Otohime of One Piece

Human of Love Otohime (jap. 愛の人オトヒメ, Ai no Hito Otohime) was Neptune’s wife and thus queen of the Ryuuguu Kingdom until she died ten years ago. She was the mother of Shirahoshi, Fukaboshi, Ryuboshi, and Manboshi.


Design sketches fromthe Vivre Card

Otohime was a goldfish type mermaid. Ten years ago, she was 36 years old, which is why her fin was already split. She had green eyes (blue in the anime) and long, blonde hair that was pinned up into two loops with a barrette. She also wore an elaborate white kimono that resembled the pattern of reddish-orange carp scales towards the hem. Around her torso, she dressed in a bright sash-like ribbon that ran along her shoulders, hovering over her head, and finally tied into a bow around her waist at her back.


Otohime was very committed to her people and identified herself with them. She always tried to do what was best for the citizens of Fishmen Island, not even caring about her own health. She was so persuasive that she managed to quickly bring even fellow citizens who had gone astray back to the good side. It was also very important to her that children of the kingdom develop well and that their future is secured. She always ignored the warnings of her confidants and mingled with the people.

What made them most different from the sea people was their attitude towards humans. While the fish people in particular were very xenophobic due to bad experiences, Otohime felt that the fish people island had mainly come into contact with pirates and human traffickers and thus had formed a false image of humans. Furthermore, she firmly believed that it would be best for both peoples if the distance in the hearts of the two peoples was broken down and they could live side by side. For although her people and the humans differ in physicality, they all live under the same sun. Despite many setbacks and rejection from her subjects, she had never given up on her beliefs and her dreams. Even the malice of a world aristocrat or an attempt on her life could not shake Otohime’s belief in goodness.

Skills and strength

She seemed to have fast reflexes and a strong ability to react, as she was even able to dodge pistol bullets. However, her physical constitution was anything but robust. Her body was very frail and her hand sustained several fractures when she slapped a thief in the face.

Aside from Aisa, Otohime was the only person so far known to have been born with Kenbunshoku Haki, which, if nothing else, made her capable of blindly dodging pistol bullets.


Twenty-six years ago, Otohime was already known as a political demonstrator on Fish-Man Island, calling for the king to take action to establish a better relationship with the people. A prophecy by the still young Shyarly said that King Neptune would have a daughter, but he didn’t even have a wife at the time. His followers, however, immediately thought of Otohime. Shortly after, Otohime did indeed get together with Neptune and had three sons as well as the aforementioned Princess Shirahoshi with him.
16 years before the Straw Hat Pirates reached Fish Man Island, Otohime was living in the royal palace with her husband Neptune and their four children as the ruling royal family. One day, she caught a robber who took a hostage to feed his ten starving children. However, Otohime could not understand his feelings and struck him down again, even though she had already broken her hand, saying that it was no way out of her own suffering to cause suffering to others. She was very popular among the people because of her actions. Her biggest dream was to change the future of Fishmen Island and abolish the slavery of Fishmen, a goal she tried to achieve through large signature campaigns.

Otohime was gunned down

After Fisher Tiger’s death, the people’s opinion of Otohime’s goal changed, so gradually all the citizens of Fish-Man Island withdrew their signatures. Out of desperation, she got drunk and gave a speech in that state. With Jinbe’s appointment as the Samurai of the Seas, Fish-Man Island finally approached the goal Otohime sought. When the World Aristocrat Saint Mjosgard reached Fishmen Island with a completely destroyed ship and no living crew, he seemed to face the wrath of the fishmen and ex-slaves living on the island. Otohime rescued him and had him taken care of. After his recovery, she traveled with him to the surface of the water to conduct some business. A week later, she returned with joyful news: she had presented her petition to a world aristocrat, who gave the queen serious hope that her dreams would soon be fulfilled. However, while collecting more signatures, all of them were burned and Queen Otohime was shot. She bid farewell to her family with a few last words, giving them hope that they too could achieve their goal. As it later turned out, Hody Jones was the queen’s killer.


  • Her name is probably based on the Japanese goddess Otohime (note: needs link), the beautiful daughter of the sea king Ryūjin.
  • Their favorite food was seaweed.

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