Pandaman of One Piece

Pandaman is a wrestler who appears repeatedly in the background of the story throughout One Piece. He can be seen at least once in each of the manga volumes from volume 5 onwards, and he also makes many other appearances, such as in the fairy tale Noland the Liar on page 3, in anime episodes, movies or even video games. Since he hasn’t been actively involved in the plot yet, most of the information about this character, who is even often featured in the characters’ popularity ratings, comes from Oda’s fanpost responses.

Pandaman has a gender counterpart named Pandawomanmi. It is said that Pandaman is in love with her. However, it is unknown whether she reciprocates his feelings or not. Moreover, she is featured on Amazon Lily instead of the real Pandaman, as no men are allowed here.


Pandaman is two meters tall, 122 kg and his head is that of a panda. It is not known if this is a mask or if it is his real head. In addition, he has several tattoos all over his body. His black arms are adorned with bamboo tattoos and there are two hearts on his chest. Furthermore, “Panda” is written on his forehead.

However, his appearance varies greatly in each of his appearances. Actually, he is very muscular, but this is not clear in all appearances. Also his arms are often not black, but those of a normal person and even the name, which is written on his forehead, is often simply shown as a “P”. He wears different clothes in almost every one of his background appearances, which usually match the clothes of the people around him, making him even less noticeable.




Original Pandaman

  • Pandaman’s name also appears from time to time in the background. For example, in Japanese characters on the Poneglyph in Arabasta.
  • In 1998, Eiichiro Oda created – or should we say resurrected – the character Pandaman for a special volume of the Kinnikuman series, in which various artists created new characters for the series. In chapter 10 of the first volume of the manga series, there is an entertainer in an amusement park who wears a panda costume and was also named Pandaman.
  • His secret attack is called “Giant Panda Death Rock.”
  • His prisoner number at Impel Down was A-6586.
  • Pandaman is a playable character in the video game One Piece Grand Battle, however is only playable by password.
  • Pandaman also appears in Oda’s collaboration work with Akira ToriyamaCross Epoch (page 3, panel 4, far left behind the narrator speech bubble).
  • He can also be seen in Omake Third Class, Sea Group, Red Shanks Time (page 1, panel 3, behind Zoro’s swords).

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