Outlook III of One Piece

Outlook Ⅲ is Sabo’s father and the head of a noble family in the capital of the kingdom of Goa.


Outlook is a middle-aged man with black hair and a moustache. On his head he wears a blue top hat with a feather representing the symbol of Goa. Matching the color of his hat, he wears a suit with a large lapel. Two flowers can be seen on the lapel, with another feather pinned to the left. Under the suit a turquoise shirt can be seen. Furthermore, he has a scarf tied around his neck and he wears black shoes.


Like almost all nobles in the world and similar to the World Nobles, Sabo’s father is clearly aware of his rendition to the common people and finds people who are not at least of the class to which he also belongs disgusting. He is arrogant and conceited.


He seems to own his son only as a prestige object. After Sabo ran away for a long time, he “got” another son from a noble family. His only ambition with his children seems to be that they learn and reflect well on the family to the outside world.
Sabo’s father has always bullied his child into learning and being better. Sabo, whose disposition was decidedly different from that of his parents and all other nobles, did not survive this ordeal and ran away. As a result, Sabo’s parents adopted Sterry, a noble boy who is very much like the blue blood.
At some point, Sabo’s father recognized his son in the city and wanted to take him home, but Sabo ignored him. Now knowing that his child was still alive, the noble hired the pirate Bluejam to find Sabo and bring him to him, which he did.This information comes from an anime filler.

On the day of the World Aristocrat’s arrival, his parents saw Sabo take to the sea in the ship, but they witnessed his apparent death at the hands of Saint Jalmack shortly after.


  • His name is not mentioned until One Piece Blue Deep.

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