He has an elongated face and a scar under his left eye. He wears a large pink mustache, which also gave him his name. In addition, he has a pink goatee. He wears a dark feathered hat with some sort of griffin symbol on the front and a dotted bandana underneath. His torso is covered by a light colored shirt with deep set pockets as well as a captain’s coat that hangs over his shoulder. With this he wears light colored gloves and his light colored pants are fastened by a belt with the inscription “MOMO”, matching his name and appearance. In this he carries a revolver. Furthermore, he has dark shoes on. In the anime, he is portrayed as somewhat portly.


Peachbeard is a very nefarious pirate who ordered his men to murder any civilian who would resist them. He is also not afraid to beat a woman. When the inhabitants, incited by the devilish power of Belo Betty, fought back against the Peachbeard pirate gang, he laughed tears and did not take his opponents seriously.

Skills and strength

Peachbeard showed no skills worth mentioning, however his band of pirates sank at least one Navy ship off the coast of Lulusia. He was eventually defeated by Moda, whose power was however increased by Belo Betty’s devil power, with a single blow from a club. He also cannot rely on the loyalty of his gang, as they left him behind and fled without him. Basically, he relies more on his opponents being scared by the name Blackbeard, but he doesn’t give a damn about his subordinates.


Moda defeats Peachbeard

While the royal family of the land of Lulusia was on their way to the Levely in Mary Geoise, Peachbeard took advantage of this circumstance to raid the port of the poor land. In doing so, he proceeded unscrupulously, ordering his men to kill anyone who would oppose them. Even Moda’s words that there was no treasure to be got in that country could not dissuade him, and he smote them aside. Unfortunately for him, however, the commanders of the revolutionaries, Lindbergh, Morley, Belo Betty and Karasu, were also on the scene and the milkmaid fell to Belo Betty. The latter then used her devil power to motivate the inhabitants of Lulusia, causing them to grab everyday objects and attack the pirates. At first Peachbeard had to laugh at this, but it soon passed him by when Moda hit him on the head with a club, knocking him to the ground. His gang fled, leaving him tied up in the port city. He then said that Blackbeard would help him, but the revolutionaries retorted that Blackbeard did not care for his subordinates. The revolutionaries then departed, leaving the bounty for the pirate captain to the inhabitants.


  • Peachbeard is not his real name. This was given to him by his master Blackbeard.
  • Peachbeard is already the fourth captain after Whitebeard, Blackbeard and Brownbeard, whose name is based on the color of his beard.
  • Like many characters, Peachbeard has a distinctive laugh. In his case, it’s “Momohahaha”, in reference to his original name.

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