Packy of One Piece

Packi was a member of the Yes Pirates. Since their captain was thrown in jail, the gang probably no longer exists.


Packi is a taller, slightly fat man with black hair tied in pigtails right and left. In his one brief appearance, he wore a sleeveless brown shirt with a light blue line pattern and a v-neck. Additionally, there was a holster for his sword on his knee-length, tan pants.

Skills & Strength

Nothing is known about his skills in combat except for the fact that he is a swordsman.


Packi and Kose are defeateddefeated by Lieutenant Tashigi

After the Yes Pirates docked in Loguetown to prepare for their voyage to the Grand Line, their captain was captured by the Navy. Packi and his comrade Kose then sought revenge on Lieutenant Tashigi, who was to atone for the fact that because of her and her boss Captain Smoker, the gang’s Grand Line plans had fallen through. Roronoa Zoro, looking around the city like the other Straw Hats, watched the conversation between Tashigi and the two pirates. When they attacked the young woman, the “pirate hunter” wanted to intervene. But that was not necessary, because Tashigi could put the pirates out of action with a well-aimed sword blow.

Unconscious, they lay on the ground while Tashigi slipped out of clumsiness and fell right at Zoro’s feet. What happened to Packi and Kose remains unexplained.


  1. One Piece manga – The Worst Guy in the East (Volume 11) – Chapter 96 ~ Packi and Kose seek revenge on Tashigi and are defeated.

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