Open Upon the Great Sea! A Father’s Huge, HUGE Dream!

This article contains information unique to One Piece TV Special 2 – Open to the Wide Sea! One Father’s Huge, Huge Dream.


It begins on Zap’s ship, where a duo of pirates help three young children escape by boat and dock at an island. A month later, the Straw Hat Pirates appears there. The two pirates and the children pretend to be family, but it quickly becomes clear that they are not family. Zap eventually finds them and has the oldest girl, Amanda, and Luffy arrested. Since Luffy is asleep, it was easy to catch him. The Straw Hats visit the “family’s” temporary quarters to find out where the great treasure is, to which Amanda is the key.

On Zap’s ship, Luffy has woken up, tied to a pole next to Amanda. He worries about his straw hat and looks around for his comrades, but they have not been captured, unlike him. Zap’s ship now reaches Bayan’s ship. Zap lets Amanda onto his ship. Suddenly, he and Bayan see Luffy running around the ship. After a moment’s thought, they have a plan: to have a feast where Luffy can eat in peace so they can arrest him later. However, Luffy eats all the food. After that, Bayan uses his special technique. He positions his crew in a circular shape on his ship and makes them sing. Through the chanting, Bayan gains the power to control people against their will. Luffy stops eating and falls to the ground. He is chained up again and taken to the deck with Amanda by Zap. Bayan now wants to use his power to control Amanda as well. She is to bare her back so Bayan can see the map her father once drew on her back. Bayan also reveals to Amanda that he was the man who killed her father.

Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats finally join in. Bayan again uses his special technique to pit Luffy against his own crew. The tactic is very effective, until Usopp shoots sleeping pills into the mouths of Bayan’s crew. His gang falls asleep, the music stops, and Luffy eventually returns to normal. Zap was also defeated and Bayan was flung into the ocean with a combined attack.

The Straw Hats sail back to the island where the treasure is supposed to be. Afterwards, the island “opens up” and it turns out that the island is actually a giant seashell. Inside this shell is a very large pearl, which makes Amanda confirm that her father was always out looking for adventure.

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