One Piece: The Movie


At this point, the team consists only of Luffy, Zoro, Nami, and Usopp. It is therefore estimated to be set between the Kuro Arc and Don Krieg Arc.


The film begins with the four of them adrift at sea on the Going Merry. Things look bad for Luffy and Zoro, as they are plagued by huge hunger.

When pirates show up and a fight breaks out, the disaster is perfect. While they can easily beat the pirates, they were members of the pirate Eldoraggo. He attacks the Going Merry and nearly destroys them with his devilish powers, which he owes to the Goe-Goe Fruit. Luffy and Zoro get separated from the other two, but there’s a good thing about this for them, because on the way they meet an ode vendor named Ganzo, where they fill their bellies for the time being. They also find a young boy, Tobio, who lives with Ganzo. He tells them his life story. He wants to become a great pirate like Unan, that’s why he wants to find his treasure.

After Luffy and Zoro have eaten several portions of Oden, they realize that they have no money on them. As they try to make a run for it, they are chained up by Ganzo.

When they get to an island, Luffy’s straw hat flies off and he charges after it.

Later, Eldoraggo, Nami and Usopp also land on the island. Usopp pretends to know his way around and leads Eldoraggo to Unan’s old palace, where his gold is supposedly hidden. Eldoraggo destroys the palace, but no gold is in sight. Usopp manages to escape with Nami and reunites with Luffy and Zoro.

Reunited, they set about the mystery and find that the treasure must be on the island’s high mountain.

At the top they meet Ganzo and he tells them about his past: He used to be Unan’s best friend, but they haven’t seen each other since Ganzo fell off a cliff.

When Eldoraggo also arrives on the mountaintop, he smashes everything to pieces. Luffy is about to attack him when Golass interferes in the fight. Zoro thinks he wants to fight him and after a long and hard fight, Zoro finally emerges victorious. Eldoraggo then pounces on Luffy, but Luffy seems to have no chance at first. However, he is able to win the fight by throwing Eldoraggo’s sound waves back with a gum-gum balloon.

Eldoraggo is thrown into the sea and the others find Unan’s hiding place, but there is no more gold. In a final message on the wall, Unan wrote that he gave all the gold away again. Luffy and the others leave and Tobio now wants to become like his grandfather after all, an ode seller.


  • The film was released on DVD in Japan on January 21, 2001.

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