Organ Dealing Assassination Group

The Organ Trafficker Assassin Group is an underworld criminal organization linked to the organ trafficker Jigra.

This article contains information that only comes from the anime, not the manga.
For more information on this, see Filler Episodes.


The grouping consisted of at least 100 people. Besides five characters who were obviously the leaders of the grouping and had an individual style of dress, the rest of the assassins were uniformly dressed in a purple full body suit with black gloves and a green bandana. Furthermore, they all wore a dark belt with a golden belt buckle with a “J” and a long sword. The most striking feature, however, were the uniform clown masks.

The five leaders included a muscular man who couldn’t be harmed by bullets, and a huge wolf, presumably a mink.


After Jigra was killed by Charlotte Katakuri before Big Mom’s tea party even began, the Assassin group stormed toward the gate, putting Capone Bege’s Fire Tank Pirates on the spot. They planned to harvest the organs of the guests as well as the Fire Tank pirates and sell them. For the organs of Big Mom’s sons, they hoped to make especially large sums of money. However, Charlotte Daifuku and Charlotte Oven quickly intervened, taking out the attackers with ease. There seemed to be no survivors.

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