One Piece – The Curse of the Sacred Sword


The fifth One Piece Movie is estimated to be set between the Skypiea Arc and Water 7 Arc.


The film begins with a terrible scenario: On an unknown island, a small village is attacked by a horde of pirates. Women and children run around screaming, while the men try to fend off the attackers and beat them into flight. But all attempts seem useless, the pirates are much too strong and so villagers are killed by the dozen.

A pretty young girl flees from some of the pirates into the nearby temple. But soon the men have caught up with her. Now everything seems too late, the girl is surrounded. But then a young man comes to her rescue. He has long grey hair and seems to be a strong fighter. A fight begins, but after a short time it is clear who will win. The young man has no chance, but he wants to protect the girl at all costs, in his desperation he makes a big mistake. He reaches for the cursed sword that was stored in the temple to avoid falling into the wrong hands. The man suddenly seems changed, his wounds seem to heal magically and he is a lot stronger than before. So he was able to defeat the pirates, but at what cost?!

Luffy and the others have once again landed on an island. All but Usopp and Zoro get off the ship and explore the island.

While Usopp repairs the Going Merry a bit, Zoro sleeps again. Suddenly, a dagger flies past his head and gets stuck in the mast. Zoro examines the knife and notices that his name is carved into the handle. Without many words he sets off in the direction from which the attack came.

He meets young Toma as well as Bismarck and Boo Kong. All three wear the symbol of the navy on their backs.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew is back on the ship and they are in a hurry because they are being chased by some marines. They have no more time to wait for Zoro and so they decide to leave without him. The navy is still on their heels, but they finally manage to shake off their pursuers with help. But in this action they fly over the jungle and land in a lake somewhere on the island.

At the same time, in a dojo teeming with marines, Zoro meets his old friend Saga, who seems to be in command of the soldiers. Zoro and Saga have known each other since childhood, and after Zoro left his home village and sword school, they also met again at sea several years later.

Saga asks his old friend for help with something. Zoro agrees that he will help him.

Meanwhile, Sanji spots a girl while driving through the jungle. Luffy grabs Usopp and the two run after her, but the girl is able to trick Usopp and they run past her and further into the jungle. Sanji, Nami, Robin, and Chopper manage to track the girl to her village, however. Once there, they meet the village elder Izaya and the young girl also introduces herself, her name is Maya.

After clearing up all misunderstandings, the village is attacked by the marines and among them is Zoro. He tries to take three bullets from Maya, but is stopped by Sanji. A short fight between the two begins, but Sanji gets the short end of the stick.

Zoro manages to take the bullets and escapes again. Luffy and Usopp arrive at the marines’ dojo, but they don’t even pay attention to them. Usopp sees Luffy and Zoro’s wanted posters, but he immediately removes them to be on the safe side.

They meet Toma, who seems friendly to them. Saga also reveals herself and controls Toma, who then attacks Luffy.

Then he draws his cursed sword, which saved his life years ago, and attacks Luffy himself. But he doesn’t stand a chance, a magical fire coming out of the sword pushes him off a cliff. Usopp wastes no time and jumps after him.

While Sanji and the others take care of the injured inhabitants in the village, Usopp finds Luffy again in a cave. But the joy of reunion is only short, because behind Luffy rolls a huge boulder. Both master the various traps that are set up throughout the cave and finally they reach an old temple.

At the same time, in the village, Robin tells the story of a cursed sword and that God once gave three wise men three sacred orbs that served to banish the curse. Then you see a little flashback where Zoro was hunting pirates with Saga. When everyone was done, Saga got caught in a chain. He told Zoro to escape. Then the ship exploded and Zoro was safe, but he didn’t know what happened to Saga, if he was alive or dead. Maya is still telling the others how Saga became so evil.

Luffy finds the three orbs in the cave, but doesn’t really know what they are, while the whole cave also fills with water and floods. The still grieving Maya runs around with Sanji, Nami, Robin, Chopper and Izaya and they reach a ruin. And suddenly, Luffy and Usopp are flushed out.

Izaya thinks they can still stop Saga, if only they had the orbs. Luffy suddenly pulls out three purple orbs and asks if they are them. Maya has changed into her ancestral robes and the ceremony can be performed, but in order to do so, the three orbs must be taken to very specific locations.

Nami sets off with Chopper, Usopp with Robin, and Sanji with the strongest villager Lacos. Meanwhile, Luffy takes Izaya and Maya to the ruins.

Meanwhile, Toma is talking to Zoro, but then the boy asks Zoro to fight him, but doesn’t really have a chance. Saga steps in and breaks up the fight. He takes control of Toma again and sends him off to stop the others. Now it comes down to a fight between Zoro and Saga. At the beginning, things look good for Zoro, but Saga’s cursed sword quickly decides who has the upper hand.

Luffy has made it to the ruins by now, there he just has to clear out a few marines. Sanji and the fighter from the village arrive at one of the sacred places. There, Bismarck and a few henchmen confront them. Sanji is able to take out Bismarck quickly and without any problems. Afterwards he places the orb at the said place.

Usopp and Robin reach the second location. Usopp prefers to watch the fight from ambush and leaves everything to Robin. Using her devil powers, she too is able to take out a few marines and Boo Kong. Then Usopp places the second bullet. And Nami and Chopper also manage to get the third orb to its destination.

Zoro has been defeated and Saga realizes that his power is blocked. Maya has managed to shield the Red Moon using the orbs. Saga makes his way to the ruins and is able to stop Maya, thus regaining his power. Luffy once again confronts Saga. After the latter gains more power from the moon and his sword, he becomes stronger. Luffy still manages to beat Saga and the cursed sword breaks. But Saga doesn’t seem defeated yet, the sword imprint in his chest and stomach continues to give him power and this more than ever before.

Nami and Chopper are attacked by Toma, but after a hard fight they manage to defeat him.

Zoro now reappears with two swords. One he gives to Saga and the other he keeps for himself. Both jump into the air to decide the final clash.

Zoro is stronger and can break the sword with his and so Saga is defeated after all.

Through a wound on the chest, the curse is broken and Saga is back to normal. Now peace reigns again on the island and in the village.

Luffy & Co. are now on their way again. Before that, they just have to shake off a rhino hippo that has fallen in love with the The Going Merry.


  • The release date of the Japanese DVD for the film was July 21, 2004.
  • Starting with this film, the movies will also be released on Blu-ray at the same time as the DVD. The first four films, however, will not be followed up on Blu-ray because, according to Kazé, they are not in adequate quality. )

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