Pauly vs Rob Lucci

Paulie and Lucci fought each other twice.

1st fight

Paulie is once again pursued by his creditors, who finally want their money back from him. But as almost always, he is broke. In order to escape from the bill collectors, he grabs a Yagara Bull. In the process, he accidentally catches the one belonging to the Franky Family, who previously stole Luffy, Nami, and Usopp’s money for necessary ship repairs. When Paulie discovers the money, he immediately wants to use it to pay off his gambling debt.

Lucci stops him, however, and brings the three straw hats their money back. Paulie, of course, is not at all thrilled about this, since he found the money and it would now belong to him. He is so angry at Lucci that he attacks him with his rope technique, but the ship’s carpenter is able to fend off the attack with only one hand. Afterwards Lucci’s pigeon attacks Paulie, which is why the fight is interrupted.


When Paulie realizes that Lucci, Kaku, Kalifa and Blueno are behind the assassination attempt on Iceburg, he attacks Lucci with Pipe Hitch Knives. But the latter dodges recklessly and catches Paulie with the finger gun. With that, the shipwright is already incapacitated. He remembers the good times he had with the others and can’t really believe that they are the ones behind the assassination.

Finally, Lucci wants to defeat Paulie for good, but Luffy unexpectedly interferes. He pushes Paulie away in time and takes over the fight with Zoro.

Video of the fight

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