Onigumo of One Piece

Onigumo is one of the Navy Vice Admirals sent to Enies Lobby as a result of the Buster Call.


Onigumo is a tall, well-built, middle-aged man. He has a wrinkled face and a permanently grim expression. He also appears to be a chain smoker, as he is constantly seen with cigarettes in his mouth. Additionally, a gold earring adorns his left ear. Onigumo has very long, shaggy dark hair and a silver helmet with a strand of red dyed hair hanging out of it. On the front of the helmet are two golden dragons, their tails intertwined to form a circle.

Like almost all of his colleagues, Onigumo wears a typical officer’s coat with a medal on the left side of his chest. Matching his rather grim appearance, he wears a completely gray suit. Underneath is a dark green shirt and a pale grey tie.


Chief, you’ve got to be kidding!! There are over a thousand of our own men aboard this ship!!!

Can you justify endangering the safety of the future,
just because you hesitated for a fraction of a second and let a dangerous criminal
and let a dangerous criminal escape…?
Fire at will!
– Onigumo, after gunning down one of his men.

Not much is known about Onigumo’s character, as he seems to be a rather secretive and grim man. However, he seems to be a rather ruthless and cold-hearted follower of “Absolute Justice”, as during the Buster Call on Enie’s lobby, he ordered the naval ship that Luffy and Rob Lucci were fighting on to be sunk. So he took it upon himself to sacrifice over 1,000 of his own men just to kill a pirate. When one of his men questioned the order, he shot him without hesitation, saying not to doubt for a second.

Skills & Strength

Onigumo’s Devilishness

As Vice Admiral, Onigumo holds the third highest rank within the Navy’s overall command structure. Superior to him are only the three admirals and the grand admiral, which suggests that Onigumo must have some strength.

As it later turns out, Onigumo lives up to his name. As the Vice Admirals in Marine Ford get ready to go into battle against the Whitebeard gang, Onigumo is also seen with six more arms coming out of his body. In total, he is armed with eight swords, suggesting that he is a swordsman, as are most of the Vice Admirals.

Later, when Little Oars Jr. rushes in, Onigumo is seen one more time, but this time from behind, confirming that he has eaten from a Zoan category spider fruit. What it is, however, is not yet known. Judging by the comments of the Whitebeard gang, the Vice Admirals must be extremely strong fighters, and like any Vice Admiral, Onigumo would have to be proficient in Haki.


Buster Call on Enies Lobby

Onigumo gives the order to fire

After Spandam activated the Buster Call from Enie’s lobby, 5 Vice Admirals were immediately assembled at naval headquarters to lead the operation, including Onigumo. While Luffy was fighting Rob Lucci on an opposite naval ship, he gave the order to sink it, even though there were over a thousand of his own people on it.

When one of his subordinates questioned the order, Onigumo pulled out a pistol and shot him summarily and without warning, stating that the safety of the future was the most important thing and that one should not doubt an order even for a split second. Additionally, he mentioned that there was no need to worry about Rob Lucci, as he would certainly not be killed in such an attack due to his years of experience.

Towards the end of the Buster Call, he was seen one more time, this time yelling at his men as the Gate of Justice abruptly closed, destroying two more Navy ships.

The transfer of port gas D. Ace

Onigumo takes Ace to Marine HQ

During the impending execution of Portgas D. Ace at Marine Ford, he, along with four other Vice Admirals, had charge of the prisoner’s safe transfer from Impel Down to Marine Ford. Onigumo personally met Ace at the Impel Down gate, where Magellan greeted him and delivered the prisoner to him on time. During the prisoner transport, Ace found himself chained to a chair on the upper deck of Onigumo’s ship, where he was personally guarded by him. Onigumo advised him to take one last look at the sky, as this might be the last chance to do so.

Fight in Marine Ford

Onigumo puts sea stone handcuffs on Marco

Once in Marine Ford, his mission was successfully completed. Later, Onigumo was seen with the other vice admirals destroying the cannonballs of the Whitebeard ships and preparing to fight the pirates together. Onigumo was armed to the teeth and had his usual grim countenance on. As Little Oars Jr. rushed up and tore a gap in the outermost line of defense, Onigumo, along with Momonga and several other vice admirals, could be seen standing in Little Oars Jr.’s way.

Later, when the fight with the Whitebeard gang in Oris Square was already in full swing, Onigumo suddenly appeared behind Marco, who had been caught and injured by Kizaru’s lasers earlier due to a carelessness, held him down and put sea stone handcuffs on him. Onigumo used special staffs to avoid coming into contact with the sea stone himself, as he also seems to have devilish powers.

Onigumo later watched Luffy fight Vice Admiral Garp, and was very surprised and shocked that Garp was defeated by his little grandson and thrown off the bridge built by Inazuma. When Shanks finally showed up in Marine Ford and Sengoku declared the war over, Onigumo also cleared the battlefield.


  • Onigumo translated means demon spider and there really is a species of spider that bears this name.picture of the spider
  • His black hair can hold swords. So Onigumo can fight in the eight sword style. This ability is reminiscent of Seimei Kikan.

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