One Piece x Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

One Piece x Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura was a collaboration between One Piece and Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura theme park in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, in which, as part of “Time Travel Adventure,” a summer holiday event, the theme park was revamped for the period from July 24, 2021 to December 5, 2021 and titled “ONE PIECE x Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura: Visiting! Real Wano Country Edo Bowl Exploration Report” (jap. ONE PIECE×江戸ワンダーランド 日光江戸村 参上!リアルワノ国 江戸碗探訪記, Wan Pīsu x Edo Wandārando Nikkō Edomura: Sanjō! Riaru Wano Kuni Edo Wan Tanbō-ki) was adapted to the Wano Country setting from One Piece. Initially, it was only scheduled to run until October 31, 2021. Due to demand, but also Covid 19-related reasons, the time period was eventually extended.

Since the theme park basically focuses on the life and culture of the Edo period in Japan, this fits thematically very well. Oda also seems to obviously draw on many of the influences of this time at Wano Country. For example, even outside of the One Piece event, the program includes Oiran and ninja shows, archery or shuriken throwing, which were tailored here to Wano Country, but also to the Straw Hats.


Audio Rally

Right at the entrance of the theme park, you had the opportunity to sign up for a rally through the park, where the goal was to solve the mystery of Wano Country and find weapons and allies with the help of the Straw Hat Pirates, who helped you via audio tour.

Those who solved the puzzle received a One Piece button with random character limited to the cooperation as a reward, but also had to pay a fee of ¥800 (~6 dollars) to participate.

Samurai experience of the swordsman Zorojuro

At the Samurai Experience of Swordsman Zorojuro (jap. 剣豪ゾロ十郎の侍体験, Kengō Zorojūrō no Samurai Taiken), visitors had the opportunity to learn Roronoa Zoro’s one-, two-, and even three-sword style with replicas at the Samurai Training Hall in the Samurai District.

Attendees also received a limited edition postcard, and there was a ¥600 (~€4.60) fee for this attraction. However, the experience was mainly designed for the smaller visitors and lasted about 20 minutes.

Kunoichi O-Nami’s Shuriken Dojo

At Kunoichi O-Nami’s Shuriken Dojo (jap. くの一おナミの手裏剣道場, Kunoichi O-Nami no Shuriken Dōjō), visitors could work with Nami on their shuriken skills.

Shooter Lysohachi’s Ranged Weapon Training

Again, there was a fee of ¥600 (~4.60 euros) and a limited edition postcard awaited the participant.

At Shooter Lysohachi’s long-range weapon training (jap. 狙撃手ウソ八の矢場, Sunaipā Usohachi no Yaba) it was possible for the visitor to be trained by Usopp in the use of his Black Kabuto.

Again, there was a fee of ¥600 (~4.60 euros) and a limited edition postcard awaited the participant.

Kinemon’s Disguise Botique

Relatively early in the theme park, younger visitors were able to transform into Choppaemon at Kinemon’s Disguise Botique (jap. 錦えもんの変身処 〜フクフクの術〜, Kin’emon no Henshin-dokoro 〜Fuku Fuku no jutsu〜). However, only costumes for sizes 100 as well as 130 cm were available.

The fee for dressing up and renting the costumes was ¥5000 (~ 38,80 Euro). The number of costumes was limited, so it was important to be there as early as possible.


Limited edition One Piece fan merchandise

Limited edition fan merchandise was also available for purchase at the theme park during the period.

  • A towel with the collaboration’s logo and the Straw Hat Pirates in their Wano Country outfit (¥2200).
  • A drinking mug, also with the logo as well as the Wano Country outfit the Straw Hats (¥1980).
  • Acrylic pen stands for each individual straw hat in its Wano Country outfit, also with the logo (¥1650 each).
  • Glitter Buttons of the Straw Hats in their Wano Country outfit (¥550 each).
  • Clear Glitter buttons of straw hats in their Wano Country outfit (¥550 each).

Collaboration menus

Furthermore, collaboration dishes inspired by Luffytaro, Sangoro, Franosuke, Bonekichi, and O-Robi were offered at three different stalls. Again, all dishes were accompanied by limited edition postcards.

  • Luffytaro’s Pirate Meat Skewers (2 pieces) (jap. ルフィ太郎の海賊肉巻き串2本, Rufitarō no Kaizoku Niku-maki Kushi Ni-Hon).
  • Franosuke’s fries with cola (jap. フラの介のふらい(コーラ付き), Furanosuke no Furai (Kōra-tsuki)).
  • Bonekichi’s Underworld (jap. ホネ吉の黄泉かり~, Honekichi no Yomi Kari~).
  • Sangoro’s soba noodles (jap. サン五郎の十八番そば, Sangorō no Ohako Soba).
  • O-Robi’s Chilled Flower Tea (jap. おロビの冷やし菫茶, O-Robi no Hiyashi Sumire Cha).

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  • ~ English homepage of Edo Wonderland
  • ~ link to collaboration event

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